98: Face Of The Enemy

My next trip to Amsterdam was the most shocking travel i ever made.
Bola called one afternoon and said there was a job to be done. Drugs were to be moved from Amsterdam to Finland.
I didn’t know where Finland was located, i never even heard about the country.
When i asked friends, they said Finland was near Sweden and Norway in the Scandinavia region.
It seemed like a dangerous place to go but i needed money urgently.

I left Napoli airport and flew to Amsterdam to meet Bola. During the night, he said he wanted to go to a night club. He asked me to prepare and follow him.

We got to the Passion Night Club located opposite the big white Ajax Stadium. The place was full of Nigerian men, especially the Igbos. Nigeria hiphop songs were being played.

I sat with Bola and his friend in a dark corner and drank beer. Around 12am, i watched as someone familiar entered the club. The lights in the club house weren’t too bright but i was able to see the face of the new comer.

Basil just entered into the Passion Night Club.
He looked slim as if he hasn’t eaten anything for the past two months.

I didn’t know how long he spent in prison, i stopped counting the days at a stage.
My heart beat was pumping faster than normal.
Bola was sitting beside me but i doubted he knew what i was going through.
He didn’t see Basil or perhaps didn’t know it was him or maybe he didn’t just care.

I was tempted to go up to him but i wasn’t sure how he would react. I had his money and if there was any time he needed the money most, it was at that stage.
He needed to stand up again and i would have been of great help if the money was still available. But i made dangerous investments and ended up having nothing to fall back on.

When Basil walked past us and went to the bar, i told Bola that i had a running stomach and wanted to go him.
He gave me his keys and walked me down to the Snoda Stands.

I picked up one Snoda and drove home. The presence of Basil was a huge disturbance for me. He was bound to see me if i continued to stay there in the club. He must have thought that i abandoned him or that i ran away with his money.
It would have been too difficult to explain anything to him. He would have insisted that he followed me to wherever i kept the money.
He looked tattered and ready to bite anybody who stood on his way. He required mercy by all means.
Under normal circumstances, i would have rushed to give him a hug but right there at the club, the only hug Basil needed was his money.
He would be disappointed if he found out that i was at the club and that i even saw him, but i was disappointed in myself that i didn’t have the money to pay him back.

It was entirely my fault, i invested his money but unfortunately, the god of disaster and misfortune disguised himself as Zuby and visited me. The result was my current situation.

As i sat inside the apartment, The question on my mind was why Basil has not been able to trace me down to Italy. He knew That i lived in Castel Volturno. We actually met each other there in Castel Volturno. He could have easily traced me down to Italy but he didn’t.
Two things must have stopped him from coming to look for me in Italy; the first was that he was recently released. If he was released a day or two before, he needed to cool his head off and make proper plan before heading to Italy to start looking for his money which he wasn’t sure it was still there.
If he was released recently, he needed a new phone, a new simcard card and then, he needed to start looking for my new phone number because i already changed the old number.
Secondly, documents could have stopped him from coming to look for me in Italy. The government Authorities could have decided to terminate his residence permit. Such things happened on regular basis especially against petty drug dealers.

Whichever was the case, Basil could have been stranded and if he was, it would give me some breathing space to operate but all in all, it was time to start drifting away from Castel Volturno.
I wasn’t going to start living with just the hope that Basil wont come to Italy.
What if he found a way to show up at my doorstep one day? What was i supposed to tell him?
How was i supposed to look him in the eyes?
Who would come to fight him for me?

The anger i saw in his appearance in Passion Nightclub was too severe. He was just a moving train and anybody who attempted to stop him could be crushed.
If Zuby had done what we planned, we would have had more two girls. With Ngozi and Fatimah still there, the total of our workers would have increased to four.
With four young girls, we were guaranteed 200 Euros on daily basis.

In just two months, we would have been able to save more than 10,000 Euros. That would have been enough to hold Basil for another two months before making another payment to him but unfortunately, the bastard called Zuby disappeared, not only with the money but with one of my girls as well.

The lamentations were becoming unbearable. Everything i have been doing for the immediate past weeks were just blaming myself for what happened in the past.
The man who took my money and my girl was somewhere enjoying both of them.
The most agonizing part of my travails was that Zuby already forgot about Ngozi, he has probably settled her somewhere. The matter at hand at that stage was that of Esther.
I thought i had started to forget those memories until i saw Basil in Amsterdam.

When Bola returned, i told him that i was returning to Italy.
He begged me to do the Finland deal before i leave. At the end, he was able to convince me and that was how i swallowed 700 Grams of Cocaine and headed to Helsinki, a city i was also hearing its name for the first time.
One of the easiest way to capture a drug carrier was when he or she didn’t know where he was going.

As things stood, i didn’t know where Helsinki was located, but i was already in the flight, heading North East towards Russia according to map.

….. Africa to Europe Season 2 “The Prostitute’s Bible” ends here.

Season 3 Fellowship Of Enemies Begins here

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