Chapter 22

We were on the second bottle when my phone
rang (yes I now refer to it as my phone)..
Me: Hello who is this?
Caller: it’s me Cynthia. I had to change my
Me: oh…hope it had nothing to do with me?
Cynthia: ofcourse it does. .anyways I am calling to
see if we could meet up this evening.
Me: cool, hope no problem?
Cynthia: naaaa…just wanna see you.
Me: you are in luck then…our bus is faulty, shaft
Cynthia: what bus?
Me: I thought I told you I was a conductor
Cynthia: I didnt take that part serious.
Me: I am screwed a conductor…
Cynthia: and I got fired for it. You know I make
bad choices…
Me:..our kiss wasnt so bad..
Cynthia: I am sound drunk..lets meet
by 6pm..KFC , Akowonjo.
Me: You are so sure I will get the place?…
Cynthia: you are a conductor, wont it be weird if
you dont?
Me: well said..see u soon…
…she hung up…
Bayo: we get operation this night and you wan go
Me: nope…just gist
Bayo: girls don’t just gist with guys inside
restaurant. either leads to kpanshing or comes
from kpanshing…
Me: you are razz mehn…
Bayo: I am a driver…poor people call me Agbero,
rich people call me tout….I swear I am just a
Me: …and I am a conductor..
Bayo:…no…since na me dey buy you beer…you
be Agbero..
Me: Your Mama!..
Bayo: mtchwwww…Taofeek dey your
front…’pim’..u no talk. .lol…now u dey abuse my
Me: be you say make I fear am?
Bayo: Fear na with sense, i say make you fear, I no
say make you become slowpoke.
Me: anyways…I dey enter Akowonjo. Have to see
Bayo: ok o…I suppose carry you go…but I dnt
drink and drive…
Me: when dat principle take start? wey dey
high before we commot sef..
Bayo: I just watch am for Tv now…Guiness
Me: mtchwwww. no get sense….just say you
wan knack Ezinne. .
Bayo: you too get sense…na your problem be
that..ehen…you get spare condom?…

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  1. Aao

    I love the combination of Bayo and kekere, then just dey burst my brain with them yarns. Seems kekere now likes woman than the Thot of finding himself. Ok o, let’s see as the Akowonjo trip goes. I have strong feeling that the Cynthia is part o the syndicate, she’s just leading kekere on to know how much he remembers.

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