African Union of Prostitution vol. 2

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In both countries, prostitution
affects mostly the potentially
rich areas. In Cameroon the
principal areas exporting
prostitutes to Europe are the
Littoral, Centre, South, South
west and North West
provinces, precisely the
Sanaga maritime and Wouri
divisions (Littoral province)
Mfoundi, Lekie and Nyong
and Kelle divisions (Centre
province) Dja and Lobo
division (South province)
Nde, Mifi and Upper Nkam
divisions (West province),
Meme, Manyu and Fako
divisions (South west
province) and Mezam and
Momo divisions (Northwest
province). As for Nigeria’s
90% pool of exceptionally
teenage prostitutes, they
come mostly from Edo and
Delta states, formerly known
as Bendale state.
Although most of the teenage
prostitutes may claim to
have originated from Benin
City or Asaba, respectively
state capitals of afore
mentioned states, the truth is
that, they are mostly from
rural parts and also from
poor and under educated
families. What do these
regions in both countries
share in common besides
their appreciations for
prostitution? They are the
potentially rich parts but
ironically with proportionally
high illiteracy and poverty
rates compared with other
parts in both countries.
Because these localities and
its people in both countries
are caught in the vicious
circle of under education and
poverty, they are easily lured
into prostitution by natives of
neighbouring regions within
these same countries. Oddly,
regions promoting
prostitutions do not practice
the trade, but see it as a
lucrative venture to use their
compatriots in order to get
rich faster. Does that not
sound like the periods of
slavery that took place some
five hundred years ago?
The actions of some natives
from some regions in Nigeria
or Cameroon who uses or
lures natives from other
regions into prostitution,
shows a universal vision of
humanity which is opposed
to the angelic one always
chorused around the world
to be what  prevails in Africa.
The use of people from other
regions who are easily
carried away by the illusions
of better lives in Western
Europe is not unique to
Africa; it is noticeable and
practised in Eastern Europe,
Asia and Latin America. All
regions that are poor and
undereducated compared to
Western Europe, the US,
Australia, Canada and New
Zealand seems to be
constantly exploiting each
other in one dehumanising
trade or the other.
Cameroon and Nigeria are
two nations tied to each other
by millennia ancestral
relationships and also
colonial ones which are most
recent and more palpable.
But like in every family, there
is always the inevitable
disputes between elder
brother Nigeria in economic
and population terms with its
younger brother Cameroon
based on the latter
mentioned criteria. I will like
to point out that,
economically, Nigeria is the
elder brother of Cameroon,
but politically, the greater
part of Cameroon, that is the
French-speaking part, got
her independence 10 months
before Nigeria.
But it has not prevented
Nigeria from overtaking
Cameroon in the area of
economic growth aided by
the large deposit of Oil that
some experts put between 30
and 34 billion of yet to be
exploited capacity. However
the only areas were
Cameroon has kept its big
brother status is in the area
of football. As you can see, a
big brother shall always
manage to remain big
somewhere. Nonetheless, the
area of prostitution has given
an opportunity for both
countries to flex their
muscles again.
Effects on production and
civil services of both
I don’t know whether
Cameroonians have noticed
that within their civil service,
some of their colleagues just
disappear from work and the
next she is heard of is that,
she is either in France or in
Switzerland. It is the same
trend observed in Nigeria,
whereby some top female
civil servants just evaporate
from their offices and the next
they are heard of are that,
they are either in Britain or
US prostituting. Strangely, all
these ghost workers or civil
servants in Cameroon or in
Nigeria are still being paid for
no work done.
This demonstrates a strong
lack of control or complicity
between the hierarchies in
the civil services of both
countries and the erring civil
servants who disgrace their
countries and their
professions. The effects of
the organised abandonment
in the civil services in both
countries are manifold.
The first is that, it will sadly
justify no matter how difficult
some innocent hard working
Cameroonian or Nigerian civil
servants may think, the down
sizing of their civil service.
The other negative effects are
that, billions are wasted in
the absence of proper
executions of health
programmes and education
curricular set by both
governments. This is
because, the bulk of the
escapees are nurses, medical
doctors or teachers. The
duplicity does not only affect
the civil services in both
The informal sectors that
represent more than half of
both countries economies are
also receiving beatings. Most
market women in Cameroon
and perhaps in Nigeria are
surprised that most of their
colleague vendors have
suddenly decided to become
Muslims and are all year
round in Mecca. Whereas the
reality is that, they are not
Muslims on pilgrimage, but it
is just a stratagem to
masquerade the fact that,
they are prostituting in
France, Britain or in the US.
Their friends left home are
always marvelled that,
whenever these women
come back, they bring lots of
monies, cars and upon all,
usurp the Islamic title of
hidja. Their action has three
negative effects.
It has made Christians to
start converting en mass into
Islam, thinking that, they will
become rich; secondly it has
made many Cameroonian
girls to take the route to
Europe or accept any
propositions that will lead
them to the earthly paradise
called Europe. Finally the
usurpation of Islam and
Islamic titles by dubious
women with lust for wealth is
tarnishing the Islamic faith
just as politicians who have
travesty Islam and make it to
become militants and
merchants of hate done,
through the carrying out of
terrorist actions under the
guise of defending their
This therefore calls on
Islamic clerics to come out
and denounce the travesty of
their religion or soon the
distinctions between what
Islam really teaches and
what apostates claim will
blur the true nature of Islam.
In the current dispensation in
the world, it would be another
public relations blow to
Muslims if they don’t come
out strong to condemn the
new crops of hidjas rising in
Cameroon or Nigeria and
certainly in other parts of
National rivalries and the
exploitation of Asylum
In the past, activities of the
sinister business seem to
have succeeded in France
because as Cameroonians
came, they drove out of
business the English-
speaking Ghanaians who
could not speak French. They
also drove Senegalese and
Malians out of business, not
that the former could not
speak French, but more
because, they were
traditionalists, while
Cameroonians were
urbanised and susceptible of
adapting and adopting French
etiquettes easily. But the
honey moon of
Cameroonians never lasted
long; this is because, the very
enterprising Nigerians began
invading Europe, first from
Italy. And when Italy was full
or the authorities opened
their eyes wide when the
streets of Milan or Rome at
night was becoming like any
street in Africa, the Nigerian
pimps began changing the
destinations of their
The soft spot was France and
they came in using legal
means, or through the use of
asylum procedures. They
were aware more than
Cameroonians that, if one
files in a request for asylum,
which they know is fake with
little or no chance of
obtaining a satisfactory
response, it nonetheless
takes a minimum of two
years before the
administrative procedures
goes through.
During this period, their
slaves are legal and would be
forced to carry on with their
trade with no fear of
expulsion and the sum that,
they had invested to bring the
girls over will be recovered
four or five times the initial
investment. By so doing, the
quiet Nigerians had more
powers over Cameroonians
who were living illegally in
France. Nigerians could
easily be one of the most
intelligent creatures on earth
and if they could put their
potentials in honest ventures,
their country will be a
miracle. Little wonder that, in
spite all pessimistic
predictions about their
country, it is still the second
economic power of the
continent. It is a proof that,
there are possibilities for
Nigeria to become the first
economy of Africa.
The coming of Nigerians to
France who suddenly
became Liberians, Sierra
Leoneans or even Sudanese
or Jamaicans was not just
bad news to other Africans
who were in the business of
prostitution. It was calamity
to East Europeans and Asian
gangs who were also in the
niche market. Nigerians
began encroaching in the
territories of the organised
prostitution networks of East
Europeans and also those of
the Asians, led by the
continental Chinese. The
results have been the deaths
of some Nigerian prostitutes.
As Cameroonians could no
longer compete with any of
the three organised gangs,
they began subcontracting
their Vans* to Nigerians and
when the sub contracting
deals were no longer
lucrative, they decided to
leave France for Switzerland.
Today, Switzerland is heaven
to Cameroonian prostitutes
while France has become the
Mecca of East Europeans,
Asians and the only Africans
surviving in the jungle of
prostitution in France are
In France at the moment, at
(OFPRA*),the government
agency charged with the
examining of asylum cases,
Nigeria is perhaps the only
country in their files whose
applicants are in majority
girls not above 20 and all
presumably persecuted by
their government. The
questions worth asking are
these: which of the Nigerian
governments are responsible
for the alleged persecution of
teenage girls to a point that,
all seek salvation only in
prostitution abroad? Are the
Federal or State governments
of Nigeria to blame or are
they responsible? Has the
Cameroonian or the
authorities of other African
states done enough to stem
the flow of their girls to
Europe to practise
prostitution? Are they really
fighting prostitution and child
trafficking? It is difficult to
give an answer.

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