120: The Devils i created.

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As soon as the Snoda carrying Tina and Kate took off, i returned to the same spot and waited there. It took just a minute for another Snoda to show up.

Without telling the driver where i was going, i opened the back passenger door and sat down.

“Why not come to the front my friend?” the driver turned and said.

“I prefer to stay here, i will pay you. I need you to follow some people for me. There are on foot and we will meet them in two minutes”.

“What do you mean?” the driver asked.

His face and intonation declared him a Ghanaian.

“Start going towards strandvliet metro station, there are two people i want you to track for me” I repeated.

I was sure he didn’t understand what i said but he started moving towards Where Chike lived.

I saw the first group in a garage near a bridge that led to where Chike lived; it consisted of Madam Model and Aunty Franca. They were probably waiting for news of my capture before showing their ugly faces to laugh at me.
Chike wasn’t with them, it meant that either he was alone or he had gone down with the two strangers to identify me to them.

I was crouching down in the back seat of the Volkswagen Passat, looking up occasionally to check out the area.
A few people were walking around, going for their various businesses but non knew what was going on.

As soon as we rounded the corner to the street where Chike lived, I saw him; he was standing alone in a doorway, pressing some buttons on his phone.

My phone started vibrating in my pocket immediately and without bringing it out, i knew it was him.

“Keep going, don’t Stop” I said to the driver who kept driving down slowly.

Five meters to the doorway leading to where Chike lived, i saw them hanging around a flower tree planted in front of the place.
I recognized one of them immediately.

Why didn’t i notice him back in Amsterdamspoort?
I knew the face so well that i nearly threw up in the car.
He was a hired gun, one of the Suriname guys i hired to capture Chigbo for me before i went looking for Ikenna in Alicante Spain.
I recalled that he gave me his phone number but i never called him again since then. I had used a different sim card to contact him and his colleagues when i wanted them to capture Chigbo for me.

Chike and the French squad had hired hitmen to track me and possibly capture me for them.
I was saved from the set up because i saw them first in Amsterdamspoort but the greatest hint had come from what Nneka told me. It was Nneka that made me realise that the French Madams may hire Chike.

The devil i created had come to hunt me but no matter how much Chike was going to try to play the hide and seek game with me, i was still his master.
It was a pity he chose money over the empire i was creating for him but i didn’t blame him. Money is the root of all evil.

I told the driver to drive past them and keep going until we came out to the small road leading to the small business square in Venseerpolder. At the bar in Venseerpolder square where i had met with the Suriname guys the first time, i sat on a tall stool and sipped from the glass of Jack Daniel i bought.
I didn’t know the next thing to do, but the good news was that the Suriname men didn’t know the face of the man they were told to capture.

I was on my second glass when Chike called again. He said he didn’t see me in front of his house and asked where i was.

“Sorry, the Snoda man who brought me said he couldn’t wait. I had no money with me and wanted to borrow some money from you to pay him but you were not home. I followed him to Ghazenhof to borrow money and give him, i will call you back” I said.

After talking to him, i ordered for another shot of JD and sipped from it before they came.

The two hit men hired to capture me strolled into the bar and took their seats. I didn’t look at them, rather i concentrated on the TV and pretended not to have noticed them.

After five minutes of their arrival, i finished my drink and jumped down from the tall bar stool.
As i paid the bartender, i carelessly scanned the room and fixed my eyes at two of them who had ordered for beer.

Their eyes met mine and we stared until i smiled and walked up to their table.

“How are you my friend?” I asked.

“I am OK man, i don’t remember” one of them said, he was the one which gave me his number.

“You and your friends with me and that stupid man in Wesserplein. The one we followed from African Kitchen” I said.

“Yes yes my man, how are you? I remember now” He said.

He asked me to sit down and offered me beer.

“I drink Whisky not beer” I said.
He asked the bartender to get me two shots of Whisky.

I wanted to form more friendship with them before i initiate a plan that would devastate Chike and his French women.

We sat and drank and talked. I bought them more beers and chicken legs to eat.
He said i didn’t call them for more jobs.
I promised to call them as soon as something came up.

It was a pity those guys chose such line of business, beating people and sometimes killing them all in the name of making some useless money.

We drank and talked until Chike called again.
“Where are you now? Lets meet” he had said.

“We will meet in the evening, call me by 8pm” I said and cut the call.

“My friend, there is job for you but first of all, we need to get out of here” I said to the two Suriname men sitting opposite me.

They both stood up and declared that they were ready to leave.

I pointed to the one i knew. “I forgot your name, remind me”

“Joel” He said.

“Alright Joel, where do you live?” I asked.

He said he lived opposite Bulewijk Metro Station near the AMC hospital.

“Do you have any hide out where we can hold somebody for a day or two, we need to get money from her” I said.

“Yes, we have a secret apartment” He said.

“Lets go to the secret apartment, we need to sit down and talk the business. We will divide the money into two, one for me and one for you and your team” I said as we left the bar.

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