98: Don’t Forget about Me

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Venice Italy

Venice Italy

The following Morning, i woke up and saw that Esther was already awake. I hated it when my woman wakes up before me; it was one of the rules i maintained during my runs with all the girls. I always woke up long before them. It had been giving me metal security and physical responsibilities.
“Why did you wake up so early” I asked.
“Nothing important. I was just dreaming about you, then i woke up suddenly and couldn’t sleep since then” She said.
Here we go!
“What was the dream all about?” i asked.
“We got married in the dream and i was so happy. We traveled to Nigeria and had a traditional wedding, then you took me to many places and showed me many things. You also bought me a car and told me that it was for me and our unborn child” she said.
Here we go again!

“That is a very good dream. What were you thinking before you slept last night?” I asked.
She said she was thinking about the sex we had and that she had imagined what the future could become for her if we managed to get married.
“Despite everything that happened between us, i still consider you to be a very good person. The only problem i see in you is that you always wanted everything to happen your own way” She said and laughed.
“Everything should happen my own way for now until you safely migrated to the United Kingdom. If we are destined to get married in the future, nothing can ever stop that; not the Atlantic ocean let alone the English channel” i said.
“What is English Channel?” she asked.
“It is a Channel that shows only waters on the TV” i said. I wasn’t in the mood to start explaining English channel.

“Get ready, we are traveling this morning” i announced.
“Traveling, What about what you said we will do this morning?” she said and laughed.
At the same time, she stood up and started kissing me. There was no more need to ask what she meant because before i could fully understand her, my pyjamas was already flying away from my body.
I sat on the bed and brought her close to me. Her transparent pyjamas exposed the nipples of her breasts and it was only her quick removal of the dress that prevented me from sucking her through the clothes. The two oranges had jumped out and vibrated slightly. I stretched my hands and grabbed each of the breasts, squeezing them gently. Her hands were already pulling and squeezing my lose joystick through the pants while we sucked on our lips. She moaned softly as we played for some minutes before she begged me to do it.
I turned her around and made her held the edge of the bed while i quickly pulled down my pant and drove my hard joystick into her through the back. I carefully moved my joystick inch by inch until the entire length was swallowed, then the thrusting started slowly. I increased the tempo as the moisture from her wet cunt lubricated the movement. She moaned softly as i held her waist and pumped in and out of her. Slowly she started moving her butts to conform with the rhythm of my thrusts.
Some minutes later, my sperms started to gather together at the base of my joystick. I quickly pulled out my dick to make sure that the sperms receded back into the scrotum and whichever places they had come from.
I carried her to the table in the room and sat her there. The height of the table was exactly the height of the base of my joystick which made it very easy to penetrate her while standing. I made her hold my neck while i opened her legs and exposed the wet cunt. Slowly i inserted my manhood into the open cunt in one move and started pumping again. She held me tightly and begged me to do it harder while i thrusted in and out of her in a professional manner. For another two minutes, we engaged in a heated pumping and kissing and moaning until i could hold the sperms no longer, then we both released at the same time as the walls of her cunt held my joystick firmly. We remained that way for another minute while panting in a decreased manner. When we finished panting, i brought her down from the table and carried her to the bathroom where we cleaned ourselves up and took our bath together.
“I didn’t know you could be romantic” she said while we put on our clothes.
“There are thousands of things you don’t know about me Esther” I returned.

“That reminds me, You haven’t told me about yourself since we met” she said.
“Uhm, that would be another time; get ready fast, because we are traveling now” i said.
“I am not getting ready with my ears; i can listen and do what i am doing” she said.
“Well, what do you want to know about me?” i asked.
“The whole thing i told you about me” she said.

“You already know my name and my state of origin. I came to Europe for the first time in 2002 and returned to Nigeria in 2006, then i returned to Europe in 2007 and haven’t gone back to Nigeria since then. I have been to Germany, Portugal, Germany again, Austria, Slovakia, Holland, France and Italy. I have stopped Over in Belgium but didn’t do much there. I have sneaked into Switzerland, Poland, Luxembourg and Spain but never lived in those places. I was a drug dealer until i found Jennifer in Portugal. One thing led to another and i left drug business and started rescuing teenage prostitutes. So far i have succeeded in taking away from the streets; Jennifer, Ify, Naomi, Lisa, Ngozi and a beautiful girl named Esther who if the gods wishes, will someday become my wife” i said. She looked up, left what she was doing and jumped on me.
“Isn’t that your dream sweetheart?” i asked.
“Yes, it is my dream but from the way you rescue people, i believe i should let you go. If you come back to me later, we will get married but if you don’t, i will understand why” she said.

That was the best thing i have heard from Esther since we started running. I was surprised that she knew there was a possibility of me disappearing someday in the future.

“I will try my best to return to you someday but like you said, there are still too many people out in the cold streets of Europe who required just a little help to leave the streets”

St Lucia

St Lucia

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  1. jide

    Good morning Zubby, what a great adventure, i think i have to swallow my other comment about esther, she seems to be the most understanding among those ladies. happy i am commenting first and that’s what i have been aiming all this while.

  2. Cheliz

    Girls and marriage is like fish and water.
    Make Ngozi catch Esther telling u how both of u got married in her dream

  3. shar

    u d 1 oziogbondu
    from ur sexcapedes i wish to hav a taste some day buh i can neva enjoy it cuz i was born wit a medical condition

    • Tony Obaze

      What medical condition is that ? Believe me it can be treated successfully. Just do research.

  4. prugged

    I can see d chemistry between u 2,but d marriage stuff I don’t tink it can work judging by wat u will still face in future. And d distance between both of u once u 2 separate. But if u guys are destined to marry,notin.

  5. kingslow7

    Esther is now a good and understanding wife!Lols…ozoigbondu minister of women affairs!!!

    • Cheliz

      Zubby is the best performing Minister Of Women Affairs of our tym

  6. Tony Obaze

    In my previous post. I said you should not forget Esther, but to help her. Now you see what I mean !!!

  7. fizzy

    zubby doing protected sex, did have any intention of leaving Ester pregnant, its not gonna be easy for her alone ooo

  8. walter

    how i wish there was jus more 5 guy doing this same work at the same time with zubby.

    • BeesWax

      people like zuby hardly come 2 at a time. he’s a rare type.

  9. Akarolo

    Wait oh! Zuby na Nairaland make u still dey call Penis/Dick Joystick for dis ur blog abi d words sensor reach wordpress too?

  10. nonye

    one thing abt u zuby is dat u dont describe ur sex escapiz wit girls u lv. It simply means u wouldnt go for esther lather in life, orelse u dont hv another choice.

  11. Ikemefuna

    Zuby you mentioned all the girls you rescued but you didn’t mention Chinelo all the way from Ghana.

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