African Union of Prostitution vol. 3

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Economic advantages
Creepy as prostitution is, it
still have many beneficiaries
from unsuspected quarters.
The trade is not only
beneficial to the pimps who
charge their victims
exorbitant sums of monies,
which may vary from $ 30
and $ 50 thousand, the other
beneficiaries are the owners
of small Hotels in the
predominantly African
neighbourhoods of Barbes,
Chateau Rouge and Marcedet
Poisonier located in the lower
side of the 18 th district of
Paris. The next beneficiaries
or the indirect ones are the
manufacturers of prepaid
telephone cards and
individuals who have opened
telephone call centres, all
over the neighbourhood and
thus providing jobs to many
jobless people who are
always discriminated in the
job market in France.
Before the arrival of
Nigerians, Hotels in the seedy
sides of the18 th district of
Paris, especially those
located within the above
mentioned neighbourhoods
were amongst if not the
cheapest in the city.
However, since the arrival of
Nigerian pimps who are
mostly drug barons based in
Belgium, Germany, United
Kingdom and the Netherlands
who seem to be attempting
to diversify their sources of
income to some, while others
are completely leaving drug
trade, for a new less risky
trade, the prices of Hotel
rooms have jumped in the
poverty stricken parts of the
18 th district.
Bizarrely while prices of Hotel
rooms have sky rocketed, it
would have been normal to
expect a stratospheric quality
of services but ironically, they
have dropped. For the pimps
or the Mamas are not
interested in any sort of
quality services other than
where their products will be
housed and give them back
fast returns upon
investments. As for the
vendors of phone cards, they
have seen their sales jump
because the young girls who
are now the enemies of the
older prostitutes have a
voracious consumption thirst
for telephone cards, this in
order to communicate with
their bosses or madams and
also with their parents back
home in Nigeria or in
Route to France
Nigerians are undisputedly
the most enterprising black
Africans or Africans in
general. They are implacably
hardworking and when they
put that positive quality into
crime, it surprises many
westerners, principally the
Italians and East Europeans
who have met with the
Nigerians in the under world
of crime. Nigerians criminals
are different from
Cameroonians or other
Africans. They are
meticulous. These may be
because most Nigerian
criminals are graduates who
have not been able get jobs
in their native countries while
criminals from other African
countries in France are
always mixtures of school
drop outs and societal
Nigerians don’t change their
way of life as does most petty
Cameroonians or other
African fraudsters whenever
they hit the jackpot. The
Nigerian criminal is
respectful, but fast like a
leopard, hard working like an
ant and poisonously vicious
like a snake. To come to
France or in Europe in
general excluding the United
Kingdom, they have several
options. The first thing that
they do is to get the rightful
girls and secondly plan how
to get them out of the
country, which is apparently
very simple in Nigeria.
The easiest means and
methods used to trap these
young girls who are mostly
from the rural parts of the
earlier mentioned states are
mostly through an extended
aunt who is link to the
criminal syndicates based in
Europe. She is the connecting
link and the one who travels
to the rural parts of the states
concerned to get these girls
who are poor, young and
ambitious nonetheless, but
sadly undereducated.
These aunts makes promises
to the parents of their future
victims that, their children will
be taken to the capital to
learn a profession and after
which they would own their
own businesses. Hence in
most hair dressing salons in
Asaba or Benin City every
three months the faces of the
apprentice do change. They
are regularly deceived that,
they will be sent to Europe to
do baby sitting jobs or other
trades in rich countries.
Nevertheless, in some rare
cases those that have been
deem courageous and
matured enough are briefed
on what really awaits them in
But to be sure that, they
won’t run away, there are
forced to under take some
mystical pacts that bans
them from breaking the oaths
that they were forced to
under take, until they pay
their debts at the tariff set by
the gangs. As for the young
girls most of the time, some
are simply raped before they
are send to Europe. But to
get to Europe, and also to
obtain a visa for these young
girls from European
embassies or consulates in
Abuja or Lagos is almost like
getting to paradise. Hence
the girls are dispersed in
mostly French-speaking
African countries namely
Benin, Burkina Faso,
Cameroon, Morocco Niger,
Ivory Coast and Senegal.
What all these countries have
in common besides the
French language is that, they
are all very corrupt. That
explains why in those
countries there exist large
pools of Nigerian girls waiting
for their turn to get to
Europe. And in these
countries, because of
difficulties or out right
poverty ,some of these girls
start practising what they will
do in Europe while waiting to
acquire the passports of their
host nations and a visa from
the embassies of the very
countries which would not
have offered them, had it
been they applied in Nigeria.
However, within European
embassies, it seems that
Nigerians have their
connections hence they
always manage to export
their products and with
monies, the security officials
at the airports of the host
countries are forced to look
the other way while they
pass. The next step is that,
when the girls have
successfully boarded, they
destroy or are advised to
destroy their passports and
upon arrival, they apply for
asylum immediately. When
the asylum procedure has
begun, since it takes a while
for their cases to be
examined, the pimps have the
leisure and the pleasure to
put their slaves on the streets
to work for them.
Those who want to rebel are
punished and their parents
back home are also
punished. Most of the girls
can’t report their cases
because they are naïve and
they have been indoctrinated
to see or consider the Police
of European countries where
they are based as a racist
group that will not listen to
them but send them back
Interestingly, not all
Cameroonians or Nigerians
are in support of the evil old
trade. A proof is that, in
Nigeria the wife of the
governor of Edo state, one of
the great teenage prostitutes
exporting area has set up a
body to fight against
prostitution. It is a positive
development that must be
encouraged and governments
need to coordinate their
actions. This is because
while they are bickering, the
Nigerian, Cameroonian
teenage girls or those of
some African states are
being exploited by greedy
inhumane gangs.
Vans here are not
different from what they
are meant for. However,
it is used by those this
topic deals on to serve as
emergence spots for the
consumers of the product
that they are selling. They
are found in France in
parks, highways and in
other strategic areas.
OFPRA stands for Office
Francaise de protection
des refugies et appatride.

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  1. akarolo

    Nigerians are undisputedly
    the most enterprising black
    Africans or Africans in
    general. They are implacably
    hardworking and when they
    put that positive quality into
    crime, it surprises many
    westerners, principally the
    Italians and East Europeans
    who have met with the
    Nigerians in the under world
    of crime. This is clearly d truth.

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