99: A Soldier’s Ideologies.

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“Reverend, I studied Street Life in Brandenburg an Der Havel and Berlin Germany
I also practiced Street Life in Lagos, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Holland here, France, Portugal and most recently Italy. I would have made a professor if my course of life is generally recognized and accepted like yours. I know how and when to get a leverage whenever i am under any kind of danger. It will be foolish to think that i am like most of the fools you counsel every now and then, every human being is not the same. The method you chose to settle this matter might be genuine but it is unacceptable to me. As soon as i delete those pictures, i have nothing on Chigbo who wants me dead. I believe the next thing you will tell me now is that you were going to talk to Chigbo and make him not to do anything, why didn’t you do that earlier?. Let me make this very clear again, i am not accepting any verbal agreement. It is either we write it down and everyone here gets a copy or we forget it and go our different ways” I said.

The plan was to let Chigbo, the Reverend and everyone present know that i can only respect the Priest and not fear or take his conditions.

Most of Africans were mentally enslaved to the extent that they took every Bullshit from people as long as they were called Pastors, Fathers, Priests etc.
I believe in dynamic kind of philosophy where knowledge is knowledge no matter how or where you acquired it. I found myself in the streets and i studied how to survive there; then i implemented the knowledge in my everyday life.

Most great Scientists and Philosophers thought themselves most of the things they knew; then they became teachers to the smaller minds.
Yes, there were smaller minds just the way there were small heights, smaller heads etc.
Every human species were never the same. Every brain IQ or DNA were never the same. There were always something that differentiated us from others.

One of the reasons why i naturally decided never to affiliate myself to secretive cults and societies such as Churches was because, i would be expected to agree on everything without asking questions especially when power was being controlled by those who gave the orders.
I preferred living and dying freely instead of selling and binding my soul to something which i knew had skeletons in the closets.

One mistake our Priests made was to think that every Christian has agreed to the rules. No; my friends it shouldn’t be that way.

First of all, they cage you into being a Muslim or Christian and then control you with some outdated written laws and doctrines which you, your father, your forefathers and the past tenth generation of yours were never part of.
Paganism was outdated because the people that managed it had no written records and rules.

We were all sent here with brains. It was left for us to figure out how our brains individually operated and then we must train it to think our own way; not to allow others to think for us no matter who they were.

Mr. Reverend Father met a kind of resistance he never met before among Nigerians living in Holland. He believed he was going to issue orders moderately and get me to do as he said. Then he would tell Chigbo what to do and then go back to his Church. Chigbo on the other hand would eventually ignore the priest and do his own will, perhaps kill me.
Then the priest would gather his Worshippers together around my corpse and tell them how devil entered into Chigbo and how my death was exactly how God wanted it. He would go on to tell my relatives that God will give them the fortitude to bear the loss etc.

I myself, believe in my dog killing your own dog rather than the other way round; if i have to replace your dog, no problem. That is part of my ideologies.

The ideology which i developed by myself has done a lot of Good for me in the past. It has saved me from death in numerous occasions.

For those who wanted to know why i managed to escape harm many times; it was because i never let my guards down, no matter the situation. Even now that I am in Nigeria, i have seen hundreds of business proposals especially illegal ones but i always stretched it to a stage where the proposer gets angry and quit. If he stood to the time limit i set, we will do business.

The first thing i did when confronted with any situation was to analyse it, then give it a timeframe to work it out.

This ideology was not limited to Religion alone; it stretched to every aspect of life: Health, Education, Religion, Sports, Romance etc.
Yes Romance too. All my entire life, I never went for a girl if i had a slight doubt that she won’t agree to my request.
Health: As soon as i became an adult, i learnt to first of all, find out what was wrong with me before listening to the drugs the Doctors prescribed. We can all agree that there were bad doctors and bad teachers, right?
Then what made us think there were no bad Reverend Fathers?

The World is an Open Source place where despite the applied rules, What you see is still what you get.

I preferred a gun protection to the Reverend Father’s advice or promise.

“Father, with all due respect, I  wish to remind everybody here that this is the last compromising position i wish to be in together with this Chigbo. If he wish to kill me, he should go ahead and do that and he must make sure he succeed because if i manage to survive even with half of my body, i will destroy his entire lineage” I concluded and stood up.

“Mr Azubuike, I think we should postpone this meeting to another day. Please give me your phone number. I will invite both of you to the Church and see how we can resolve this issue peacefully” The Reverend said.

I picked up a biro and wrote my number in a piece of paper, then i handed it to the Reverend Father before they all left.

As soon as they closed the exit door behind them, i walked upstairs and called Nigeria.

“Akpaka Njamina my Oga” Ajegunle, my ever dependable foot Soldier boomed from the other side of the phone.

“There is a small Job to do. I want you to find out the town called Nando. They said it is between Awka and Otuocha. I will send you money through western Union Tomorrow. When you get there, start asking questions about a man named Chigbo who lives in Amsterdam. Make sure you enquire from teenage boys or girls who won’t suspect anything. If you find anything, call me immediately” I said.

“Onye Eze, your boy dey hungry oo, Make you add something for area boy abeg” Ajegunle said before cutting his call.

Getting to Nando or even any part of Anambra State from Onitsha won’t cost much money.
With 5000 Naira Petrol, A good Bike could circle Anambra Twice in one day.

“Why are you looking for his place in the village?” Maria asked, she has been standing and watching me when i spoke to Ajegunle.

“I want to Marry his Sister who lives in the village” I fired back.

“This is part of you that scares me. This trouble is here yet you are already running down to his village. That is not fair” She said.

“Nothing in Life is fair. He has the Reverend Father while i have nobody. I will do everything i could to stay alive for you. This is War and on wars, we don’t expect fairness from enemy camp” I said and went into the bathroom.

There is no need to use
force. Instead, create a
path of least
resistance, and gravity
will do the rest.

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  1. Dannyboy

    This Zuby sef! You like to scare people o! Even Maria sef is scared. Lol.

  2. Dannyboy

    Just wondering,has anybody been able to log into Nairaland since yesterday afternoon? I was able to log in around 1pm yesterday afternoon,but while still there,I couldn’t continue. I was told that the site was down. Even up still now. What’s wrong?

  3. akpos4uall

    “Paganism was outdated because the people that managed it had no written records and rules.”
    True talk. If only we were more advanced than the rest of the world, we might have succeeded in convincing or forcing the rest of the world that our belief/God is stronger than theirs.

  4. Lagos Boy

    @dannyboy Nairaland has been down since yesterday, it’s general

  5. nwulia

    Another war is abt to start btw Enugu pple n Anambra pple.zubby abeg don’t kill my pple.

  6. kaybaba

    Oga zuby with problem u no dey tire anyway kudos to ya dogged determanaton to stay alive so dat u can stil accomplish ya dream of giving birth again to Paris and Berlin

  7. Konmight

    I think say na only me notice, I have been trying to log on to nairaland since yesterday but it didn’t go. I thought to myself maybe Presidency has asked the NCC to shut the website down cos of hate it promotes(no thanks to the tribal Lords), then it occurred to me Bro Jo would never shut down our best website in Nigeria for now. GEJ is not an Haramite and Seun Osewa is partly PDP. So guys calm down our website is secured.

    At Topic, I really enjoy your teachings. Even though I’m a retired Omo-Oro yet I have learnt a lot from you. You should be a counsellor Boss. You are a Teacher.

    Survival is very important. Thumbs Up Boss.

  8. DaVinci

    Av always admired ur approach. Again, i must commend u. But Zuby, pls why not make d interface such that we can click the next story from the one we are reading now. Like how it used to be when u will put a next or previous, or an arrow,instead of going back to click d story……… Again Zuby wen is ur bday cos we’ve been reading for a year naw and we’ve never sent a happy bday Message, na wa o oo. Abeg we ur readers nid to know……Still i read.

    • Iomoge

      August 12th. He is a leo. He mentioned it in one post.

      He met a girl who was august 12th too. Ini. She was August 12th.

      Read and dont forget. Try and read every line.

      Oga Zuby, aswear i will read all again and again

  9. Crave4Stan

    A chapter with powerful insight, served hot like Thai chilli. Thanks bro.

  10. seedorf

    lol at i want to marry his sister. nice ideology zubby but if everyone had this ideology, the world wont enter us all.

  11. ifi

    This guy has held me spell bound. I have been intrigued and left wondering but I just love the way u write and think. Ur thoughts are causing a fight between religion and free thinking. Ur solutions are crafted from discipline and u make a good student of political history anytime. Politics will suit you but your unmending nature wouldnt allow u to go for in the way politics is being played in nigeria. Just have so much respect for you. Keep it up bros.

  12. Iomoge

    “This is part of you that scares me. This trouble is here yet you are already running down to his village. That is not fair” She said.

    I can feel Marias frustration.
    same happened to me when i dated a cappon back in d Uni.
    It was hell but i loved every bit of it.
    I was scared but felt protected and i was in love.

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