1: Caged By Enemies

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“Basil,” I said and started crying. I needed to get sympathy by all means. I wanted to convince everyone present that what happened to Basil also affected me negatively. “I didn’t see you at the Nightclub. I didn’t know you … Continued

2: The Clear Exhibit

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“I don’t trust you anymore. I don’t think you have my money, if you have it, bring it out, let me see” Basil said as soon as i sat down. Something was wrong with Basil. Apart from being tattered, Basil … Continued

3: Always A Way Out

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The police after asking more questions to the chief witness, they released the two people they arrested with Basil and Solomon. The mistake was that Basil and Solomon took the lift at the same time with the two people who … Continued

5: Help From Stockholm

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Life went on slowly as i waited for Basil or any other enemy out there to invade Castel Volturno for me. Depression has taken over my life and death was a welcomed idea. My mind has become numb and refused … Continued

6: The Final Nail

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As soon as the resident permit got to us, we started making arrangements for the travel. Fatimah didn’t have good clothes anymore. We had to go to Domitiana to purchase two new dresses and shoes. We also bought some make-up … Continued

9: Meeting Of The Enemies

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“Hello Azubuike” I said. Azubuike wasn’t surprised to see me. He didn’t scramble or shift, he wasn’t even blinking or retreating, he just stood there and said, “Hello Maria, did you come with my engagement ring? I hope you didn’t … Continued