99: Visit the Landlord

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”Good evening” Stella said as soon as she opened the door for us.

I asked if her father was in, she said he was.

We followed her to the Parlour and sat down. The Landlord came out later.

We greeted him and told him why we had come.
He was a man of not too many words, I just wondered why he was so calm about the way his wife treated his children in his presence.

He asked for my account number and I gave it to him. He said he would transfer N400,000 to the account the next day.
We thanked him and went back to our apartment.

I wasn’t interested in moving any of our properties until I confirmed that the money had been paid into my account.

The following morning, I drove to the new house in Surulere and inspected it properly. It was better than our apartment in Ojo because it had two bathrooms and two toilets. One of the rooms had its own private bathroom and toilet.
It had a bathtub and the floor had tiles on them. It also had two water tanks to service the entire four flats.
All in all, it was an upgrade from the current apartment and despite being N100,000 higher, it was a good deal for me.

While still at the new apartment, a call came to my phone. It was from Ghana. Chike my cousin said he had returned to Nigeria for another business. He asked for my account number and said he would deposit my money into the account that morning.

Great! I was going to have another big cash in my account.

My cousin in Lagos called some minutes later and said he had gotten a call from the Landlord who said he had also paid in the money into my account. I told him that I would go to the bank to confirm.

It seemed that our old landlord was determined to please his wife.
Who cared.

I was even getting excited of living in a new environment.
Surulere was even more exciting than Ojo, the only issue I had seen there was that when someone lived at a place for long, he tend to think that leaving that place was going backwards.

Two hours later, I drove to the diamond bank at Apapa and checked my account.
N650, 000 had been deposited in two installments.
My cousin had paid in N250, 000 as well.
Fresh Air!

I called my cousin In Idumota and asked him to tell the Landlord that I had seen the money.
I also told him that I was going to pay for the new apartment.
He asked how much money he would contribute.
I told him that I needed to pay for everything and know how much the total bill was before I could tell him what I wanted him to pay.

On my way out of the bank, I called Ifeanyi at the wharf. He said that he had found out who the Chukwudi was. According to him, he needed to confirm some things before calling me for updates.

I slowly drove towards home and stopped at Mile two.
There was a small park where I used to see some trucks.
I approached the park and swerved my vehicle opposite one of the trucks. One of the divers had started to shout at me not to park my vehicle there.

”Excuse me sir, I need a truck to carry some loads for me” I had said.

He asked what it was and I told him. I also told him that I needed the truck the next day or two. He asked a few more questions and gave me his number.

When I got to the house, I packed outside and walked to the call girl.

”I am moving to Surulere very soon” I had said.
She asked why but got no reasons from me. I told her to be ready to visit Surulere anytime I called her.

Back in my apartment, I called Johnson in Germany. He was going to ship the bus the next day. it meant that the bill of lading would be out in less than a week.

Everything was still working according to plan.

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