1: Our Troubles

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Chapter 1: Our troubles The following three days after arriving in Paris, i stayed indoors in the daytime and moved around in the night. I chose the areas where i knew there weren’t many Immigrants; Areas such as La Defense. … Continued

2: First day in Sweden

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The bus that took the passengers i came with had left for Stockholm by the time i finished with the immigration officials and drug agents. I had to wait for another hour before another Stockholm bound bus arrived. While i … Continued

3: The dangerous risk

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————————- “Yes i speak English” the man said. “How much Krona do i get for a hundred Euros” i asked. “One Euro is 9.1 Krona” He said. It was exactly what was written on the board behind him. I believed … Continued

5: The strange threesome

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The Strange Threesome. “What, why, we need to put on our clothes first” I murmured into Kathy’s ear. “Its Ok, she is a big girl; she can handle this and will understand” Kathy said. Well whether she will understand or … Continued

7: The European System

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The European System. ————– The next day, we went down to the Library close to the train station and logged on to the internet. Google search produced the list of house agents around the area. We made a few calls … Continued

8: Only in Africa

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Only in Africa. ———– “Brother Solomon, anybody who even think about running away will die. I have witnessed a girl who owed her Madam some money and after two weeks, she died. There were some wounds on her body but … Continued

9: The Italian Connection

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The Italian-Swedish Connection. ————- After my little speech to Alice, she cleaned her eyes and relaxed once more. A look at the items she had in her little corner of the market, i was able to easily determine that the … Continued