95: The great Payback.

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Sea Cliffs Etretat France

Sea Cliffs Etretat France

Chapter 95.

Max came down from upstairs and asked when i was leaving Germany again. I told him that i didn’t know but won’t spend more than a week in Germany. He said he was going for training at the Union Berlin Stadium in Eastern Berlin and took my phone number. He said he will call me the next day for a drink in Potsdamer Platz. He gave a brown envelope to Jennifer and left us.

As soon as she left, Jennifer handed the envelop to me.
“There is some money inside the envelope. Max and i are giving it to you. Please don’t reject it because it was his idea. I know who you are and i believe you might reject it” she said and laughed.
Reject money? We shall see.

I smiled and took the envelope from her, opened it immediately and saw some Euro bills carefully arranged in it. I was torn between counting them there and counting them later but since i had seen a lot of money in my life, i decided to count them there.

Tears nearly came out of my eyes as i counted €7000 and still counting. After about a minute, i shook my head and said, “You are giving me €10,000 Jennifer”
“Its not me, its my husband’s money. He said it was to thank you for everything you did for me” she said.
I was tempted to call Max and thank him but i decided to leave it until we meet the next day at the Potsdamer Platz.

After talking about the money, i put them in my pocket and we continued talking. I was no longer concentrating on anything because my mind moved from one place to the other especially how i came to know Jennifer and how we ended up in Germany. It was such an emotional moment for me because one of my first subject has finally settled down with someone she loved.
During all the rescue mission, i had always wondered what was going to become of my girls when i lose contact with them. I wondered if they would return to the streets due to lack of finance or lack of support from me. I wondered if everything i did was just a waste of time but sitting there with Jennifer in a luxuriously furnished sitting room, i got encouraged to do more. Not only that i got encouraged, i also got money to help out some other girls in the future. Ten thousand Euro was enough to rescue and relocate another three girls depending on how i spent the money. It was ironic that at the same week when i almost gave up the rescue missions due to the attitude of Esther, i also got massively encouraged to continue the good work. I called it a good work because, Jennifer’s Life would have become different if not that we met back in Portugal. One bad thing about prostitution was that when the girls became immensely involved in the job, it was usually difficult to come out of it. Some of the prostitutes who got engaged with men in Europe continued the job because it had become part of them. It usually eventually led to divorce and separation from their spouses. Prostitution destroyed them but for the newly arrived ones, there was still some room for redemption. I was just happy for Jennifer And all the other girls i had rescued; if not for anything else, but for the fact that i successfully emancipated them from the fear of some powerless deities.

We talked until i left her house around 18:30 that evening. She pleaded with me to always be in contact with her wherever i go since she would be making references to how she came to live in Berlin. She said her mother would be coming to Berlin in two months time. She had applied for German Visa back in Nigeria and the embassy had requested for a marriage certificate. It wuold be sent to them in a week or two. It was ironical because I believed that some of these Benin women deliberatly sent their daughters to Europe for prostitution.

As i drove back with a cab, Jennifer’s life filled my mind. There was no room to think about anything else. I had given her some advice about how to endure things even if her husband did what she didn’t like. I told her to first of all, understand that her husband’s culture was different from hers back in Nigeria. The whites believed so much in trust. It was easy for Max to leave the house for Jennifer and I without considering whether we could fornicate. That was usually difficult to obtain in Africa. Everybody suspected everybody due to poverty.
“Remember that he had girlfriends before you came to his life. The whites are a very understanding people. It is very likely that she is still in good relationship with his ex girls, therefore don’t make things difficult for yourself when he talks with them or about them. One thing you must always remember is that you own the house and the marriage certificate now” i had told her.

Right there in the taxi, i wished the rest of my girls would get lucky too. I said some silent prayers for them and considered where to go next.

I had already decided that i was going to Scandinavia. I wanted to experience life and culture of the people up there. I wanted to know the plights of the African Immigrants up there and also the level of prostitution in the streets of Norway, Denmark and Sweden. I knew that Italy, France and Spain were the main bases of African prostitutes and it was logical that i go back there if i wanted to rescue more teenage girls but i had already made many enemies in Italy and Spain. The news about me has circulated among the Madams in those two Countries. Spain was a good place but i had spent a lot of time in the Southern Europe, it was time to go North.

I got home and took my bath, then relaxed and watched Sunday night football between La Liga teams. Kenneth was interested to know how my meeting with the girl went but i just told him a few things. I didn’t say a thing about receiving money from Jennifer, it could make them start begging her for money wherever the see her. I needed to protect her. However i eventually gave Kenneth 500 and told him that i may leave Berlin in a day or two. We talked and placed bets on the two teams playing on the TV. We betted on Corner Kicks resulting into goals, on number of yellow cards and every other thing. We also drank Johnnie Walker but right inside my mind, i felt so happy for Jennifer.

“Adults find pleasure in deceiving a child. They consider it necessary, but they also enjoy it. The children very quickly figure it out and then practice deception themselves”

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Panjin Red Beach China

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40 Responses

  1. Olenyi

    Wow. That was so kind of max. Just like you said, if na here, max for no leave house for you alone with jennifer. He wouldn’t even wanna see you.

    Two different cultures.

  2. Olabisi Olaniran

    It is always good to be good. Happy for Jennifer. How I wish her Madam knows about her present status. And Jennifer must concieving any ill-feelings towards her madam afterall she contributed to her success too however way we see it. Kudos Zuby! Expecting the Runs in the Scandinavia

  3. Lanceslot

    Wow! Culture and its differences, how I wish one day we africans will come to understand life the way this white people do…. We will come to understand that life is so simple and stop complicating it. Weldon Ozoigbondu.

  4. ugsams

    If Jennifer should give me that amount of money now, na to go Goethe Institut sure pass and start processing for admission in Germany. Jennifer is such a lucky girl. I am happy for her.

  5. Edkhine

    It pays to do good. See the reward of saving Jennifer , it’s not the money per se but there’s an internal satisfaction that comes with doing good. I dey learn. Oga zubby , thanks.

  6. Drtonyo

    Hmmm Cool . I bet you did not expect a payback when you rescued Jennifer. It is good and rewarding to be good.

  7. Manshyne

    PART 2
    You road I enter upon and look around, I
    believe you are not all that is here,
    I believe that much unseen is also here.
    Here the profound lesson of reception, nor
    preference nor denial,
    The black with his woolly head, the felon,
    the diseas’d, the illiterate person, are not
    The birth, the hasting after the physician,
    the beggar’s tramp, the drunkard’s stagger,
    the laughing party of mechanics,
    The escaped youth, the rich person’s
    carriage, the fop, the eloping couple,
    The early market-man, the hearse, the
    moving of furniture into the town, the
    return back from the town,
    They pass, I also pass, any thing passes,
    none can be interdicted,
    None but are accepted, none but shall be
    dear to me. BY WALT WHITMAN

  8. oluku blessing

    I am really happy for jenny even with wat she went through life, d difficuties d hardship she finally got her heart desire. I just want to say tank u zubby for d good work.God will continue to bless u.


    Zubby is beginning to eat the fruit of his labour….ride on d ozoigbondu1, xpect more!

  10. Godson

    Congrats Jenny. Really, our life here is really complicated.
    Runners congrats to us we get anoda update today.

  11. spihn

    Zuby it seems what you touch ends up in gold well most of the time sha. But that feeling you get when you help someone get successful. Am sure its not the money but tha money is a major factor.

    But also your money is depreciating small small oh.
    And also that feeling you get when you come back from work at the end of the day to read your story and it is consistent.
    More ink to your pen sir

  12. seedorf

    fully deserved.if only the world acts like this, here would have been a beter place

  13. Nwaokoro Hannah

    In tears..thank God for Jennifer. The people we encounter in life’s journey is for reasons and purposes

  14. Beautiful Onyinye

    There you go… ✍️

    Hard man, hard man
    But her story touched you.

    I like you because you were genuinely happy for her rather than have grudges or ill feelings or become jealous.

    Your attitude and expression showed it. Good a thing Jenny ended in a safer hands and you were rewarded accordingly.

    Time waits for no one. Congratulations to her and you too. You both won 🏆

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