96: the new house

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The following morning, the hunt for a new house began.
I drove to Surulere and checked for new houses. There were quite many of them but I was looking for a specific kind of house. I needed to find a place where there was not too many tenants.
Too many tenants meant too many gossips.

I found One at Nnobi street. The problem was that it was too expensive for my liking. The agent who took me there said the landlord wanted N600,000 for two years. The agent himself said I would give him N60,000 while the lawyer would take another N60,000.
Paying N720,000 wasn’t what I was looking at. It suddenly occurred to me that that amount would take a big hit on my bank account balance.

”Lets go look for some other house” I had told the agent.

Late in the afternoon, I had searched enough for the day. I gave the agent N2000 and told him that we would try again the next day.

On my way home, Daisy called me… She said that I had started to avoid her which I denied.
I told her that I was too busy for the past few days and promised to call her in the evening.

I got home and packed my vehicle outside. I had hoped to go out again when I rested enough. I got upstairs and took my bathe. The Sunday stew my cousin had cooked the day before was still in the kitchen. I boiled rice and ate to my satisfaction, then I called Daisy.

She came 30 minutes later. We sat in the sitting room and talked. She accused me of acting cold towards her.
She was right, I wasn’t my usual gallant guy who would tease, make jokes, tickle and play. I had turned into a TV watching slowpoke who only gave short answers to her questions.
I thought about the best way to tell her what I had found out about their family back in Igboland. The problem was that there was no easy or best way to give her that news. It was a lose-lose situation on her own side.

” I think you have another girlfriend now” she said suddenly.

‘I wish it was just that’ I thought.

”Daisy, something is disturbing me and its not a girlfriend or something like that. I wish I can just tell you what it is but I can not and please don’t ask me to” I said to her.
She felt the pain too as she came close to me and held me close to her heart.

”Whatever it is, I believe God has an answer to it” she said with almost tears in her eyes.
I caressed her hair slowly and told her not to worry. It wasn’t a life threatening issue. The mood was very bad for intimacy and we both knew it, although we stole a few kisses.

When she was about to go, I went inside and brought out a pair of shoes and a bag I had bought her at Mandilas the previous week. Some rays of life returned to her face.
Women and shoes!

I walked her to the gate and returned upstairs.
Issa had turned to a very quiet born again gateman.

Stella had not called me or sent a text message since the last ”dirty water” incident.

I decided to contact her.
I opened the ”New message” input box on my phone and typed:
”I know how much you hate me now but what I did to you was an accident. I was rushing home for something and didn’t concentrate on my driving. As a result of what I did to you, your father has asked me to find another house. It means that I am leaving your house soon. I will miss you but I will be fine” I finished and sent it to her.
I was very careful not to involve her mother in the writing. I made things looked like it was all about her.

She didn’t reply the message until around 10 pm. I was hoping to get a message from her, therefore when the message tone came, I grabbed the phone quickly and opened it.

Sure, it was from Stella. She wrote:

”I saw you with Daisy this evening. What was she doing in your place”

The message was very short and out of my expectations, therefore I decided not to write her again.

I switched off my phone and slept.

”IF we will be quiet and ready enough, we will find compensation in every disappointment”

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