Chapter 4

I had alot of questions on my mind. I tried smelling my armpits to know the extent of stench that I was oozing out. I also wanted to know if I had other clothes to wear. Before long, the food … Continued

Chapter 5

The bus wa s originally a fourteen sitter, but had somehow been converted to an eighteen. It was filled with different Pasuma stickers, some weird looking poster advertising pile cure was also there. Spiritual assistance for job, visa etc was … Continued

Chapter 6

While waiting for our 6th trip, alot of other buses had joined the queue. Bayo led me to a bar within the park. As we got in a couple of peeps started hailing him. They were shouting ‘prince’, ‘omooba’, omo … Continued

Chapter 8

I noticed change in the mood of people in the evening. While the young passengers talked more in the morning about sports , etc. The grown ups talked about hardships in the evenings. Everything annoyed them. From traffic to Gej … Continued

Chapter 9

The girls were asleep when we got in. staring at at them I wondered what they knew about me. Bayo had gone to take his bath. I looked at Bimbo as she slept on her side facing the wall. Her … Continued

Chapter 10

By 4:30 Bayo woke me up, and signalled for me to keep keep quiet. We tiptoed out of the room. Bayo: bad guy, you are not kekere after all Me: mehn!..that girl is sweet Bayo: dnt worry , I will … Continued