95: The Hurting Tears

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“I am going with you to Amsterdamsport, i haven’t left this house since i came here” Maria said.

“It is OK, tell Precious to get ready too” I said.

Since it was summer, we decided to trek to the Amsterdamsport. I knew the routes like the back of my hand.
We left our apartment and crossed the road in front of the Bijlmer Central Mosque, then we walked up to the 1000 apartment building called Kikkenstein, where some Nigerian people had jumped out of the tenth floor in 2008.
We crossed the monument where an Egyptian or Turkish cargo flight had crashed into a building and killed tens of people, mostly Ghanaians. Then we walked under the Kikkenstein building and walked up straight to Amsterdamsport.

As expected, there were hundreds of Nigeria walking up and down doing their businesses.
We crossed the only photolab in the area and walked up to the Amsterdam Bijlmer Arena Station.
The Ajax Amsterdam Football Stadium was directly behind the Arena Station; therefore we walked to the Electronics Market in front of the stadium.
I used to shop in the electronics market, so i knew my way around it.

We walked straight to the phone section and bought two new phones for myself. A Nokia E71 and a Samsung Flat phone with amazing features. We also bought two MP3 music players for Maria and Precious. I decided to buy the two expensive phones because i believed it was time to live a normal life.

After our shopping, we took the Gein bound small train to the Famous African Kitchen where we ate Fufu and Okro Soup.
Coincidentally, we found Robin at the kitchen.

“How did you people know that i am here?” he said sarcastically.
“My God told me” I said as we all laughed.

Robin purchased a bottle of Jack Daniels and we all mixed it with Red Bull and drank together. He has been spending more freely ever since Precious arrived; atleast i saw some new clothes on Precious.

It was around 4pm when the trouble started.
Two men had entered the African Kitchen Restaurant and sat near us to eat. It didn’t take one of them long to recognize me.

“So fear let you enter Amsterdam again?” the voice had said to me.
I had turned around and saw him. He looked familiar but i forgot who he was.

“After what you did to me, you still have the gut to return to Amsterdam” he said again.

“Who are you?” I managed to ask him.

“You don’t know me again, right?” He said.

“Chigbo what is it?” his friends asked and held him as he was about to stand up.

“This criminal was the person who called Police that arrested and deported us. I have been looking forward to seeing him again since i returned to Holland” He said.

“Oh, you are one of the people who wanted to kill me. Well, we have all learnt our lessons, haven’t we? it is time to move on with out lives” i said and sipped my drink.

“The only thing that can save you from Amsterdam is to pay me back the 800,000 Naira i spent to return here. If not, this Amsterdam will not be big enough for both of us” he said in Igbo language.

“How much is 800,000 Naira in Euros? Tell me so that i will know how much i owe you” I said calmly.

“I have told you what i want to tell you, just get my money ready or else, we will know who owns this Bijlmer” He shouted as his friend dragged him outside.

Robin has signalled me to stop Responding to him which i did.

Chigbo and his friend left the Kitchen and disappeared. They even abandoned the foods they requested.

Maria didn’t say anything, she just kept quiet and wondered where that one came from. I was sure she was going to demand for explanations but that was her right as a girlfriend.
I didn’t also want to use harsh words in the Restaurant because Police could show up there and Precious who had no Resident permit would be in danger; though i gave her Linda’s card to hold.
Even if Linda already declared her card missing, which i was sure she must have done, the Dutch Police were not likely to be looking for it since it didn’t concern them.

As soon as we finished our drink, Robin called a Snoda which took us home.
Maria went to the bed straight away and refused to say anything to anybody.
I pitied her because she thought she has ran away from troubles in Italy, only to meet a different and more dangerous one in Amsterdam. I was sure she could have filed for divorce if we were Maried but I also knew she had confidence in me; afterall i was the guy who located where she was kept and rescued her.
What else could a woman ask from a man if not for maximum security.
I was sure that if Maria was too religious, she would have believed that i was under some kind of spell but just like me, we didn’t care about Religion.
We saw our problems and fortunes as the things we created for ourselves.
I was going to watch her closely because she could snap and if that happened, i would be in for a very bad long thing.

I walked to the bed where she was lying and touched her hair gently.
“I know you feel bad about what happened and deserve some explanations but you don’t have to worry” I said.

“Where are we running to this time?” She asked amidst tears.
She was crying again.

Maria’s tears has become one thing i hated to see. I had previously vowed that whoever made her to cry would pay dearly, especially if it was in any way, connected to the fact that she helped rescued some teenage girls from the streets.
Now that bastard called Chigbo who should have held his peace and continued living his normal life, has succeeded in scaring Maria again.

“We are not running anywhere, i am going to settle with him and make sure he never make you cry again in this life” I said with a croaked voice.

She knew that the way i sounded signified danger. She knew me well enough to know that each time i changed my voice, something dangerous would follow it.

“We might end up running to Iraq or Afghanistan soon” She said.
I laughed out loud in an attempt to draw laughter from her too; it worked.

After making sure Maria relaxed, i walked down to the sitting room where Precious and Robin where throwing peanuts into each other’s mouth. Wonders shall never end.
‘These guys need to slow down a little, i never encouraged hyper speed on relationships.

“Hmmmm. Leave us” I snapped at Precious who got up instantly and climbed to the rooms.

“Robin, i am not relocating to any other Country because of anybody. I am going to match this Chigbo guy however and wherever he wanted it. Take care of the girls if anything happen but as for me, the next place i will go after here is Nigeria” I said before sitting down opposite him.

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  1. Dannyboy

    Chai! I smell danger at hand.

    By the way,I really like Maria and would like to meet her!

  2. Konmight

    When you don’t look for trouble, it would definitely locate you. It’s like its your twin brother. Hahahahahah

    Thank God you are back in Nigeria, na God see you through your sojourn in Europe.

  3. johneg

    if only the chigbo guy knows the monster u’ve grown to become . . .

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    Well, I trust you to handle ΐτ̅. But did you eventually got married to Maria?

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    Da boss Zuby knows how to get out with dis he sure knows wher to put chigbo or chibok wateva

  6. lightbearer

    I knew it, Holland will be more hotter for Zubby, no hidden place for you!

  7. cutemom

    ‘These guys need to slow down a little, i never encouraged hyper speed on relationships.

    “Hmmmm. Leave us” I snapped at Precious
    Precious… ~~~ Zuby, u sounded pathetically jealous here.

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    Zuby, I really don’t get the wpsmart mobile site thing.so we can’t tap to next or previous post again??? Is it jus for lesser bytes? It isn’t convenient.

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    Now,something is brewing and it all owes to the fact that zubby made himself alot of enemies in his adventures around europe,people like you hardly live normal lifes,it’s just a matter of time before another trouble comes calling.wish you all the best sire.

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