97: The Urgent Negotiation

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“Noooo, please stop” that was Doris reacting to the gun shot.
“I thought i told you not to talk? CY, get me the other sponge” i said.
“I won’t talk again please” She said and started crying softly.

“What just happened, did you shoot him?” Ken asked.
I cut off the phone.

Another call came immediately. I was intentionally cutting the call every two and Half minutes so that the Cops won’t be able to trace where we were if they took the phone to them.
“Yes, who is this?” I said on the phone.
“Ozoigbondu Nke Mbu na mbu, this is Akunne Onitsha” The voice said.
“How did you know i am with this phone?” I asked without the usual greeting.

“I just got a call from Jonathan. He told me what is going on” He said.
“Yes, what do you want?” I replied.
“Have i ever asked you for something since we knew each other?” he asked.
“No, why?” I asked.

“Have i ever done anything wrong since we started doing things together?” He asked again.
“No, get to the point or i cut this phone off, i am busy” I said.
“I want to ask you for one favour. If you do that for me, i will do whatever you want” He said.
“Go ahead” I said.

“Don’t kill that boy, tell me how much he is owing you and you will get it immediately” He said.

“€15000 Plus other expenses” I said.
“How much is the expenses?” He asked.

“I don’t know. I am no more interested in the money. I begged him to give me my money but he refused. Where were all of you then?” i said.
“I am sorry about that, just tell me the expenses” he said.
“€2000” I said reluctantly.

“Send me your account number in Nigeria, you will get the money as early as 8am, in the morning” he said.
I kept quiet for a while before i told him that i will get back to him.

After five minutes, i called Nigeria and told my younger brother to get an account number of any of his school mates. I wanted the money to go into an anonymous account first.

When i got the account number, i sent it to Akunne and called him.
“Send NGN3.4 Million to that account and get back to me when you are done. They Will confirm the money and withdraw it before i will release him. I am doing this because of you” I said.
He thanked me and cut off the call.
When the next call came to Ralph’s phone, i didn’t answer it. Rather i switched off the phone and ordered everyone else to switch off their phones.

There was nothing else to do but to wait.

I used that opportunity to chat up everybody.
Doris was the first.
“Doris do you think i am a bad guy?” I asked.
“I don’t know, don’t talk to me. You shot him right before my eyes” She said.
“He stole blood money and he must experience blood as well. This money is used to rescue the trapped African prostitutes all over Europe. Some of them will be very stranded and will return to the streets without this money. Now your boyfriend stole it just to buy drinks and clothes for himself alone. He can’t even buy anything for you. Is that fair?” I asked, trying to make her relax.
“My ex, he is my ex boyfriend and what he did Was bad but you shouldn’t have shot him. You could have used a different and better method to get the money from him” Doris said.
“Give me one better method i could have used?” i said calmly. She kept quiet.

“CY, i am sure this is the first time you are seeing this sort of thing. I didn’t want this to happen this way, but sometimes the best way is the hardest way” I said.

I turned to Doris and said, “I am sorry to inform you that you won’t be leaving here until this is over. If you need anything to eat, CY will go and get it outside” i said. She nodded as if she already knew that she was also a hostage of circumstances.

Ralph was weeping softly as CY and I drank beer while Doris curled on the bed with her eyes closed.

“Let me tell you a small story” I said to CY.
“I lived in Berlin here sometime ago and i was popular among the Nigerians in this city. I used to treat everybody very fine including this bastard sitting opposite us. I used to give him money each weekend i visited the Berlin centrum from Brandenburg where i lived before relocating to Berlin. We even slept with the same girl once in my place. He once came to borrow 600 to ship his Mercedes car to Nigeria because he had no money. Do you know what i did? I gave him the money and asked him not to pay. That was how close this bastard was with me. I took him to night clubs here in this city and paid for tickets to watch Hertha Berlin in the Bundesliga. Someone sent money to me through Kingsley his cousin and he stole it and ran to Amsterdam. I tracked him down through the internet and found him there. I got my money from him after punishing him and his Elder brother. I thought that this one sitting here would have learnt something from that incident. I thought he would have remembered everything we did together. He was supposed to just take 5 percent of the money and send the rest to me but for some reasons, he decided to steal the entire money. When i called him, he abused and cursed me. He threatened me with Polizei because he knew that i was told not to come to Germany for five years. He wanted to take advantage of that and scare me away from this city but unfortunately, he didn’t know that i am no longer the guy he knew. I can decide to release him now and catch him again. I can track down his people in Nigeria and punish them because of him. I am not going to kill him, i just need my money by tomorrow morning and we will all get out of this mess. But trust me if the police track us down here, i am going to shoot him in the head and go to prison. If his friends are planning to invade this place, assuming he told them where he was going, i want him to know that he won’t be alive to see them when they come” I said.

Doris opened her eyes after hearing everything i said and said to me, “Now i understand what happened. How did CY come into this?”

“I imported CY from Amsterdam when i discovered that You are Ralph’s girlfriend. I am sorry but you now understand why i did that” I said.

“ I will hurt you for this. I don’t
know how yet, but give me
time. A day will come when
you think yourself safe and
happy, and suddenly your joy
will turn to ashes in your
mouth, and you’ll know the
debt is paid”

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38 Responses

  1. lightbearer

    Necessary negotiation, tief raphel must caught out the total operational and stolen monies!

  2. lil jboy

    “Send NGN3.4 Million to that account”,……….. Gosh!!! never knew the money was that huge.

  3. zubis05

    Kai….Zubby! I want to share a drink with you Boss. I want to see how you think..your last statement about paying the debt is what I’ll do. I’m from benue state,some idiots stabbed me on monday night because they thought I was an igbo boy and I was speaking too much english. I already know them but I won’t do anything yet all I know is one day I’ll draw blood. How soon? I don’t know but I know it won’t go unpunished..

    • lekan21

      I beg u not to think like that. Zubby himself will not advise you to do that in his own way.
      Don’t think it is just as simple and easy as it is written here.

  4. Corpspissed

    Ralph, see your life, you think you can run faster than a moving bullet? Or you think you can compare death with sleep. Oh, you think, using cobra as belt na beans?! Foolish bloke! 😎

  5. lastdon1

    Zuby that last quote reminds me of Tyrion Lannister in game of thrones. Nice one boss of berlin.

  6. belbest

    @ Oga Zubby i felt so bad for you to have shot that guy so painful at least with the way you caught him i know he will pay the money well the deed has been done lets wait for what happened next

  7. bashman

    ralph don here am because of long throath edon turn to disable for life,good peice keep it up.

  8. horlabiyi

    Wow !!! Can’t wait to read the next chapter where Akunne will drop details about the money. (Y)

  9. shordie

    The deal was sealed faster than I anticipated. How cld Ralph not have told them whr he was going…dumb ass I must say!!!

  10. Manshyne

    @lil jboy, the exchange then must’ve been a little lower than now. If its now, 20k euro will be up to N5million.

  11. olaxxx

    “ I will hurt you for this. I don’t
    know how yet, but give me
    time. A day will come when
    you think yourself safe and
    happy, and suddenly your joy
    will turn to ashes in your
    mouth, and you’ll know the
    debt is paid”
    @ Zuby. This statement makes me realized that you are more than a don. You are a godfather. I am never afraid but Zuby, I fear u ooo…

  12. chorlay

    I said is b4 n I will say it again*baddeast guy eva livelt* dats ZUby

  13. Konmight

    I have been saying it that Ralph must pay with interests.

    He gats pay shaa niii.

  14. Manshyne

    Gone are the days when we wake up to read our breakfast updates sipping our Akamu wit akara… Zuby, watever happened to the early morning updates?

  15. Onyebaba

    That last quote shows Oga Zubby is an all round n versatile kinda person. #GameOfThrones. #Cersei joy actually turned to ashes in her mouth when Jeffrey died in Season 4 episode 2.

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