Chapter 23

She was dressed in a flowery patterned
gown..wearing a hat and some nice dark frames.
She decided to sit upstairs..away from people as
much as possible..
She seemed excited to see me from the way her
mouth relaxed, but with the frames covering her
eyes…truth could me hidden.
Me: you look beautiful. .
Cynthia: I wish I could tell you same but you have
a strange sense of dressing…all this Buba and
sokoto thingy…you dont look Yoruba, why try so
Me: well I think I am..
Cynthia: Anyways there is something that just
came up..
Me: what..?
Cynthia: you remember my informant? ..she was
Me: my apologies..I wish there is something I can
Cynthia: thats not the point..the point is you
should get those people…whatever it is they are
trying to do…defeat them for me and her..
Me: I might have gotten a break..but the less you
know, the better.
Cynthia: thank you. There is something else…the
informant saw a lady come look for you in the
hospital, shortly after the accident. She said she
was directed there. But the staff had already been
instructed to keeo your presence secret. So they
said you were rejected.
Me: wow …can you describe her?
Cynthia: nope…but the informant said she is
fair…and very beautiful. .
Was that a glimpse of jealousy I saw in her eyes?
Me: how do I get her now…?
Cynthia: call her
Me: how ?
Cynthia: my informant got her number before she
drove off..Red Camry…
Me: oh..thank God..something concrete at last…
She gave me the number, it was scribbled on a
note pad.
Cynthia: please respect me as a lady and call her
after I have gone..
Me: no p..
Cynthia: I am back with my boyfriend. ..I am going
to stay with him in katsina..distance was one of
our problems…now that I am jobless, I can right
that wrong.
Me: I wish you the best..sincerely. .
She looked at me and smiled..we both knew I
didnt really mean what I said as regards her and
her boyfriend. .
Me: what can I offer you..should we try their
chicken?. am not hungry..we could try
something kinky thou. ..
Me: like what?
Cynthia: meet in the ladies room in 2min..
Me: you crazy..this is a public…
…she stood up and walked to the rest room..
….there is something wild about public sex,
especially when you are doing it with a sexy
lady…her pink panties was at her knees when I
got in..she had folded her gown upwards to reveal
perfect creamy backside. Her purse was on top of
the hand drier..she held the hand sink, I could see
her face from the reflection on the mirror.
“No, leave my hat on…”…she said as I attempted
to take it off her head.
As I entered her we became one…even if for the
last time…..we smelled like strawberries…

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