95: The Capture

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“Since he is on his way here, you have to wait. I will make sure that i talk some sense into him. He needs to know that he doesn’t own you yet until he puts a ring on you” i said and laughed.

“I can’t even marry him, he is so full of himself” Doris replied.

“I need to go and get him some beer to drink. We can’t just talk about problems without drinking something. If he comes here before i return, please open the door for him. Don’t fight or shout back at him, i will be back before you know it. I am leaving with the key” I said with another smile.

I picked up my Jacket which has the gun inside it and stepped out of the building.

Apartment Nummer 8.
Apartment 8 No 45 Karl Max Strasse Spandau Berlin was inside a medieval building. One has to enter the main general door into a square compound before opening the door to each apartment. There were 16 apartments inside the square, four flats in each side of the square. My own apartment was facing the general entrance door which also has its own keys.
I left the apartment and walked quickly to a coffee bar down the street where i was able to see everything that happened in front of House 45 which was ours. As i waited, i bought the first cup of coffee and finished it. I was on the second cup when i saw the taxi stopped in front of my house. Sure it was Ralph. I could still make out his small stature from the distance. This small man should have been afraid of me to some extent.
The urge to get up and rush him came immediately but since i was sure that he was going inside the house, i resisted.
I watched as he brought out his phone and made a call. A minute later, i saw Doris come outside and hugged him. He looked left and right like a man who suspected that he was being followed, then they entered the building.
As i stood and watched, i wondered what gave that little rat the morale and the gut to even think about stealing my money. Sure he must have heard and seen what i did to Barrister Jonathan and the oil well contractor Kingsley. This fool must have been convinced by those two people together with the rest of their gangs, to keep the money. Knowing how they lived extravagantly in Berlin, they must have eaten deep into my money. Ralph was my friend. Despite the fact that Kingsley was also a friend, Ralph was far closer. I liked him and have invited him several times to my Heim back in Brandenburg. The first Mercedes Vboot Ralph bought and sent to Nigeria, it was I, Ozoigbondu who paid €600 for the shipment back then. Ralph had called me that afternoon and said he wanted to send the car to his Brother in Nigeria and begged that i lend him the shipment money. He had said that it was the only thing he was sending to Nigeria ever since he came to Europe. I had given him the money and asked him not to pay. The gesture had endeared me to him which made him come closer to me among the Self acclaimed Berlin Bigger boys.
How could he have been corrupted by Jonathan and Kingsley? They both got what they deserved and they succeeded in dragging Ralph into the mess he has gotten himself into.
I almost shared tears While thinking about what was just going to happen between us. One thing i was sure of was that Ralph was going to give me my money. If the Police happened to get involved in this one, i would accept my fate and either go to Prison or get deported. Either way, i will be free from all the stress that seemed to have become part of me. I didn’t care how he was going to come up with the money, i didn’t care how long it was going to take before he come up with the money. What i knew was that he will pay me  my €10000 and looking at the remainder of the previous money i recovered from Kingsley in Amsterdam, it remained a little over €6000. It meant that out of the €20000 total money i received from Aunty Joy, i had just €6000 left with me. Since Ralph, Jonathan and Kingsley were all involved in the money, they were going to first of all, come up with €14000. That will balance up the Money Joy sent back to the original €20000. Then i will check for other side expenses and interests and make them pay too. I was ready to get the whole money or die trying. After dealing with those Nsukka guys in Berlin, they will find out that i had transformed from the fearless drug carrier they knew back then to a monstrous and dangerous machine in human form.

After several minutes of thinking about how to approach the situation, i gulped down the remainder of my coffee, paid the shop owner and walked out to the street.
At an open shop near my house, i bought a pack of Becks beer and drank one inside the shop before stepping outside. I needed my head to be messed to a little degree because i was sure that i couldnt pull the trigger if there wasn’t any form of alcohol in my system.
After leaving the shop, i crossed over to my side of the strasse and opened the main door with my key. The square compound greeted me with calm and quietness as if they knew that something was about to happen.
As i crossed over to the door of my apartment, i saw the light inside my apartment. The plastic draw curtain couldn’t let me see anything inside and the sealed double glass windows couldn’t let me hear any form of noise inside as well. It was good because i needed nobody to hear what was going to happen inside. I knew that there were going to be times when Mr Ralph will scream for help but the bad news was that nobody was going to hear his voice. The walls will drown our voices and nobody will be able to know what was going on.

Then like if i was moved by a machine, i walked to my door and put my key inside.
I turned the key and the door cracked open instantly. My gun was already in my hand as i pushed the door wider and faced the three figures sitting on my bed.

Ralph was sitting in the middle between CY and Doris. There were arguments of some kind but i didn’t care as i closed the door and dropped the beer on the floor.

“Hello Ralph, nice to see you again” I said to the surprised faces staring at the gun.
“What is this?” That was CY.
“Shut up if you don’t want to get hurt” I said.

“Raphy boy, Did you come with my money?”

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  1. meexteeriox

    GOod this is so intense……Raphy Boy u fuck up bad.
    Pay back time…..lets see how it plays out.
    Ozoigbondu 1 of Berlin, i doff my hat for you.

  2. horlabiyi

    O_O Zuby pls give us more update today,I just can’t wait to read the next update. More ink to ya pen bro

  3. Kinky

    Fellow Runners this capture, OBURO small capture ooooo . This na d kind caputre wey go make u hate d day dey born u…..

  4. Shisha_dealer

    Ghen ghen……Ralph Don enter am……. Awoof Don purge belle………

  5. prugged

    Ralph will b like,it dis a fantasy or real….Zuby I have to commend u on dis 1. Honestly d strategy u used from d beginning of dis operation to dis very point iz superb…. Tunes up man

  6. olenyi

    Wow. Just see as my heart and blood was beating and pumping as if it was me ZUBY was coming to catch. Pheeewwww!!!!!

  7. obumsway

    oooooooooooyyyyyyyyyaaaaaa……raph boy is in real trouble !!!!! He leva see anything yet !!

  8. teawy

    na so raph enter trap…gbam, wish this was a novel, no sleep till I finish the book, odi serious… biko more update… thanks bro

  9. numero uuuno

    The captured guy……..i guess it will be one of the unluckiest days of his life……poor ralph
    one thing ive discovered about ur story is that you dont jok with money,not even family nor friends could come between u an ur money…..
    Weldone baba…its well

  10. eulag

    Nna, Zuby, ur head dikwa there…..akpata oyi ga overcome ralph……

  11. Evny

    Damn,ralph would be cursing the jupiter that made him come out of his hiding place!

    • chidex

      Who else does Dat…… “Women”. He was in love and didn’t want to be a looser to an unknown fine boy sweeping him up his feet. Good to know that there are still many ways to kill a rat……… The NSK gang are are too dumb to know..

  12. Omega Nwanne m

    And we made more that 20 comments!!!! oya zuby wher is our next update or are u now doing us *419? this was agreement and agreement is agreement

    • Shisha_dealer

      then u don’t know Zuby well…… if he escapes he his just postponing judgement day….. Zuby will catch him again and the interest on the money will keep going up

  13. lightbearer

    Just can’t shout, Zubby you’re da master strategist, pls more updates today. Plzzzzzzzzzzz!

  14. achi4u

    @Delis I don’t think this Raph captured by ozoigbondu will see the light at the end of the tunnel. lol
    He can’t unless with a bullet wound.

  15. zupremo

    Raph don die for inside inside,bad sound de ring for im head,he fit shit for boxer self

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