Season 3 – Amsterdam

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Welcome to “Global Runs” Series. Book 3. This Episode will cover how Africans and the rest of the black race lived in Amsterdam and the entire Netherlands. The kind of jobs and businesses they did and the kind of fates … Continued

1: Back to Europe.

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Chapter 1: Back to Europe. As i sat inside the Lufthansa jet heading back to Europe, i recalled what had happened at the Lagos Nigeria Airport. I had walked to the check-in desk and asked for my boarding pass. The … Continued

2: Meeting Jennifer again

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Chapter 2 Our second day at the airport was the same routine; Immigration, NDLEA, Customs etc. After being cleared by all the agencies, some of us were taken back to the machine room to check if we had somehow, decided … Continued

3: How it happened.

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Chapter 3. Jennifer had thinned down. She was originaly thin but she had slimmed down more. Her small protruded stomach had made her look like she had disease. She had stood directly opposite me with tears flowing down her cheeks. … Continued

4: The Compassion

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Chapter 4 The trains to Amsterdam through Hanover left Berlin Hauptbanhof every two hours. The state-of-the-art Inter Regional Express (ICE) was responsible for the travels. It was the fastest train in Europe with the French TGV. The ICE traveled at … Continued

5: Amsterdam at last.

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Chapter 5: Holland. As i sat in the Eurolines bus from Berlin to Amsterdam, i wondered how life could be so cruel. We humans were collectively impatient. We achieved something today only to fail tomorrow. In Jennifer, i thought i … Continued

6: Cocaine Vol 1

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Chapter 6: Cocaine Vol.1 The Bijlmermeer or Bijlmer witnessed a plane crash in 1992 which destroyed buildings. The Local Government as a result, had decided to change the structures. Bijlmer was also referred as ‘Black arena’ due to the large … Continued

7: AMC and Cocaine

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Chapter 7: Cocaine vol 2. Everyone had grinder too which could be used to grind fruits and fresh tomatoes but also served in Grinding the Cocaine into dusts and mixing them with Ntugwa stuff. Cocaine business was a high risk … Continued

8: Church and my Continent

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Chapter 8: The Church and Africa. The only black groups in Amsterdam were the Churches. We had Redeemed Church, Christ Embassy and others imported from Lagos. All they cared about was money. The only time i went to the redeemed … Continued

9: How it started

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Chapter 9: The beginning. Going back to how it started, My Father (RIP) died two days after i entered Amsterdam. I had gone out to buy cigarette since i smoked then, and got a call from my elder brother. It … Continued