97: You must pay me.

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My life was never a shinning light to the weak minded, My life was a shinning light to Soldiers and brave men and women.
To those who would turn the other cheek, i was a devil but to those who would kill your Dog if you killed their Cat, I was a role model.

Everything in Life was designed to teach us something. The wins, the loses and draws were all designed to teach humanity that nothing lasts forever.

I was born like every other human being conceived by a woman. I was privileged and gifted to have good memories that helped me to remember things that happened years back.
My life was never finished, i still had the best years of my life ahead when the incident with Maria occurred at the African House.

I could have easily decided not to go after her at the Church, just to find out if she would do what she said she would do; Run away.

She could have easily ran away just to show me that she was determined and not that wherever she was running to would favour her.

I on my side, knew that i was not going to Marry Maria. I knew that all along because my heart was set in Returning to my fatherland, which i believed Maria was never going to agree to.
Europe was Heaven on Earth especially when compared with Africa. Everything a human being dreamt and imagined of seeing and experiencing in Life was right there in Europe. No Woman in his right senses would agree to relocate to Nigeria from Western Europe but it was a shame that Men, who were supposed to be the Custodians of their fatherland, followed Women to pitch their tents in Europe and other foreign lands. Their excuses were that things were better there and that their lives were more secured.

Europeans fought to make their countries what it was and that was what African men were supposed to be doing.
When i thought about everything about life in Europe, i had no doubt that i was going home. It was one of the reasons why i never lived and worked in the Countries that gave me resident permits.
I never cared if they would renew it or not. I never cared for permanent resident permits.

Maria would leave me some day, i know that but i wanted it to be on the best possible way. I wanted to give her a gift that she would have and cherish forever; a child.

She has been there through the bad times with me and she was hoping for a good quiet life with me sometime in the future but each time she thought that the travails has come to an end, another one would spring up from nowhere.

Maria started crying when she saw some tears forming in my eyes. It was true that i had the heart made of steel but there were times when i needed to free my heart by releasing some tears.

“It is Ok baby, I won’t leave you” She said amidst tears.

A church Warden, came to us and asked if everything was alright.
“We are fine” I said to him.

And when i turned to Maria, i said, “The Church is over for the day, we are going home now”.

I held her hand as we walked out of the gate and immediately we got outside, I saw Chigbo coming out of the Church.
Danger alert!

A quick look around revealed a stone hidden under the flower.
I walked to it and picked it up, turned and faced Chigbo who stopped and started advancing back.

As i increased my pace towards him, he increased his and ran back into the Church premises.

“Coward, let us have a go at it” I shouted with anger, not minding whether the People inside the Church heard me or not.

The Church security has quickly closed the gate and separated two of us.

I dropped the stone and motioned Maria to follow me.
We got to the road and stopped a cab which took us back to the apartment.
We went up to our room and lay on the bed side by side.

“The man seemed so serious about fighting you” Maria said.

“And he will get the fight he is yearning for”.

“Why don’t you go and beg him, maybe he will change his heart and forget about everything” Maria said.

“Begging him will never be a problem, accepting the begging is. Secondly, begging him could make his friends believe that i am weak now. This bastards wanted me dead in Amsterdam, they planned and gave me just one week to vacate this city. I had to act quick to defeat them. I knew that something like this could happen and i prayed against it but like i said earlier, i am no longer interested in running anywhere. This is the only place i lived for years without being afraid of police control. I am also tired of running. I thought we could have had a quiet life in Levanzo but things changed. If Chigbo and others believe that i am not worthy to live among them, they need to get ready for the looming survival war. When Robin returns, i will ask him to intensify the search for an apartment. I want you and Precious out of Bijlmer as soon as possible. You will come back when the coast is clear” I said.

“I can no longer ask you to be careful because i know you will be but please if there is any other way to avert this problem, please explore it and forget about fighting him” She said.

When Mr and Mrs Robin came back from Church, they came with Chigbo and the same man who came to the African Kitchen with him.

I was in the sitting room drinking Hennessy when they entered the apartment.

“Calm down” Robin said as soon as i saw them and stood up.

“I brought them here for us to reach a peaceful agreement, there is no need to fight” He said.

I sat down and watched them closely as they took their seats.
Precious and Maria went upstairs.

“Chigbo, like i told you at the Church, my brother is not happy the way you approached him at the Kitchen. I know you are angry because of what happened to you but it has happened, we must find a way to resolve this issue peacefully because we are not going to gain anything through fighting” Robin finished.

“And like i told you at the Church, the only way to resolve this matter peacefully is to refund me the money i spent to get myself back here. Oga Joe can’t come to Holland from Spain, Nando has no money to return, IK is still in Prison and Willie died in Lagos, all because of this useless criminal here” He shouted.

Dedicated to the Super Eagles of Nigeria for their win against Bosnia.

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  1. Lagos Boy

    Chigbo, take heart next time never under estimate your fellow man even Zuby does not under estimate anybody and that’s what is keeping him ahead of his enemies. Thumbs up Zuby d gr8

  2. Dejust

    Thanks God say him make amm back, I hope say him no sell him papa only land?

    Bros make am understand says there is no possibility that he wil get the money from u,

    chigbo! back off or stand to fight for win or another loss

  3. kaybaba

    Zuby d heat is getting hotter but i no for sure u no hw to escape from this one again bt d truth is u ve made too many enemies lately.

  4. lightbearer

    Chigbo will surely regret this his mouth ranting. Trust Zubby. An eye for eye.

  5. Dannyboy

    Zuby,I understand that you are trying to frustrate this “FTC”crew who usually don’t post meaningful comment,but only behave childishly. But you see,while trying to punish them,you end up punishing the innocent ones among us. I for one,don’t do that “ftc” nonsense. The people who do that irritate me and I don’t find their childish display funny. So,I find it baffling when I log in here and see a new update and proceed to read it before posting a matured comment,only to find my comment at the bottom. It’s not fair. It’s one of the reason why I rarely comment these days.

  6. bissiejoe

    Zubby….weldone so far on the run.pls I don’t get updates on my registered email o, I only read updates thru facebook.pls do something to it. thanks

  7. Eunisam

    they is going to be negociations and zubby is going to give out something and chigbo nwa mama is going to give up something.but i wish we should have global sunday where we have live chat here in this site.zubby think about it,lets meet fellow runners as we runz.

  8. Eunisam

    Nigeria will win the 2014 world cup with their lazy players like mumu musa n obiagu mikel.who wanna bet?

  9. Iomoge

    Rip oga willy. But em shouldn’t chigbo b wiser n face front? Na wa.

    Zuby can u live a normal life?
    I wish i had d powers, u woulda been IG or held watever office thst solved crimes.

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