2: Unexpectations

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Although it didn’t belong to her but she was making use of it. The Italian Resident card that belonged to Linda was going to expire in another four years. If Precious didn’t get into trouble that required fingerprinting her, she … Continued

3: Crush Your Enemies Totally

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“All Great leaders since Moses have known that a feared enemy must be crushed completely. (Sometimes they have learned this the hard way.) If one embers is left alright, no matter how dimly it smolders, a fire will eventually break … Continued

4: Fvck the Laws

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“You have some missed calls” She said. We were in a Snoda returning home to our apartment in Almere. She was still crying softly and i have tried enough to stop her but i knew what she was going through. … Continued

5: Support From The Gods

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“Precious, please go to the Kraianest shopping mall, there is an Igbo Woman that sells Kolanuts there. Buy Igbo Kolanut (Oji Igbo) for me. Make sure you ask her before buying it, i don’t want Gworo (Hausa Kola)” I said. … Continued

6: Ajax Supporters Club

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“Who is this?” I said on the phone. The caller ID was hidden. It was in the evening and i was relaxing with Maria in the room. “Stupid Man, don’t you recognize my voice again. What i did to you … Continued

9: Last Passenger To Alicante

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Right inside Chigbo’s apartment, I removed the sim card in his phone and put my French Sim; then i called Patrick. To make sure he didn’t recognise my voice, i sealed the phone quickly with a nylon waterproof. It produced … Continued

10: The Twin Sisters

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The Alicante Airport was situated between Elche and Alicante. One could easily access both cities from the airport. For a brief moment, i considered whether to go to Alicante or Elche. My decision was eventually influenced by the first bus … Continued