Chapter 10

By 4:30 Bayo woke me up, and signalled for me to
keep keep quiet. We tiptoed out of the room.
Bayo: bad guy, you are not kekere after all
Me: mehn!..that girl is sweet
Bayo: dnt worry , I will take you to sweeter girls,
oh I forget say you wan leave me go back house.
Somehow I had regrets too.
Me: so when are we going to the hospital?
Bayo: in the morning, today is sallah, we must help
Alhaji kill his rams. Its a tradition. He is like a Dad
to me.
As we climbed okada, I felt remembered last night.
I wondered if I had a girlfriend that was waiting for
me, or given up. Or sleeping with my best friend.
Me: so why dont you have a room of your own?
Bayo: what do I need a room for? I have Shade’s
room, I have Ezinne’s room and plenty like that.
And I have the park. If I am alone, I sleep in my
bus. You know sometimes your body needs
renewal…you have to renew it alone, sometimes
with people, or you will die young.
Me: how old are you?
Bayo: 28. Iwo nko?
Me: I dunno.
Bayo: chai…you will be between 22 and 25.
Me: or 28…
Bayo: lol, who dash your Papa!
Me: lol.
As we rode in silence I tried focusing again .
Maybe any images will come through. Nothing. I
decided I wasnt gonna smoke marijuana again. It
makes people forget stuff, I must have read that I a doctor?..a medical
student?…or just a reader.
Alhaji’s house was a duplex. It was situated in
Satellite town. I didnt expect such opulence. He
had a gateman dat opened the gate for us once we
knocked. It was 5am mehn.
Gateman: ehn! Omo olope!..kilon shele…give us
something na.
Bayo: kamoru oko ashewo, oya gba shandi yii!
He dipped his hand inside his pocket to bring out
Kamoru: E ma n fuckup sha!..Emi..50 naira?
Bayo: lol..kamoru 1 of gbogbo satellite
kingdom..oya gba eleyi si.
He gave him a hundred bucks.
We were lead to a smaller room downstairs where
some guys were already gathered. Some with their
gin, others with cigarettes.
As Bayo shook everybody I noticed he skipped a
guy. Looking atbthe guy I found out that it was the
guy with the ugly tribal marks. I shaked everybody
and decided to shake the guy too, but he ignored
my hand, looked into my eyes with hatred. I
ignored him and sat beside Bayo.
Bayo: Akhaji nko?
A short looking skinny guy replied , telling him
Alhaji was sleeping.
Bayo turned to me and asked if I wanted a
cigarette or shepe. I declined his offer.
Bayo: let us sleep now, when the chief butcher
wakes up then we kill the rams.
Me: Alhaji is the chief butcher? I tot he worked in
the park?
Bayo: no o…Alhaji isnt o..
Me: is the butcher going to come from very far?
Bayo: no o..he is here and abt to sleep
Me: show me the guy na, who is he..just point
I noticed the ode was pointing at himself.
Bayo: some call me Bayoski, others Omooba…I am
also known as Chief butcher. But u fit call me
Bayo. Cuz we are brothers.
Me: You are sick
Bayo: lol..Dr Bayo, sick?
We both laughed and gently I slept off.

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