Chapter 21

Our bus developed a fault around noon of the next
day. Bayo was very much disappointed, I hoped it
would be another day for me to make much sense
of my life.
I was getting used to being his conductor, I could
even hold on to the roof of the bus with my feet
firmly on the base of the door opening.
Bayo was a generous colleague. Two days ago we
had started sharing what we made equally. I once
asked him if he had a bank account. He told me
he didnt need it, bank account was only for people
with millions.
Something happened just before we slept but I was
sceptical to tell him. The girl with in my head with
the mouth opened, I was able to see the full face.
She was light skinned with a birthmark just below
her left eye. I was holding on to that memory, it
seemed like the channel that would lead me to my
I persuaded Bayo to find out what I actually stole
from Alhaji. He told me he had to give Alhaji
something in return…like a memory.
Me: tell him I remembered that I was in an
accident. .
Bayo: he knows that already, he told me to tell
Me: Tell him I ….ermmmm…have a fair girlfriend
but cant remember her name.
Bayo: ok..dat wan make sense.
Just then….Just like that we had a breakthrough.
And it was from the most unlikely of sources.
Taofeek chose the moment we were talking to pass
by Ezinne’s bar , the wristwatch he wore brought
back memories. Sweet lord!..I could remember
paying for that watch…no!…the fair girl paid for it
and gave me as a gift. It was at Ceddi Plaza in!…I could remember a red Camry…oh
my Jesus!
Taofeek must have noticed my staring at him. He
changed direction and came to our table.
Taofeek: buy Alomo for me
Me: I dont have money
He looked at me and smiled, exposing a brownish
Taofeek: Buy Alomo for me
Bayo: him no get money , our bus work
Taofeek: Bayo if u put mouth for this matter I go
stab your head.
Bayo: your Papa! You no fit!
Bayo stood up to face Taofeek, who was at least 6
inches taller. Taofeek’s eyes became red..
Taofeek: if you no buy me this Alomo today…your
own don be for this park..
He pointed at me
Taofeek: as for u Bayo, you know say I dey wait for
u make you enter my trap. On dat faithful
day…your mama wey don die go cry from heaven
for you.
Bayo: gbagbe! …nothing they happen.
I looked at Bayo and signalled with my eyes that
we beta buy him the Alomo. The look he gave me
in return was stern..
Then Taofeek stepped away. .two of his goons that
were positioned at a short distance in case of a
fight..followed suit..
Bayo sat down with a cheeky smile on his face. .
Bayo: never ever give in to them. If they demand
something and you give them out of your will..they
will keep exploiting you.
Then I told Bayo about the wristwatch. .
Bayo: that can only mean your stuffs are with
Alhaji. Maybe Taofeek stole the watch from the
collection. He is a thief like you.
Me: very funny…so what do we do?
Bayo: Aregbesola will be in Ikoyi tonight..he is
being honored by Tinubu. God knows that guy
should have been deputy Gov of lagos. Him no dey
gree sit down for him state. But na correct guy
sha. Alhaji will be there…Taofeek and his boys will
follow him. We will go to Alhaji’s house and check.
Me: how is that possible?
Bayo: Dont worry, Alhaji is like a father to me..I
know where he keeps secret stuff.
Me: why not just ask him if he has my stuff?
Bayo: If my cooperation is suspected as being the
reason you went away without giving them their
stuff. .I would be killed slowly and painfully.
Me: oh..
Bayo: whatever happens. ..our fates are together.
No ever forget.
He stopped talking and started reading the day’s
copy of complete football. .
Me: Ezinne! Pls one 33 for him and small stout for
Ezinne: kekere my inlaw…okay o..
Inless than a week I
was..kekere…Otunba…inlaw…but I still remained
nameless..Tonight, I hope it changes…

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