81: Another Trip To Spain

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  “Where are you going again by this time of the night?” I asked. He had just got off a phone call from someone I didn’t know. “African Kitchen, there are some people who wants to help broker a peaceful … Continued

82: Time To Go

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Chapter 82: Time To Go Perhaps the lady intentionally got pregnant for Ikenna while Zuby was busy pursuing money and vanity. Women didn’t just get pregnant, they mostly get pregnant when they wanted, especially matured women. Although I didn’t get … Continued

84: Just A Matter Of Time.

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When Ngozi arrived, she looked thinner than the last time I saw her. She looked cleaner and more beautiful. While we waited for her arrival, I managed to calm myself down. I knew that if I reacted badly, it could … Continued

85: Shocking Revelations

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  I didn’t know how things turned out in the past few days, especially when my boyfriend Zuby traveled to Spain but when Chigbo called him, I became confused. The phone was on speakout, Chigbo had called and I was … Continued

87: Death and Reunion

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  Something was going on in our apartment and I didn’t know. Uche just left for Nigeria. It remained Zuby, Ngozi and I. We were on bed when Zuby took his phone to the sitting room. I heard when the … Continued

89: When The Time Was Up

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  The following evening, Zuby made more attempts to convince me to go with him for the Crusade but I refused. I told him I had no strength to stay awake for the entire night. He eventually left without me. … Continued