African Union of Prostitution in France

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African Union of Prostitution
in France
Elie Smith
Slavery is back on the African
continent. And this news
might make one of the most
popular slave abolitionists
William Wilberforce to turn in
his grave. But it is true.
However, unlike in the past,
the new brand of slavery is
affecting all parts of the
continent. Talking about the
disturbing and shameful past,
Arabs come to the fore. As
they invaded, settled and
occupied North Africa and
could not get the Berbers to
enslave because they had
escaped to the hills, the new
occupants decided to turn to
sub Saharan Africa to ply
their evil trade.
Soon after, the Europeans
came and also began
pilfering West and Central
Africa in search of slaves.
Since then, sub Saharan
Africa has suffered a lot and
is still suffering today.
Especially that some
historians are trying to justify
slavery under the guise
that ,some black Africans
were concerting victims of
the calamity that took place
on the continent. Whether the
thesis which holds that, some
black Africans contributed in
slavery or slave trade
currently prevailing and
encouraged for reasons
which will not be elaborated
hereon is true or false, it has
to be pointed out that, slavery
never took place only in
Africa and also that, black
Africans are not the only
people who have taken part
in actions that are inimical to
their own very people.
That is why all the theories
on the current difficulties of
black Africans on the
continent and beyond
attributed to the curse on the
biblical Sham, claimed to be
the ancestor of blacks have
to be vigorously discarded
and disregarded and the
reasons of black’s economic
predicaments in the world be
sorted out elsewhere. Putting
history and debates aside,
what is deplorable is that,
what happened 4 or 5
hundred years ago is
repeating itself, even though
it may be said or claimed that
it is done in a different
manner today.
Whatever the case,
prostitution is the new form of
slavery that all Africans are
participants and it is
happening on a grand scale
currently. It also looks as
though Prostitution has even
become in some countries,
alternative sources of
revenue and the beneficiaries
are people from the worst
managed or poorly governed
countries, but that are all
potentially rich.
This may be over
exaggerated to a number of
Africans, but as the state in
most African countries are
shrinking and defaulting from
their primary responsibilities,
it would not be a surprise
that, it is from a ludicrous
section of the informal sector
of the economy that, the
comatose states concern are
getting their life lines.

Cameroon and Nigeria are
two big suppliers of black
African prostitutes paving
and pacing the streets of
France’s major cities at night
and some in broad daylight.
Interestingly or not, they are
not the only African countries
supplying prostitutes to
France and that are also in a
tough competition with other
supplying countries of
Eastern Europe, the former
Soviet Republics and Asia
(China and India). Besides
Cameroon and Nigeria, the
other African countries
supplying prostitutes in
France are Algeria, Ghana,
Democratic Republic of
Congo, Central African
Republic, Morocco, Mali,
Tunisia, Ivory Coast and
The Algerians, Moroccans
and Tunisians are almost at
home in France and
practicing the old trade with
easy, even though within
their communities they are
considered as pariahs. One
other factor helping them is
that, most North Africans
have skin pigmentations that
are not different from those of
native white French.
Hence they easily dilute
themselves within the
professional hard core of
French prostitutes. North
African prostitutes have their
own niche market. They are
found in cafes or bars of
some well known streets in
big cities of France and
Belgium. As for those from
West Africa, since they are all
blacks, they are easily
identified especially that, they
are always complete with
explicitly flashy dresses that
describe the trade in which
they are in. But not all black
prostitutes on the streets of
major cities of France are
from Africa.
Some are from Latin
America, specifically from
Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador
and Peru or from the French
dependencies of Guadeloupe,
Martinique and Guiana.
However Cameroonians and
Nigerians are presently the
ring leaders in the illegal and
disrespectful trade. But it
seems that, most
Cameroonians and Nigerians
do not consider prostitution
to be a bad trade. Recently, I
was horrified when a
Cameroonian boldly told me
that, Cameroonian prostitutes
and fraudsters who are
abroad are the ones running
the economy of that West
African state. Whether it was
an exaggeration that only
Cameroonians are best at? It
is not clear. But the reality is
that, prostitution has taken
another dimension in both
Cameroon and Nigeria.
Although Nigerians are not
boisterous and loquacious as
Cameroonians are, they are
the ones who are leading the
evil trade, particularly
Nigerians from an eastern
ethnic group known as the
Igbos. Igbos gangs are well
organised like those from
Eastern Europe and China,
whereas other African states
or their nationals such as
Cameroonians have remained
amateurs in the malevolent
trade. Nevertheless, not all
Cameroonians or Nigerians
are involved in the trade. And
in both countries, not all
parts are involved or affected
by the scourge.
And People from Northern
Nigeria and Northern
Cameroon are notoriously
absent as intermediaries or
actors in the trade. Moreover
there are no clear
explanations for their non-
existence. Some think that, it
might be that, both northern
regions of Cameroon and
Nigeria which are
predominantly Muslims, the
dominant religion may
operate as deterrent. But it is
not clear or justified because,
other Islamic countries such
as Algeria, Morocco, Mali,
Tunisia and Senegalese are
either prostituting or have
some gangs controlling and
bringing their nationals to
practise the creepy trade in

The other reasons might be
that, the northern parts of
both Cameroon and Nigeria
have remained rural and little
urbanised or that, their
exposure and level of
educations are adrift in
comparison with other
regions in both countries.
Hence Northern Cameroon
and Northern Nigeria, whose
natives are both witnessing
perhaps more the difficult
economic climate in both
countries, have remained
enigmas as to why they are
not acting as gangs
organising prostitutions or
their girls operating as

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