93: The Revolver

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Agnes called me while i was in a cab going back to my apartment in Spandau. She said she had leaked the information to Ralph and that he was doubting at first but that he eventually called back to confirm … Continued

94: Final Puzzle

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Chapter 94. The final puzzle. I picked Marko up at the Spandau Central Station and we walked to the apartment. He relaxed and brought out weed for us to smoke. That fearless German kid traveled with gun and drugs. “Tell … Continued

95: The Capture

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“Since he is on his way here, you have to wait. I will make sure that i talk some sense into him. He needs to know that he doesn’t own you yet until he puts a ring on you” i … Continued

96: The Testament

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“What is this, what is going on here?” Doris said with her eyes wide open and focused at the loaded gun. “Miss Doris” I shouted, “This is not about you. Thanks for bringing this bastard to me even though you … Continued

97: The Urgent Negotiation

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“Noooo, please stop” that was Doris reacting to the gun shot. “I thought i told you not to talk? CY, get me the other sponge” i said. “I won’t talk again please” She said and started crying softly. “What just … Continued

98: The Five SMS

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“I can’t believe this” Doris had said after hearing that CY was just a trap planted to lure Ralph out. “I love you Doris despite what happened. I came into your life for the purpose of bringing you and Ralph … Continued

99: Return to Paris

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Paris has always been my starting point. My resident permit card remained one week to expiration. I needed to initiate the renewal process even though it remained 8 days. I had traveled to Paris from Wolfsburg and when i got … Continued