12: The Agony

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Chapter 12: The Agony.

Two days after the Hamburg bad news broke, Mike had not yet been able to get the mysterious Patrick on the phone. Obviously, Mr Patrick had switched off his phone.

Three possibilities were involved on the matter.
One: Mr Patrick had really switched off his phone and swindled Mike and I.

Two: Mr Patrick and Mike had planned the scam all along. They may have just used me and my money.

Three: Mr Patrick was Captured by the police.

To be sure that he wasn’t arrested by the Police, i asked Mike to get me Patrick’s full name. I told him that the reason why i wanted the name was just to make calls to Hamburg and ask if someone had seen him.
After trying to convince me to give him more time to find out what happened, Mike eventually gave me the full names. I searched on the internet and found a criminal lawyer who worked on Weesp, a small Amsterdam Suburb. I went to the lawyer and gave him the name to search on the European Central Criminal Database.
After a day, the lawyer called and told me that Patrick was not in any prison in Germany. I was with Mike when the lawyer called. I had switched on my phone to speakout mode. Mike had heard when the lawyer announced that there was no Patrick Agunta in any police cell or prison.

”Patrick is just trying to steal our money” i said to Mike after what the lawyer told us.
I had a hunch that Mike was in on the business but it wasn’t ideal to suspect him openly. I needed time to think first. The way Mike had started behaving, it was apparent that he was hiding something. I would hear him making calls inside his room every morning but whenever we were inside the sitting room, he would ignore some calls and answered some. I was pretty sure he was in contact with Hamburg. That explained why he would also take his phone to the bathroom anytime he wanted to bath or even ease himself.
On my own part, i pretended that i didn’t suspect anything. It was the only way to make him believe that all was fine. Our house rent was expiring very soon. We paid monthly in Amsterdam and elsewhere in Europe.
I was wondering where we were going to raise money to pay the landlord. Mike on the other hand wasn’t worried. It was almost like he had everything under control. The food in the house had suddenly finished. Unlike him, he didn’t ask if i had money because he believed that i was angry over what happened with the Hamburg guy.
One morning, he woke up and announced that we were going to the supermarket to buy food stuffs like we used to do. I didn’t ask for where money came from. He was a man and he was capable of getting money from anywhere.

”My brother in Belgium sent me €1200. We will pay our house rent from it and buy food stuff too” Mike said while we were buying the items.
”Oh, that is very good” I said. I needed to say something to quench his suspicions.

A day after the shopping, Tony came from Berlin. Tony was the guy who supplied me Marijuana when i lived in Brandenburg. Even though i
Owed him some small cash, he was happy to see me. He had visited Amsterdam to sell some shoes and cloths. He said he was staying low on drugs since the Police satellites were on him back in Germany. He had given me Mauli shoes at the cost of €500 and also some shirts  at €150 each. The good news was that he didn’t ask me to pay immediately, he told me to pay whenever i could.
Before he left, he also gave me €2000 to start business. He encouraged me and said i can always pay him whenever i had the money.

When he left, i returned to Mike. Since the Hamburg incident, Mike had not discussed anything about business with me, i believed he had been doing business somewhere without my knowledge. People were mean but still Mike had tried a lot by offering me a get-away clause from Dozie. The issue was that i was still in the hands and midst of ego driven individuals from one state who believed that they were better than others and that others must serve them.

I started making my own plans.
I called Junior in Berlin and told him the exact time to call me. I told him to ask me if i dealt on cocaine which i would say yes to, then I would ask him how much he paid for the stuff and he would give me a little higher price than what the Germans paid. He would promise to return my money in four days since he was in direct contact with the white people.
The plan was to make Mike believe that i also had contacts of my own who were capable of doing the business as well.
Mike knew that i had lived in Berlin but he didn’t know what i did there and how much money i made there. He didn’t know the kind of heart i had and how much i could go to protect my money and interest. He would find out someday though.
Since the very moment the idea came to me, i had been targeting the moment when Mike would have some money. It was difficult to find out since he had resorted to doing business behind my back. He would go out and contribute money in business deals with other people, all in an effort to either trade with my capital for sometime or even steal the money entirely. Money had a way of making devils out of good men. Mike was nice to me but that didn’t mean that he couldn’t cheat. He was surprised when i brought home new pair of Mauli shoes and expensive shirts. I believed he wondered where and how i got the money.
The new shirts and shoes was the reason why the idea of planning with Junior came.

I had told Junior to demand for unadulterated Cocaine. It was sold at €30/gram. I had also told Junior to agree that he would pay €50 for each gram when it got to Berlin. My intention was to buy pure cocaine and prepare without mixing anything in it. I had no intention of sending it to Germany. I didn’t trust Junior either. Even if he dealt on Cocaine, i wasn’t going to give him my drugs on trust. It was just a plan.

I had also told Robin my cousin what happened with Mike and what i intended to do. I was going to spend some money to get my money but i was good at doing that.
” Even though you may want to
move forward in your life,
you may have one foot on the
brakes. In order to be free, we
must learn how to let go.
Release the hurt. Release the
fear. Refuse to entertain your
old pain. The energy it takes
to hang onto the past is
holding you back from a new
life. What is it you would let
go of today?”

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