93: Zainab Affair

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”I want to bath” Zainab announced as she carried her small bag and walked inside the room.
Daisy called as soon as she left. I watched the phone rang and vibrated at the same time without touching it. I didn’t know what to tell her. I was feeling ashamed of myself.

Some minutes later, Zainab came out. She had come with a bumshot. She looked sexy and the whole picture of her on the bumshot turned me on.

”Baby you look sexy” I said with a devilish smile.
She walked up to me and sat on laps.
She had washed her underpant and Bra and spread them in the bathroom. There was nothing under the bumshot and the short T shirt she was wearing.
My hand got to work as soon as she sat on my laps.
She started kissing me as my hand slipped inside the bumshot and caressed her freshly washed cunnt. It was sensational.

It would be such a cheat if I climbed Zainab without taking my own bath. She was smelling good while I had not taken my bath after going across the border.

”Baby I want to take my bath too” I said.
She stood up and dragged me to the bathroom.
As I pulled out my boxers, she pulled out her bumshot and shirt too.
She had come for action and didn’t need any hold up.

Our Landlord had managed to buy a water pumping machine which pumped water to the three plastic tanks on top of the building. It made the bath showers work pretty well.
I opened the shower tap and put my head under it.
Zainab ran back to her bag to get a shower cap. She returned some moments later and joined me under the shower.
As the water poured on our heads and bodies, we kissed and squeezed every squeezeable parts of our bodies.
The way she acted showed that she had really missed sexx but one could never tell.
At a stage during the bath, I turned her around and made her bend down and hold the ground. Her round smooth buttocks protruded and exposed the well shaven cunnt.
I brushed my right hand past the entire length of the cunnt and mounted her without condom.

She cried out as I moved my dicck inside of her slowly in a back-and-front manner.

”You are killing me baby” she had said as the entire length of my dicck moved inside of her and I started pumping.

Skin to skin had always been sweeter, the only problem was the dangers associated with it. But despite the fact that disease hardly show on the faces, I knew that some neat girls would be foolish to allow disease to live inside them. Zainab was a very neat girl.

”I love you baby” I heard as I pumped inside the already lubricated cunnt. After some minutes of intensive fvvckingg, I felt the sperm coming out and pulled my dicck out of her.
Sperm splashed on her buttocks and the floor.
She turned around and started kissing me again.

The water was still splashing down from the shower, I didn’t care if it would finish or not. The landlord had increased the rent after digging and installing the water bore hole. I should not economize water as I used to do when the house was newly built.

After our bath, we dried our bodies and went back to the room to cover our bodies with cloths.

We returned to the sitting room and watched a movie. Half of my mind was not on the movie. Somewhere not far from my house, a girl was there hoping that she had found a boyfriend. Her name was Daisy. She had called twice and I had no heart to pick the call.
I knew that her next action would be to come to my house, as a result, I called her.

”I have been calling you” she said as soon as she answered the call.

”I am sorry, I hope you are alright” I asked.

She said she was fine and that she was missing me… I told her that I was at home but was busy. I promised to call her later and hung up.

Zainab heard everything I discussed with Daisy but she didn’t care or say a word. She just kept quiet and played with the hairs on my chest.
I wondered whether she didn’t know that I just chatted with a girlfriend or that she just didn’t care.

We watched films until the light was taken, then we laid on the long sofa and rested together.
My mind wondered as we laid on the Sofa. I was glad that Issa had returned but I was angry that I hadn’t found a way to punish Mrs Landlady. Such ladies should be told how to live side by side with others and not how to maltreat others simply because their husbands had money or built houses.

The next day was Sunday and a devilish plan came to my mind.

” Don’t be disheartened by the forces of evil. Nothing can happen that Nature hasn’t allowed. The devil always has you where the gods wanted you”.

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