96: The Testament

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“What is this, what is going on here?” Doris said with her eyes wide open and focused at the loaded gun.

“Miss Doris” I shouted, “This is not about you. Thanks for bringing this bastard to me even though you didn’t know it. If you want to help yourself, just shut up and lie on the floor now”.
Doris jumped down from the bed and lay face down on the floor.

“You! get that rope under the bed and tie this bastard” I pointed to CY who was still surprised at the sight of the gun.
“Search him first!” I said as CY stood up with the rope i had carefully hidden under the bed.
He searched Ralph and brought out a Dangerous Dagger Knife.
“Give it to me!” I shouted at CY.
“Where you planning to stab CY with this?” I asked Ralph. I wanted to put him in the black book of CY.
“He took your woman and best you can do is to come here with a knife to kill him? Isn’t that right Ralph? Because of a woman” i said.

I put the knife in my pocket and brought out a piece of white paper i have written something on.
While CY roped the little man with his hands behind his back.

“You can get up and sit on the bed. I am sorry for telling you to lie down but i wanted to take control of the room first” I said as Doris got up and sat on the bed.
“Pay attention Doris. Like i said earlier, this is not about you. This bastard withdrew my money from the western Union and decided to keep it for himself. He also threatened to kill me if I come to Berlin” I said.

“I didn’t threaten to kill you” That was the first thing Ralph said and that was what i wanted him to say.
I hit him with the butt of the gun on his head and he slumped on the ground. His hands were already tied behind him.
I dragged him up and sat him on the only chair in the room.
From the piece of paper i had in my hand, i read out his own threats and my own testament.

“Raphael Ifeanyi Chukwu Ngwu, age 29. This is the list of your offences.
You withdrew my money from the western union last Thursday and decided to keep the money for yourself. When i called for it, you threatened to tell the German Police that i had no German papers.
You threatened to tell them that i jumped court here in 2005, then you said that you and your fellow scammers own the city of Berlin.
You said that you were not sure if i even had papers at all.
You said that you and your gang will kill me if i show up in Berlin.
You cursed my mother on the phone because i asked for my money.
You said that i was just a mere weed seller and knew nothing about business.

Here is your judgement.
You will die in three days if i don’t get my money.
The rest of your gang will die as well if by the end of the next three days, i haven’t seen my money.
Your people in the village will die and their houses burnt down if by the end of three days, i don’t get my money.
The expenses and the money you stole is now €15000 because the troubles i went through here in Berlin will cost you another €5000. The amount will cover everything and everybody i hired for this Operation” I was still reading out what i wrote on the paper when his phone rang.
“Get me that phone and then Go to the bathroom and get me the bathing sponge there” I shouted at CY.

I squeezed the entire sponge inside Ralph’s mouth to stop him from shouting when i answer the his call.
Then i turned to Doris and said, “You can see that i am not going to do anything to you. But if you make one wrong move, i will tie you with a rope too and gag your mouth with another sponge”
She nodded and kept quiet. Ralph’s phone has started ringing again. The name on the screen was ‘Senior Man’.

“Yes” I said as soon as i picked the call and switched the speakout.

“Raphael have you treated that slut?” The voice boomed.
“I looked at Doris who instantly understood that the slut the caller meant was her.
“Jonathan!” I said, recognizing the voice.
“You sent him to stab an innocent woman because she chose another man” I said.

“Who is this, are you the CY guy?” he said.
“No Barrister Jonathan, think very hard, you will know who i am” i said calmly.

After a brief moment, he said, “This is Ozoigbondu, you are in Berlin”.

“Ralph is about to die. When you talk to her parents, tell them what he did. Don’t lie to them, he won’t be happy with you in hell” I said.

“Wait please, don’t kill him. We will do everything you want” Jonathan shouted.

“What i want is his blood and your blood and that of Kingsley. After him, i am coming for you” I said and cut off the phone.

One minute later, the phone rang again. It was a different number this time.
“Yes, who is this?” i asked.

“Ogbuefi Ozoigbondu, this is Ken D. I am here with Jonathan and some other Enugu guys. We heard what is going on and i decided to talk to you. Please talk to me before you do anything. What is the problem?” Ken said.

Ken D was part of their scamming group but he was from Udi in Enugu State. We knew each other very well because we bought our Mercedes E class together from one dealer back in 2005. Although he was one of them but he was never arrogant and pompous like the Nsukka group. Back in 2006 when i traveled to Nigeria, Ken D returned to Nigeria as well and we met on two or three occasions at the Genesis Restaurant in Ziks Avenue Enugu. He was a friend but not that tight friend. It was important that i listened to him anyway because he never offended me coupled with the fact that i wasn’t going to kill Ralph.

“Ken D, what are you still doing with those bloody thieves?” I asked.
“Calm down, i just heard that he stole your money. I am asking his cousins to get the money as we speak. Just don’t kill the guy, he is our state guy and you know” he said.

“There is no need Ken, I already spent a lot of money hunting him down just like i did when i squared up with your friends Kingsley and Jonathan. I don’t need the €10000 anymore. If i am to listen to you, they must pay all the expenses as well” I said and raised my gun to Ralph’s left knee.
Then i squeezed the trigger very tight with my eyes wide open.

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  1. DeutscheSprecher

    You are really a terror in Europe. Jonathan and his ilks will find it hard to understand how you were able to smoke Ralph out easily. I know they wouldn’t mess up with you after those events. Ozoigbondu, you have garnered enough enemies overtime the world over- the Nandos, the Okada squad, the Italian mamas, the NSK scamming gangs and countless others we are not privy to. Please, be watchful and careful as always. They may be planning their revenge too especially now as the story goes online


      that is if the story was R…# tongue out …….#

  2. prugged

    Hmmmmm money is indeed d root of evil…it can bring problem to any body or people even siblings ..nice piece

    • Sqarface

      I refuse to accept dis biblical stand…to me Lack of Money is the root of all Evil

  3. Shisha_dealer

    Ogbuefi Ozoigbondu….. u go fear fear……… So Ralph. Don chop bullet for leg be that……………

  4. phapi

    Am learning fast from this thriller,I pray zubby get out of berlin safe.

  5. timsilver

    I guess zuby didn’t shoot him. Already on the next episode Shit!

  6. bashman

    he deserve more than a bullet in the leg for treatning the great OZOIGBONDU 1 OF BERLIN d guy no dey feat face at all, he no no say shoe get size, he don put leg for oversize he don happen,gbam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  7. walter

    wow! wow!! wow!!!, how else can i become a better fan and a runner, more thean jus reading and making comments. thanks

  8. Tony Obaze

    Hmmmm. The suspence is too much. Please more updates.
    Btw Zuby you are a master storyteller. The way the plot unravels is simply mind- blowing. Keep it up

  9. shordie

    This is turning into a movie…seems the posts are becoming shorter by d day. A stratey to make us kip yearning for more I guess. We dey wait bros!!!

  10. lekan21

    Mr Ralph, this is your sentence… Court!
    *all stand as judge Zubby made his pronouncement*…

  11. DaVinci

    Zubby,i admire ur works but naw wit dis project Ralph, i respect u.

  12. Bob Ugee

    I know this’s coming late but I have to congratulate you Oga ZUBBY. you got the acuity comrade. I envy ur wits.

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