94: The Last Girl – Queen of England

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“Hello Beautiful girls” I greeted them.

One looked extremely beautiful. Very beautiful to the extent that i wondered what she was doing out there working as a prostitute.
She was yellow, and slim and tall with long slim legs that would make her win a beauty pageant anywhere in the World.
Her long hair nearly reached her buttocks.
She was wearing a jean trouser with a light pullover that was double-rolled on the neck.
She had a black handbag with golden chain handle that gracefully hung on her left shoulder.
As i stood beside her, she was taller and her piercing eyes probed my entire body as if to say ‘Get lost’.
But i didn’t care since i knew what i was up to.
I wouldn’t care if she had to slap me before agreeing to follow me.

“What is it?” It was she who asked the question.

“Nothing” The useless word fell out of my mouth.

“Then get Lost” She continued.

“Calm down Queen” lets hear him out.

‘Queen, what a deserved name’ i said with a little smile. My confidence has started to return due to the life line the second girl gave me.

“Talk fast before a customer comes here” Queen said.

Customer? So she was really a prostitute.

“I am a customer Queen” I managed to say without stammering.

“hahaha, customer indeed. You can go and pick one of those girls down there. We are not cheap” The second girl said.

“I don’t expect you girls to be cheap. Queen’s hairstyle alone should cost a lot of money” I said between jokes and reality.

“We are not the type that take 150 for a night. So, do you have 500 Euros for a night?” The second girl asked.

“I would pay 500 Euros just to spend one night with Queen even without touching her” I said, leaning towards Queen.

As the girls laughed, I considered whether i was going off track.
I wasn’t there to over-pay a girl i wasn’t sure would agree to follow me to Amsterdam. Although i wasn’t going to give her any money if she didn’t agree to follow me. I wasn’t even going to touch her if she followed me to the hotel. It was going to be purely on business.

I quickly joined them to laugh until we all stopped almost at the same time.

“Bring out 500, let me see” Queen Said.

I fumbled in my pocket and brought out the entire 1000 i received from Western Union earlier, counted out five pieces of 100 Euro notes and put the rest back in my pocket.

“You see, i am serious” I said.

Queen looked at her friend who nodded and approved the transaction.

“You will give the money to my friend Jane before we go” Queen said.

“That is a no no Queen. What if you disappear?” i asked.

“Do i look like someone who will run away with your money, Don’t you trust me?” She stupidly asked.

“Should i just trust you because you are beautiful?” I fired.

They have seen the cash and there were there for the cash. That was the equivalent of 100, 000 Nigerian Naira there in my hand and some blockhead prostitute was asking if i didn’t trust her.

My mind has started running wild and it was only a matter
Of seconds before i returned my money back in my pocket and look elsewhere.

“Queen follow him. If he didn’t give you the cash as soon as you get to the hotel, come back here” Jane said.

“Good advice, because i am not giving out this money until we get to the hotel” I said.

“Which hotel are you lodging, i don’t sleep in anyhow hotel” Queen said.

Kid. She wasn’t more than 18 from her looks and there she was rejecting hotels in central Paris.

“Anyhow hotel, do they have anyhow hotel here in Paris?” I asked foolishly.

“Which hotel are you?” She repeated.

“I don’t know the name but its not far from here. Its a decent hotel but if you don’t like it, i can pay for a better one. I have more money with me here” I said.

Queen followed and walked alongside me.
From the way the other girls looked at us, it was clear they all knew that Queen never followed a man without money.

I wondered why that Jane girl decided to be working with Queen. No sane man with eyes would ever decide to take Jane as long as she was with Queen.

The well creamed yellow skin almost radiated from the street light.
Her Catwalk would make Naomi Campbell Jealous and as i watched her walked beside me, i didn’t regret pricing 500 Euros. I would gladly pay 1000 any day to sleep with such a beauty irrespective of the exchange rate down there in the hellhole called Nigeria.
Anybody can decide to even change the money to Cedis, i wouldn’t give a damn how much it would amount to.

“Why are you smiling?” Queen asked as we crossed the road.

I didn’t even know that i was smiling.

“Smiling, when?” I asked.

“I saw you smiling” She said and smiled.
Her white set of teeth flashed like a torchlight.

I almost asked ‘Why are you a prostitute?” But that was a question for another occasion.

“I am happy and happy people smile all the time” I lied.

“Happy for what? Are you not worried that you are paying a lot of money for just one night? Black men don’t pay that much” she said.

“Oh, no my beautiful Queen. Even if you have asked for 1000 Euros, i would still have agreed. You are a stunning beauty” I lied again.

“Really, then pay me 1000 Euros” She said.

Deputy Judas, lets go to the hotel first.

“We shall see. I don’t think i will have Enough to travel back to Amsterdam tomorrow. Had it been that this is Amsterdam, i would have just told you to wait, while i ran to my apartment to get the extra money for you” I said, introducing Amsterdam into our meeting slowly.

“Amsterdam, i have heard about the Amsterdam Red Light. They said girls make a lot of money there” She said.

“Yes, your kind of work is legalized over there, so people just make money from it. But it will be difficult to work there because of documents” I said.

“Don’t they allow British Citizens to work there?” She asked.

What? That Accent. All along, i thought she was faking it, now it has become very clear.

“Are you a British Citizen Queen?” I asked.

“Of Course” She said as if i was supposed to know by looking at her.

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