99: Off to London vol 2

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Fingals Cave

Fingals Cave


Esther and I left Marseille and drove to Lille with Train. I had searched my old simcard and found the phone number of the taxi driver whose wife crossed Lisa to the UK. I called Lisa and told her that Esther will be coming to the United Kingdom.
“When and if she gets there, she will be heading to Timothy, the same guy that welcomed you. Since you don’t own your own apartment yet, i do not want to cause problems for you by sending a stranger to the man who owns the place. What i want you to do is to help her take another asylum in the UK. The Shengen and UK databases are still separate and they can only track your finger print if you are a suspected criminal” i had said to Lisa.
She said she understood.
I had called Tim back in the Marseille hotel and told him that Esther will be coming. He said his wife was around but that won’t be a problem. I also called Ify in Dublin and told her that i was moving someone to the UK.
“I am considering sending her to Dublin but since i don’t want to go through hiring resident permit card for her, she will go to England first. Then from England, i will find a way to move her to the Irelands” i had told Ify.
She also welcomed the development. According to her, she had her own apartment already. The government has given her a two bedroom apartment at a subsidized price since there was no man yet to work and take care of the family.

At Lille, we located a familiar hotel and lodged; then i called the taxi driver and told him that i was in the hotel. He came there an hour later with his wife. I doubted if the woman was his wife though; i had a feeling there were together just for the business and the money.

“Monami, the price has increased. The security in Dover has become too tight. They deport people back to France everyday” He said.
I stared on his face and said nothing while he talked. The supposed wife eventually spoke, “Yes, the border became very tight since last month. They check everywhere in the car now looking for drugs and illegal immigrants. We can put her in a cargo truck and cross her over. It will be cheaper but it is risky as some goods could fall on top of her”

“Alright, how much are we supposed to pay now?” i asked.
“€1800 and we will take her all the way to London if you want” the taxi driver said.

“This is a very high price but i am not afraid to pay. However i am afraid that the large sum of money will be lost if you don’t succeed. Anybody who is willing to pay such a huge amount of money just to cross a girl from France to the UK must have guarantee of success. Therefore i will keep the money and stay here with you while your wife takes her to London. As soon as they call and tell us that they are in London, i will give you €1800” i said as i brought out the envelope and counted out the money.
“Sir, we need money to pay the people who normally rent their resident permits to us. Give us half of the money and we will start work” the woman said.
“I am not interested in any negotiation. You have been doing this business for long. You should have a working capital by now” i said.
After a few moments of consultations in French, the driver agreed that he will wait with me but that i will give him money as soon as they crossed over to Dover so that he will go to work.
“How much money do you make as your own in a day after buying Gas for the taxi?” i asked the driver.
He said he covered between €180 and €220 daily.

“I will add €200 to your money and make it €2000, but you will get the money as soon as they get to London. I will have someone waiting for them at Rochester; that is the city nearest to Central London from Dover and Canterbury. As soon as they get to Rochester, you get your money” I said.

They eventually agreed. I suspected that they usually gambled on crossing people. Sometimes they just rented a permit card for as low as €200, then they bought Gas of about €400 which was more than enough to go to London and return. The rest of the money became theirs but if the crossing went bad, they usually get nothing to loose. They would prepare the immigrant on what to say on the road. They would deny knowing that the immigrant didn’t own the permit card and eventually go free while the immigrant gets deported back to whatever country he or she took asylum earlier. It was more difficult for blacks; as a matter of fact, blacks were suspects all over the World as long as they were not in Africa. Not even the entire Africa because the blacks were still suspects in the entire North Africa. The west African immigrants were suspects in Southern Africa as well.

West Africa happened to be the most mistreated set of people in the World. The west had some fear of maltreating the Arabs because they were never afraid to fight back and destroy things but the west Africans were a set of peaceful people who were only interested in their personal welfare. They only wanted food and money and never wanted anything to do with the political or economical structure of any nation. Unfortunately, the west never cared about such things.

Esther was crying as she left the hotel room with the woman. I had changed my mind and gave the woman €1000 as part of their money. I figured that they may require the money to do some things on the road. I gave Esther another €1000 and told her that i will be sending her money if there was need for it. She had hugged me and told me to come looking for her in the UK whenever i could. I nodded and wished her goodluck, then they left.

I took the taxi driver down to the bar where we sat and shared a bottle of muscato wine imported from Italy. He wasn’t a big drinker but we managed to finish a bottle in an hour. We also ate and later drove out to the city center where we looked around.
I promised him that i would be getting more jobs for him if he reduced the price back to €1500. He had agreed that he will do that because of me. It was good for me because it meant that the route to the United Kingdom had opened up for me.

“But,My dear fans and readers, there is no comfort in the word “farewell,” even if you say it in French or Italian.
“Farewell” is a word that,in any language, is full of sorrow. It is a word that promises absolutely nothing”
Desppite our differences, I still miss you even now. Goodbye my Esther.

Ha long bay Vietnam

Ha long bay Vietnam

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  1. obumsway

    wow!! U spent a lot on these women oooo…..but you were also keeping money back home in case you retire some day !!…….!!!

  2. Olabisi Olaniran

    So whether it is “ó dàbò, bye, adiós, ciao, adieu. It is a word full of sorrow. The philosophical Zuby

  3. Victor

    Weldon oga zubby nice stories always.

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    • Cheliz

      If Zubby didnt leave Jennifer, Esther wouldnt have come along. Even Esther in her last discussion with Zubby said she understands why she has to go

  4. Toxib

    Zuby you do well oh – May God keep yiu safe and healthy to continue your rescuing of trafficked women

  5. Emmanuela

    hmmm,so touching. we meet to part and part to meet. I hope you meet esther again

  6. buddykolly

    tank God esther already knew she would be leaving sumday befor now,hope she made good use of dis oppurtunity, gudbye esther n welldon zubby

  7. dejust

    zubby it hv Long now u mention abt ur ghana baby mama

    hope u still reach them?

  8. dejust

    zubby it hv been Long now u mention abt ur ghana baby mama

    hope u still reach them?

  9. Godson

    Esther’s chapter is closed. In M.I’s voice”Unto the next one”.

  10. Miles

    I bumped on this story vy chance and ever since, you got me glued on it. Well articulated story and very moving. Your account of the events are very captivating and I wish you well in your future endervours…

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