APC’ll cut tariffs on Tokunboh cars – Osinbajo

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Vice-Presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, has assured Nigerians that if elected, the Maj. Gen. Muhammadu Buhari-led government will slash tariffs on imported vehicles.

Osibajo also said that the APC government would tackle the electricity problem confronting the people by decentralising power generation across the country.

At a town hall meeting of political stakeholders in Ondo on Tuesday, Osinbajo said Buhari would not Islamise Nigeria, contrary to the campaign smear of the Peoples Democratic Party.

He said, “We do not agree that there should be high tariffs on imported cars, whether new or old ones, because Nigeria is not producing cars for now.

“What we will do first is to fix power and encourage local production of cars. But before then we will reduce the high tariffs that Nigerians are paying to import vehicles into the country.”

He said that Nigerians should not find it difficult to purchase cars for their social and economic activities and that the APC government would ensure lower tariffs when voted into power.

On power, the vice presidential candidate said the problem of power in Nigeria was traceable to the lack of supply of gas to the power plants.

He promised that module power plants would be situated in neighbourhoods where power is needed while gas would be supplied to the plants, using trucks and other means besides pipelines.

He said the model had already been put to use in Lagos State where such plants supply power to designated neighbourhoods.

Osinbajo also debunked fears that the APC government would ban commercial motorcycles across the country, saying commercial motorcycles would be allow

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