98: The Five SMS

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“I can’t believe this” Doris had said after hearing that CY was just a trap planted to lure Ralph out.

“I love you Doris despite what happened. I came into your life for the purpose of bringing you and Ralph here but i really have a feeling for you. I don’t know what is going to happen after this but please forgive me” CY said.

“Enough of thus sentimental crap. You two can go on and date each other when i get my money; i don’t care” I said.

We talked and drank until daybreak. Doris was the only person that slept. I didn’t allow CY to close his eyes. He had attempted to sleep on two occasions but i threw beer at him and woke him up.
Ralph was on ropes while two lines of blood gushed down from his knee side and turned from red to black. I didn’t care to help him out. I allowed him to suffer and cry for the entire night.

Around 7am, i switched on his phone and received five text messages instantly. The messages were sent at intervals through the night.
The first was from Nigeria. It was Ralph’s Pastor. According to him, he has seen a vision where Someone tried to Kill him (Ralph) but God rescued him. He tasked Ralph to fast for two days to avert the disaster. Unfortunately, the vision came late because the danger was already there. I laughed at the vision because i felt that someone must have called the pastor with the bad news.

The second message was from Barrister Jonathan. He said he has been trying to reach us on the phone but couldn’t do so. He wanted to know what was happening.
Damn! The NSK idiots wanted live update on the hostage situation. Pathetic bunch of animals.

The third was from Ralph’s sister in Enugu Nigeria. She sent the message on behalf of her parents who were pleading with me not to kill their son. One of the NSK gangs must have told them what was happening and that i was in possession of the phone.

The fourth was from a lady called Kate. She wanted to know why Ralph didn’t bring her the €1000 he promised her. It seemed that while Ralph didn’t care much about Doris financially, the Kate of a girl was the one who received cash. I was sure it was my money they were talking about. He must have told the Kate that he picked up some lose cash from western union.

The last message was from Akunne. It was sent that morning around 6:30am. He assured me that he has called Nigeria and already instructed his account officer to transfer the money to the account i gave him.
He called a few minutes after i finished reading his message.
“You will receive the money very soon. I hope you didn’t do anything to him” He said.
“No sir, i told you that i will respect you as long as i have my money. But i don’t know how you get involved in all this” I said.

“Ozoigbo, you called me about this case first, then i called and asked them what happened. They complained about what you did in Amsterdam. I told them to give you your money. I didn’t know that you were even in Berlin since yesterday or maybe even before you called me” He said. “They came to my shop late last night and bring the money to me. The entire €17000. It was Jonathan who came with the money. He said that you have changed and that you are going to kill Ralph if he didn’t get the money to you. He also told me that you brought out a gun in Amsterdam. Ozoigbondu what are you doing with guns? This is not the clever young man i…” He was saying.
The call was getting to three minutes which was the maximum Time i talked on mobile phones at once in Europe. I cut the call and he called again.

“If you want the money here in cash, i can tell my account officer to stop the transfer” He said.

“Akunne if i should trust you with the money, what should i do if you change your plans after i must have released this guy?” i asked.

“You know i won’t treat you bad. You were like my younger brother here in Berlin; don’t forget that” He said.

“Fine Sir. Call your account officer off. I will pick the money up by myself” I said.

“Untie him” I ordered CY who was half asleep.

“Here is the final warning to you. If you bring Police to my apartment, i will find you again and that will be the end of you. Do you understand me Ralph?” I asked.
“Yes sir” He said.
Lines of dried tears were still visible below his eyes on his face. He couldn’t use his hands to clean them because he was roped.

I told CY to dress up as i also dressed up.

“We are leaving now. Five minutes after we left, Doris will take you out of this place. Go and treat yourself and thank your God, you would have been dead by now” I said as i dismembered their phones and took the Sim cards with me.
CY and I walked out of the place and took a cab all the way to Wolfsburg which was another city far away from Berlin. Wolfsburg was more than 175km from Berlin but we had to use a cab. The driver had complained that we should use the train instead but i told him that i needed to look around the towns we cross on the road to the city. I paid a lot of money for the ride but i didn’t care.

When we got to Wolfsburg, I called Akunne and told him that i will pick the money when i am ready.
“Tell them that i have picked up the money from you so that they will not focus on you again” I had said.
He wanted me to give him a specific time for the pick up but i didn’t do that.

“CY, i am going to Paris. You need to go back to Amsterdam and wait for your next assignment. Here is €1000. You may come to Sweden very soon but i need to tidy up some things before then” i had said when we stopped at the Wolfsburg Central Train Station.
CY was very happy for the money i gave him. He confessed that it has been long since he got that kind of money once but also said that he liked the experience he got from the operation. He said that it was all like a movie to him and that he couldn’t wait to do that again.
When CY boarded a train to Amsterdam, i called Marko and told him to come and pick up his fire metal in Wolfsburg. I used the waiting opportunity and went to the Volkswagen Arena to look around.

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