97: Recovering time

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Zion National park Utah

Zion National park Utah

Chapter 97. The recovering time.
My journey back to humanity from the dangerous world of human trafficking was going to include the old things i did before. Ozoigbondu was originally known for his prowess in bed with women, it was by accident that I got involved with dangerous human traffickers. As Esther jumped on top of me on the bed of the Rene Hotel in Marseille, some of the things i did with women came flooding back. “The only thing you did since we started running was talk and talk; now its time to talk with your manhood” Esther said and started laughing. I joined the laughter as she pulled off my pullover and singlet, threw them on the floor and grabbed my trouser pant. She unhooked the belt and zipped down the zipper. My manhood started getting excited and hard as soon as it felt the feminine touch of Esther’s soft hands. With one hand, she pulled down my trouser and boxers together while the other hand massaged the fast expanding joystick. I decided to let her do the work all alone. I was not the only person recovering from the harsh realities of the past few days, Esther was going through the same rehabilitation period. She needed to do the things she knew how to do before her life changed from hair stylist to a prostitute and to a runner. As i closed my physical eyes and watched Esther with the eyes of my brains, i felt a warm moisture engulfed my joystick. The slow up and down movement on the already hard joystick brought me out of my reverie. Her mouth was slowly doing some works on my joystick. I moaned in ecstasy as she continued the blow job. Three minutes later, i couldn’t bear it any longer. I slowly pulled up her mouth from my joystick and gently pushed her on the bed as i stood up. I started with her blouse which was just a loose sports shirt. I pulled it out through her head and exposed two soft pointed breasts that would be enough to lead a Catholic Bishop to Christian Sin. My first instinct was to go with my mouth and that was what i did. Esther moaned as i sucked on the breasts one after the other. She held the back of my neck and urged me to suck harder as she moaned. As i worked on the breasts, my mind reminded me that i had no condom with me. Damn! What was i going to do? The other part of my mind told me to relax since we will cross that bridge when we got to it. “Do it now baby” I heard Esther said from the lands of the joy and happiness. I pulled down her sport pants and the underpants together and removed them from her legs. Her newly well shaven cunt looked at me as if to say ‘If you don’t come inside me now, i will scream’. I spread her legs slowly and climbed into her with the professionalism of Michael Douglas in the movie ‘Basic Instinct’. Esther held my waist and pushed it with the rhythm of my thrust as we slowly lost ourselves to the world. Surprisingly, the sperm refused to come out on time. It could have been the the drinks i had pumped into my body in the immediate past few days. Whatever the reason was, it was good because i was enjoying the tight cunt that has not been tampered with Since our time in Monza. “Baby i like this” she said softly as i increased the tempo of my thrust. Her small waist vibrated on the bed with the rhythm and tempo combined. Some six minutes later, i felt the sperm coming but instead of pulling out, i continued my thrust until i released the entire cream into her. I remained on top of her to make sure the entire cream found their way into her egg and if we are lucky, one or two of them could stick and decide to form a mini man or woman or both. Another one minute on top of her, i got up and led Esther to the bathroom where we cleaned up. Before we finished cleaning up, my joystick started rising again. It must have been the sight of soft naked breasts and butts dangling on her body. A little smile on her face convinced me that she wanted more. I walked into the ceramic bathtub and sat on the edge while my two feet remained inside it. I closed the water escape pipe and opened the mixture of hot and cold water. Since we were both naked already, i pulled Esther into the tub and made her seat on my laps facing me. Slowly, i shifted her towards my standing joystick until her wet cunt swallowed my manhood. I held her butt with my two hands and slowly pulled her in and out of the joystick until we lost ourselves to the joy coming from the act. Esther crossed her hands around my neck and kissed me continuously. The ecstasy coming from both the sumptuous kisses and the digging downstairs were almost unbearable. We fucked for several minutes until we got tired of the position; by then, the water in the bathtub had risen to the highest level and the automatic taps had shut itselves down. I sat inside the water with my back on the tail end of the tub, then i pulled Esther and made her seat on my Joystick which was inside the clean warm water. She held both edges of the tub and started moving herself up and down slowly while i rubbed her back up and down with the movement of her body. She continued moving her hips up and down in and out of my standing joystick until she got tired. I stood up and made her held the head end of the bathtub while i entered inside her from the back. She moaned as the thrust increased slowly. “I am coming now baby, do it harder” she shouted in a controlled voice as the increase in tempo gathered my sperms faster and i busted into her again. We sat in the water and played until we got hungry, then we dried ourselves and went into the room. We left the hotel and went into the town for food. As usual, we found the Chinese Restaurant down the road and entered. Esther ordered for noodles while i went for the usual fired rice with cooked corn seeds and fresh crayfish. We chated and waited until the food was ready, then we ate quietly and went back to the hotel. As soon as we got upstairs Esther said, “I didn’t know that you are that sweet in bed”. “You haven’t seen anything yet, wait until we try it out again in the morning” i said and we laughed. Ozoigbondu was returning back to his old ways. The bad guys had stopped me from doing what I liked doing but now that there was no immediate girl to save, it was going to be fun until I move again.

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Yellow Stone

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