Chapter 14

We met at Triangles, very close to Gowon Estate
gate. She had changed into a blouse and jean. She
looked beautiful. She kept looking around when
she sat down..
Me: You dont seem comfortable
Cynthia: No I am not.
Me: where would be safer for you?
Cynthia: lets go and talk in my house
Me: are you sure thats a good idea?
Cynthia: sure.
Thou her house was a strollable distance, she
insisted we took seperate bikes. Gowon Estate was
totally blank in my memory.
She lived in a two bedroom flat, every where was
painted pink. A really girly house.
Cynthia; what can I offer u?
Me: just tell me what you found out.
Cynthia: After u left, I started asking questions cuz
an entry had been deleted. I found out that all the
nurses worked on the shift that an unknown
person was brought were sacked. The doctor that
attended to the patient died in an auto-crash some
weeks later.
Me: who told you all this?
Cynthia: someone who works there and sees all
but nobody noticies. She recognised you. Said you
were brought in by about 6 policemen.
Me: that isnt true! a grown fair man brought me
here, his name is Alhaji.
Cynthia: I am telling you what my source told me.
Shortly after the doctor realised you were suffering
from amnesia, the police came to get you. That
was the last time you were seen until today.
Me: I thought I was evicted due to lack of funds.
Cynthia: Nope, you were forcefully evicted by the
Me: Did your source get my name or any info
about me?
Cynthia: No, except that all the nurses wanted to
clean your body. You be fine boy na!
Me: damn! nothinh else?
Cynthia: nothing.
I looked into her eyes and I wondered why she
was telling me all this. Why didnt she just keep
quiet?. Why should I believe her instead of Bayo.?if
Bayo was lying, why did he take me to the
hospital?…I was confused.
Another brickwall.
Cynthia: what are you going to eat?
Me: I am not hungry
Cynthia: common!..lemme quickly cook spaghetti.
I am hungry.
After little persuasion, I agreed and turned on her
Tv. Chelsea and Bayern Munich players were filling
into the field. It was Super Cup.
I remembered Bayo and his tight chelsea boxers. I
wondered if he was watching this match too. I
hoped it was Cynthia and not him lying. I liked
I was surprised when Torres scored. I imagined
Bayo dancing. Then Cynthia entered with the
Cynthia: lets eat
Me: thanks
Cynthia: what team are you supporting?
Me: I am supporting chelsea.
Cynthia: lol. ..Agbero club..
Me: I am an Agbero..
Cynthia: …lol…very funny..
I kept quiet. The food was surprisingly sweet. The
boiled eggs werent hard so the yoke was golden in
Since we sat on the same couch, I could smell her
fragrance. She smelled like fruits. we sat in silence
as the match progressed. I wanted the match to
finish before I left. Chelsea was leading 2-1 by
90min and I was preparing to leave, then Bayern
Cynthia: goal!
Me: not fair na..
Cynthia: ok I am sorry…
I think the goal just signified how my entire day
was…hopes being dashed at the last minute. I was
sad. I couldnt even wait for extra time.
Me: Thanks, I gotta go, I promise to keep in touch.
Cynthia: are u sure? You can go tomorrow
morning..its really cold outside.
Me: Dont worry I will be aii.
I stood up to leave as I approached the door I
remembered I left Bayo’s phone on the couch. As I
turned to go pick it up, Cynthia was infront of me,
she flung her arms around my shoulders and
planted her lips fully on mine. Her tongue found hand her bosoms…her nails buried into
my shoulder. I lifted her from the ground, her legs
were wrapped around my waist. She smelled like
strawberry. …she sucked my lower lip…and
pointed to her bedroom.
Chelsea lost…who cared?

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  1. Tochi

    Keep this story coming.
    Is sounding good.
    But will this unknown guy ever find out his origin?

  2. Aao

    Hmnn see gobe, I like the twist. Did someone plan UR accident? What is the mystery behind the sack of all on duty who attended to u? Who arranged the death if the doctor? How come u can’t remember anything, maybe the doctor cleared UR memory and he was silence after a good job. Cynthia is so cheap, lol@ fine boy kekere. Anyway so many questions, the story would give us answers as it goes. Keep up the writing.

  3. pet

    I think he was probably robbed by Bayo or something
    Anyway, fingers crossed

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