Chapter 15

Bayo’s bus was waiting for me at Iyana-Iba, infront
of Lasu. It was about 5:00am . He was dressed on
black shirt and black pants.
Bayo: I brought some clothes for you, you can
change inside. You are lucky we have the same
Me: im glad.
Bayo: you dey mad!..u no miss me ni?
Me: mtchwww. .
Bayo: No wahala. ..
I got into the bus to change clothes. I tossed a
pack filled with rice to him. Cynthia gave me to eat
as breakfast.
Bayo: I know you love me this boy!
Me: yes I bleeping do!.. I bleeping support your
club!..why do u choose to lie to me?
Bayo: you dey yarn dust…which kain talk be this?
Me: you didnt take me to the hospital, you didnt
sell my car to pay my bills… You lied to me..Tell
me the truth!
Bayo brought out a stick of cigarette, it was
Benson. As he puffed some into the air, I longed
for a stick myself. Perhaps benson was my brand.
He tossed me a stick and with all humilty, bowed
abit to light it on my lips.
Bayo: I wanted you to find out the truth yourself,
thats why I sent you to the hospital.
Me: I dont believe you, you probably thought it will
trigger my memory
Bayo: dat one too dey.
Me: tell me everything you know, you can kill me
afterwards but tell me everything.
Bayo: kill Bawo…u don dey crase o..
Me: I am listening. ..
Bayo: this is the best time for our trip, I will tell
you by 10:00. We have work to do. You voice is
good now, na u go dey shout o!..
Me: Bleep no!
Bayo: loool…dem no born your Papa well make
you no call passenger. ..if u no call. ..forget our
10’oclock gist…
20mins later…….
Me: ….mile 2! Alakija!..mile2! Alakija!…oshodi

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  1. Aao

    Nice update: the Yoruba terms are names of popular bus stops along festac – mile 2, the only other term “wole” means enter.

    • Delis

      Thanks but what I mean is doing/translating it the way Zuby do whenever he uses any of the Igbo proverbs

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