98: Reverend Father’s Intervention.

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“You mean i changed the destinies of all the people you just mentioned, yet you have the gut to show up here to make demands?” I shouted while standing up.

Robin stood up and stopped me from going to Chigbo.
“Remember i invited him here” he said.

“Was it not obvious that Willie was dying even here in Amsterdam? He was like an elephant and couldn’t walk ten meters without breathing hard. I did you people a favour by sending him home before his death. You people could have contributed a lot of money to send his corpse home if he died here; therefore you also owe me 800,000 Naira. If you think i care if he died or not, you are making a mistake because even if you die here right now, i won’t care. I was friendly at the Kitchen the other night but you translated it to being weak. Mr. Chigbo, this is going to be our last meeting here in Amsterdam. Our next one will be in hell” I said as i brought out my Samsung Phone and took three quick pictures of his face.

“What is he doing? Why is he taking my picture?” Chigbo asked nobody in Particular.

“Don’t worry, he will delete it. Just sit down” Robin said. The situation was slipping out if his control and i pitied him.

You think I am going
to turn you over to the
law?” I thought “Oh, no,
I am much more
dangerous than the law

The man who came with Chigbo stood up and said, ” Why did you take his pictures, i want you to delete it now”.

He was a skinny man who could not stand me on a one one one fist fight.
I pulled out the phone and snapped him twice as well.
“My own pictures too, what did i do?” he yelled.

“You will find out in your grave. Lucifer will be in a better position to explain to you” I shouted at him.

Things were getting out of hand. Maria and Precious has heard our voices and came down to the sitting room.

“Please you people should leave now before you start to fight here” Maria said to Chigbo and his friend.

Happy Birthday to Ugochukwu Samuel, One of my Fans.

They were still in the sitting room when i stormed out and disappeared.
I took a cab to THE POINT and smoked weed.
I also used the opportunity to discuss with the owner of the shop who promised to get me a gun.

“The Man who has the gun said he can only sell it and not rent it. He will take 250 Euros for it” He said to me.

I handed him the money and he promised to get back to me in a day or two.
On my way back to the house, i shared the pictures i took with the Samsung between it and the Nokia E Series through the Bluetooth application.

When i got to our apartment, i didn’t need anybody to tell me that there were many people inside.
I called Maria and asked what was happening. She said that Chigbo left and returned with five people.

“What are they doing inside the apartment and who opened the door for them?” i asked.

She said Robin opened up for them after saying that he knew all of them.

“Please don’t return now until they go” She said.

I ignored her advice and opened the door from outside.

They all stood as i came. Eight of them were Igbos. I instantly recognized Robin, Chigbo, The man who came earlier with Chigbo and Billy, the Chairman of Enugu Peoples Association. I had no idea who the other people were but i was sure they were all Igbos.

I slowly closed the exit door and stood in front of it with my right hand behind my back as if i was contemplating bringing out a gun.

“Guy come in and sit down, we are not here to make troubles” one strange mouth said.

“Who are you?” I fired back.

“Do you mean you don’t know me in this Amsterdam?” he said calmly with a smile.

“Am i obligated to know you Sir, Are you the mayor of Amsterdam?” I fired at him.

“Ehm, I am not the Mayor of Amsterdam but i am the Reverend Father at the Church in African house where i understand you visited this morning” He said.

“Welcome Father but everyone doesn’t necessarily have to know you” I said as i moved closer to them.

“Maria and Precious were out of their rooms once more and were leaning on the protector that was built to prevent someone from falling to the sitting room from up.

I moved closer to them and sat down fearlessly beside Chigbo who has started shaking like a kid.

“You see, i love the way you went and sit beside Chigbo. It shows you are ready for peace and i commend you for that” The Reverend Father said.
He continued, “Part of my job here is to make peace among our brothers and sisters. That was why i was posted here. It will be a shame if i can’t achieve that. This our brother here came to me with a disturbing news. Are you paying attention Mr. Azubuike?” He asked.

I kept quiet.

“I don’t know why you refused to answer an anointed priest of God Mr. Azubuike but i will take it that you heard me. In the book of Jeremiah Chapter…”.

“Reverend please don’t deviate from the topic at hand here. I don’t care what Jeremiah said 4000 years ago. Please tell me what they told you on the phone so that i can be able to answer you. I don’t have answers to whatever Jeremiah said before Nigeria was created” I interrupted.

“Alright, Chigbo here said you took his picture with your phone, if that is true, i want you to please delete it in the name of God” He said.

“With all due respect Reverend, let me start by acknowledging the fact that you left your duty post to make peace between us. Thank you very much for that. However, i expected you to first of all, start from the reasons why i took his picture. People snap you everyday in the Church and you never called Pope or Bishop to report them. This man here said he is going to kill me. He said i owe him 800,000 Naira and must pay if i want to live. Is this what you teach them in the Church? Does he not deserve to be expelled from the House of God for threatening to kill another human being? I just returned from Central Station where i gave his picture to my friends. I told them that he threatened to kill me and i instructed them to kill him too if anything happen to me. If you want to make peace between us, you must start from the root of the problem. The only way i can tell my men to stand down is if he sign an agreement that i don’t owe him, that he will never disturb me again and that if anything happens to me, he will be held responsible” I said.

“Mr. Azubuike, you seem to take decisions very fast and you seem not to have patience in you. I studied Psychology and Theology in Innsbruck Austria. I was coming to the issue of why you took his picture but i wanted you to delete the images first” He Said while looking at me.

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  1. paulo4sure

    I moved closer to them and sat down fearlessly beside Chigbo who has started shaking like a kid. “You see, i love the way you went and sit beside Chigbo. It shows you are ready for peace and i commend you for that”….d last time sumtim of such happen, d victim stil faced ur wrath. I’m guesin chigbo is not safe

  2. prugged

    Zuby u got my ribs cracking up when u suddenly snapped chigbo and his friend…there reactions got me laughing all through. Nice update,can’t wait to c how chigbo chase ends

  3. lightbearer

    Zubby!!! Don’t think Chigbo is safe even if an agreement is reached!!

  4. Eunisam

    i knew they were going to be and agreement which zuby was going to give out something and chigbo give up something. Zuby just initialized the agreement issue.lets see how dis logic goes.i like it logical

  5. Konmight

    Baba Werey himself. Chigbo go be like helep me beg am ooooooooo. Zubby The Big Boss. Ride on Boss.

  6. Iomoge

    Chia…. i like how Zuby thinks and acts fast. No need to wait for the enemy to strike…. be the one to strike first😂

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