Buhari Overthrew Shagari Over $2.8b Oil Scam: Tinubu Wants APC VP Slot – Ikimi

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Buhari overthrew Shagari over $2.8b oil scam; Tinubu wants APC VP slot – Ikimi

By Wale Odunsi
Ex-Foreign Affairs Minister, Tom Ikimi has alleged that the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Muhammdu Buhari, staged the 1983 coup that ousted the Shehu Shagari-led government because he was indicted by the Justice Ayo Irikefe panel that probed the missing 2.8 billion dollars oil money.

Ikimi, who stated this at the weekend during a rally organised by the Peoles Democratic Party (PDP) in his hometown, Igueben, Edo State, also accused Bola Tinubu of trying to impose a Muslim-Muslim government on Nigeria with himself as Vice-President, saying the nomination of Yemi Osinbajo was just a fluke, as the intention was still on course.

He said: “When you talk of corruption, you can only know someone who is corrupt by what appointment you give him.

“He was Minister of Petroleum and before 1993, they smuggled 2.8 billion dollars, which was in our MidWest Bank in England and put it in a notorious bank known as BCTI.

“By the time it was discovered, that money has yielded an interest of over 400 million dollars. Up till now, nobody knows where that interest money is.

“They instituted a panel headed by High Court Judge, Ayo Irikefe. The Irikefe panel came out with a White Paper that indicted this man; he quickly made a coup to bring down the government. That was the reason for the 1983 coup that brought down Shagari government

“Some even say they want to see the paper for the 20 million dollar. I want to see the paper for the 2.8 billion dollars for the 1983. Therefore, what is good for the goose is good for the gander

“They say Buhari is there because they claim he is Mr. Integrity. Is there any integrity without having any certificate, is there any integrity in not going to school, is there any integrity in lying about your qualification?



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