94: The grand water revenge

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The next day was Sunday. I told Zainab that I was going to Church.
My cousin asked if I was going to Church immediately but I told him that I wasn’t going directly.

The Church in Onireke was very close to our house, as a result, we were not required to go to the Church with vehicles.

The Landlord’s wife and children didn’t require their car to go to Church too. Everyone in the vicinity walked to Church.

On that very Sunday, a man named Bishop Okogie was visiting the Church. Every adult Church member was expected to attend the 8am Mass.
I drove to the Onireke-Tedi road and waited while my back was turned on the barracks.
There was a small ditch in the middle of the road where there was dirty water.

People walked to the Church early to get free seats. About 10 minutes to 8 am, I saw the Landlady down the road. She was with Stella and another of her child which I didn’t know well.

I started moving down slowly. I targeted the ditch to be our meeting point. As soon as they got to a meter of the ditch, I moved the car faster and jump into the small ditch with the passenger side of my two tyres.
Dirty water splashed all over their cloths.
They had jumped up in anticipation of the obvious incident but they were apparently a bit late as it was a deliberate attack from me.

I packed the vehicle some meters away from the ditch and came down from the car. My face had suddenly changed into a very sorry man’s face.

”Oh, my Gawd” I said as I brought out my towel handkerchief and brushed down the dirty water on Stella’s Grey gown

”Madam Sorry oh, it was an accident” I said as I looked her in the face with that fixed sorry face.
She stood there looking at me like I had just poured the water on her ego instead of her Parish Cloths. They had contributed money and bought the cloths which had the Bishop Okogie’s Image on it.

It was obvious that the entire Catholic Women Organisation (CWO) of the Parish were required to wear the uniform on that very Sunday. However, Madam Landlady’s own uniform had just been ruined by thick dirty waters lying on the road for several days.

People had gathered there and was looking at them. Some of them were telling them sorry and reminding them that it was just an accident.
Some were busy saying that I must have taken alcohol that morning. A lot of people had stopped to sympathize with them.
I was sure madam knew that it was a deliberate act but I didn’t care.

Stella and her sister were just victims of circumstances and if I had chosen to target their mother alone, I may not have gotten the chance.

Since madam Landlady wanted to play the game of dirty waters with me, it was left for the gods to determine who the winner was.

Stella had gotten angry with me. Her own cloths had been ruined. She was looking at me unbelievably. She didn’t believe what had just happened.
The other daughter of Madam Landlady’s cloths had also been ruined. That one was crying but I didn’t care. I didn’t even pity Stella. I only concentrated my mind on Madam Landlady. I had gotten my revenge at last.

I stood there as they all turned back and faced the way back home.

”Madam please let me drive you people home to change, I am sorry for what happened” I had said.

None of them even looked at me… They just walked slowly and shamefully back home.. I waited to make sure they were out of sight, then I turned my car around and drove to the Badagry expressway where I washed my car.

I didn’t like what I did to Madam Landlady, but my hands were tied.
I just wanted her to know that if I ever got the chance to betray her, I would.
That If the opportunity came to pay her back with dirty water, I would take it.

”I am a hustler and a fighter. I believe in the eye-for-an-eye business. I don’t believe in turning the other cheek like we were all told when we were kids. If you kill my dog, you better hide your cat”

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