94: The Inevitable explanations.

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Linda was hurt and judging by her last two messages, she already found out it was me who took her cards. She must have known that she sent me to the bag to get some money.
All in all, her biggest punishment was that she lost her love. She actually lost her love the moment she started demanding that i tell her about everything i owned.
No Igbo Man did that with a girlfriend unless he was stupid and even few did with their wives.
Irrespective of how westernised i had become, there were some favourable values i never threw away from my life.
I was never ever going to list my assets to a girlfriend irrespective of who she was, that could be a one way ticket to the grave.

“What is all this in your pocket” Maria said as she brought out Linda’s Resident and Bank cards from my pocket.

“What are you doing with my Jeans?” I fired back.

“I want to wash it and decided to check if you left some money in it, only to find this. Is this not my friend Linda, are you dating her?” she shouted and started crying.

I allowed her to cry for a while and also ordered Precious out of the room.

“If you will keep quiet, maybe i can tell you why those things were there. I am not dating Linda” I said.

Maria kept quiet and waited for me to continue. She deserved to know the truth but i wasn’t sure which story she wanted to hear. I felt that she wouldn’t want to hear that i hurt Linda but that was the better story among the two possible truths. There was no way i was going to admit that i dated Linda, there was nothing more dangerous than a jealous woman.
She would rather prefer that i killed Linda than to hear that i dated her behind her back.

She was now leaning on my shoulder waiting to hear how i would get out of that one. I was also rubbing her back as i talked to her slowly.

“I have always been straight with you and that is what i will continue to do. It was Linda who called Adesuwa and told her that you were visiting the restaurant where she worked” I said and kept quiet.

“How did you find out?” Maria asked and disengaged herself from my body.

“I told you that i was going to punish everybody who contributed to raping my woman and killing my child. It doesn’t really matter if the woman is you or someone else. I know how emotional you can get sometimes, that was why i didn’t tell you all along. I found out who she was and where she lived, then i visited her. I searched her phone and found out that she called Adesuwa immediately after she called you. That can’t be coincidence. I also checked her logs and found out she didn’t call Adesuwa for the immediate past one month prior to the one she called the day they kidnapped you. That wasn’t a coincidence either. You trusted her and she betrayed you. She told Adesuwa you were visiting her and they ambushed you. They raped and you killed my child” I said.

She has started crying again.

“Please tell me you didn’t kill Linda” She said between tears.

“No Baby, I am not a killer. You know i can’t kill anybody. I only took her to the apartment in Levanzo and locked her up there without her documents, her money and her bank card. I just wanted her to be stranded in the middle of the Sea. We will call her soon and tell her why i did that” I said.

“You can now see why i did what i did, It was for you. I believe you wouldn’t allow me to do that if i told you but the truth is that anybody who hurt you must pay and i don’t care who the person is” I said.

She continued to cry for long and when she stopped, she asked what happened after i left Linda in Levanzo.

“I don’t know. I will visit Amsterdamsport and buy New phones and sim cards. Then i will call her to find out” i said.

“But you could have forgiven her, The Reverend Father in Stockholm thought us to forgive the people who hurt us” she said.

“The Reverend Father never impregnated anybody to Know how it felt when someone else killed the child. The Reverend never Married to know how it hurts to live with the knowledge that some people raped his woman. We can never judge everything equally. Life is about context. There are things we can forgive and there are ones we cannot just forgive otherwise the Gods will not forgive us for forgiving the things we should not have forgiven in the first place” I said.

“You are confusing me” She said and smiled.

“Yea, it would be better if you remain confused for a while” I said and laughed with her.

“But we will send those cards back to Linda. Since you did it for me, You will do what i say” Maria said.

“Good, that means you are a good woman. Send it back to her to teach her how to forgive. That is when forgiveness is required and not when we are supposed not to forgive” i said.

“Don’t start that forgiveness thing again” She said.

“Please find out where Precious went. I angrily asked her to leave the room” I said.

“Don’t worry, she is in Robin’s bedroom” Maria said.

“What? Robin left the house early in the morning” I said.

“Yes but he gave Precious his keys”

“Wait a moment here, are there things you people are hiding from me?” I said.

“Nothing out of ordinary, they are friends and they liked each other. Don’t you want Precious to stay with a man?” She asked.

“I should have been told and got permission from before that” I said, just trying to play the boss.
It was actually what i wanted all along. It was sometimes awkward watching Precious live without a boyfriend. She deserved it and i was also aware that if she didn’t get one soon enough, she could turn to me for sex and the moment that started, the only thing that could stop it was that Maria found out. She was definitely going to find out with time.
Robin had separated the impending war and must be encouraged, though as a man, i was still expected to play the part of the father to the daughter by trying to tell them to go on a slow motion until they knew each other very well.

“I am going to check if she is there” I said to Maria.

“We will go together, she needs to know we are not quarreling” Maria said as she got up and followed me to Robin’s room.

Precious was there on the bed with a bumshort and just Bra. Her clothes were carefully arranged on a hanger. She had actually moved in with Robin.

“Hi Brother Aunty brother, you are here, i am…” she said as she jumped up and covered her breasts with the pillow.

Relax baby girl, we like it too.

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