Chapter 12

Lota hospital was a three story building. The lobby
had the distinct smell of drugs and disinfectant. I
met a nurse at the reception, she was looking bad.
Nurse: Goodmorning how may I help you.
Me: I was admitted here some two months
ago..June 5th/6th. I wanna check my records.
Nurse: your card number?
Me: I dont knw..
Nurse: are you registered?
Me: I was operated on here
Nurse: hmmm, whats your name?
Me: ermmmmm….I cant remember
The look she gave me could heat up an iceberg. I
decided my only option was to explain everything
to her. I could see understanding in her eyes.
Nurse: ok I will go thru the records and see if any
matches you. Just give me your number and I
would call you when something comes up.
Me: I dont have a phone, lemme get my friends
I dashed outside to see Bayo talking to a girl
selling bread.
Me: Bayo give me your phone.
Bayo: oh brother, meet kafayat.
She smiled, exposing very brown teeth.
Bayo: so if I buy all this bread on your head, will
you follow me home?
She started blushing.
Me: Bayo, your phone na!
He gave me the phone without looking at me. All
his attention was on the bread seller. As I left I
heard him ask her ‘is your bread as soft as your
bosom, can I confirm?’
After I gave her Bayo’s number and collected hers,
she assured me that my amnesia was a matter of
time, that I would start remembering stuffs little by
Bayo : howfar, so wht did you find out?
Me : nothing..I gave her your number sha, so I
could get a call from her. What happened to the
bread girl
Bayo: as I wan touch her bobi, the slap no be here
Me: nice one.
Bayo: so where next?
Me: Festac, First gate. Accident place.
Bayo: wetin be the idea?
Me: just take me there…
Bayo: yes boss!
On our way to Festac, my hope arose again. I felt
like I was going to my origin. Even the pot holes
and the careless way Bayo rode couldnt dampen
my spirit.
On getting there, Bayo pointed to a corvette, saying
thats where the car was.
Bayo: dem dey catch people with okada for here o,
make we dey go.
Me: I cant, I feel something here.
Bayo: them go seize my okada o
Me: dont worry you can go, I go sort myself.
Bayo: you are not in d right sense to be alone.
Me: Don’t worry, just go. Greet Shade and Bimbo
for me.
Bayo: ok o…
He brought out his phone and gave me . He also
gave me 3k.
Me: what for?
Bayo: I go dey call you. .
Me: with which phone?
Bayo: na only me Shade dey use her phone call. I
go dey use her phone until I see u again.
Me: thanks bro.
Bayo: buy charger for the phone. Shade number
dey the contact list. me. I dey go Bose
As we shook, I felt this was the last time I would
see him. I felt bad. But I had to roam festac.
Hopefully someone will knw me and who I used to

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  1. Aao

    Great story so far I concur too. Bayo has a good heart from the way the story line as been. Hope Kekere finds out he is a kings son so he can compensate Bayo for all the love and devotion to getting him okay

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