82: Intentional Blame Game

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“Precious said that the daughter of Aunty Adesuwa was raped in Castel Volturno by two Nigerian men” Maria said after serving me a plate of Yam she cooked. “Which Precious?” I asked, knowing that i was suspect her chief suspect. … Continued

83: Jack Solo And His Case

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Human beings will always change, someone you knew could become something else if something he or she never experienced happened to him or her. “I am still who i am Sweetheart. It’s just that this whole thing seems to be … Continued

86: Getting the Card

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“Centro Storico” Angel said to the taxi driver. The driver asked where we were going in the area and Angel said something like Mouse club. The cab driver nodded and took off. We arrived at the Club and paid €5 … Continued

89: The Kiss And Tell

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“I love you baby” Linda kept saying over and over through out our stay that night. She had purchased a new sleeping gown for me which she said would stay in her apartment for me to use whenever i visited … Continued

90: Dinning with the Snake.

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Everything in life were never meant to be enjoyed. Some things we were supposed to enjoy were made for different reasons which also made them very difficult to enjoy. The coloured candles, the transparent sleeping gown and the soft body … Continued