93: Who is he?

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Cornwall England

Cornwall England

Chapter 93

Jennifer dashed forward and hugged me with smiles all over her face.
Some people were angry at me for opening and drinking a bottle of Champagne when no one else had done so but as far as i was concerned, the occasion started after the opening prayers. I didn’t care about whatever rule they wanted to observe. It might have been a little out of order for me but I did things that were out of order while running from Aunty Grace.
Tens of people stared at
Jennifer smiled as she held my hand and pulled me towards her husband; she wanted us to meet and greet.
The husband was also smiling and had stood up to shake my hand.
“Honey this is Solomon, i believe you already know everything about him” Jennifer said to the husband.
“Oh i have heard a lot of good things about you from my wife” He said and continued smiling.
“I am Max Schneider and it is a pleasure to finally meet you”
I kept nodding and smiling while he talked. I was still with the bottle of Champagne in my left hand and was drinking directly from the bottle. People never knew why i did that and I didn’t think there was a special reason for doing that myself; I was just extremely excited and happy for Jennifer, it was almost as if my daughter was getting married. She was my responsibility right from Lisbon Portugal where i picked her up. Even though i wasn’t there physically for her, i was there for her nonetheless. It was me who hired travel document to transport her to Berlin, it was me who sent her to the asylum camp, it was me who paid initially for her accommodation when she returned to Berlin and it was me who had been sending her money from Amsterdam, Paris and Italy. Jennifer Ebot was my product and i was supposed to be happy for her. However, expressing my joy by opening a bottle of champagne before others could have been seen as out of line but i didn’t care, it was not illegal.
A lot of Benin men and women were present at the occasion. There were also about ten Germans present. The Germans were smiling over what i did while the People of Benin city were angry that Ozoigbondu took a whole bottle of champagne that could have served four or more people.

After the introduction by Mr Max, i asked Jennifer to sit down while i walked back across the hall to my seat and continued drinking the liquids directly from the bottle.

I was very excited over the whole marriage thing. Jennifer was finally going to get married to someone who will be there for her. It meant that i wouldn’t have to worry about sending her money again. Like i said sometime ago, i was going to retire from living a dangerous life someday in the future. It would also mean that i would cut sending money to people easily. I was also going to get married in the future and knowing what some women were, my future wife was probably going to make sure that i stopped sending money to any woman even if she knew that there was nothing going on between us.

As the Marriage ceremony went on, people danced and ate and drank. I had called one of the Benin people that changed money and got One Dollar bills from him. I had changed €1000 to the one dollar bills and got over 112 notes. I sprayed the money at Jennifer and her husband as they danced. It was then that some of the Benin people knew that i could actually purchase the bottle of champagne on my own.
A full chicken was presented to me eventually which i handed over to the people who came with me. I wasn’t hungry.
At about 4pm, i told Jennifer that i was going but that i was still in Berlin for a few more days.
She asked if i had found a wife and where i currently lived. I told her that my life had been a little complicated since we parted ways but that we will talk about it another time. She asked me to please visit and know where she lived with the husband before i leave Berlin again. I promised her that i would come.

We left the marriage hall and took a taxi back to Akunne’s shop. People who worked on Saturdays had gathered there to eat and drink. The shop was full and Ozoigbondu was being shouted from every angle as i waved my hand like someone who had just won an election. I settled at a corner and ordered a plate of food worth €7 for anybody who cared to eat. I also bought three bottles of JW and people drank. Ozoigbondu 1 had returned to Berlin and people were expected to eat. I did all that to tell the people who said that i was in Prison, that i made money from whatever prison i was locked up.

Manchester united had gone to the emirates and defeated Arsenal. The silly Kenneth had divided my money into two and used half to play for me. The good news was that he had added some bankers such as Chelsea Winning Wigan at the Stanford Bridge. There was also a tennis game where Kim Klijsters defeated one new player. The total money i won was €270, it paid for the foods and the drinks; i only added another €35 from my wallet.

I spent the entire evening at the Akunne’s shop before going to the Savana night club with Kenneth and four other people. We took the underground train and went there. There were numerous girls for taking at the club but i wasn’t interested. It seemed that each time i went to pick a girl up, i end up getting too involved with her.
We left the club around 3:00 and drove back to Kenneth’s house.

I woke up the following morning and went out to get a new German O2 simcard. It was a Sunday and there wasn’t much activities in the city. I called Johnson and told him that i was in town, he said he was in Leipzig and would come in the night.

I called Jennifer and asked her for the address where she lived, she said she will send it in a few minutes. I lay on the bed and watched a football match between two German Bundesliga football clubs. Right there in Berlin, i thought about where to go next. I had always wanted to move up to Scandinavia. Denmark, Norway and Sweden were all close to Northern Germany. It won’t take much to get there from Hamburg or Rostock or Kiel. But before going to any other place, i needed some rest in Berlin. I wasn’t going to touch drugs of any kind. I didn’t want the Police to control me and find out the no-entry stamp in my passport. It would be disastrous for me since they could seize the passport or send it back to France by themselves.

I watched the football match and waited for my next assignment.

“In the last few years, the very idea of telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth is dredged up only as a final resort when the alternative options of deception, threat and bribery have all been exhausted“



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  1. dejust

    zubby you need money Because of your expenditure hv eating much into ur pocket,
    I no if there a big need of drug for Grt profit u wil damn the risk ……..


    Money is accepted Even thou its comes in a dirty bag of shittttt.

  2. Cheliz

    Some benin people were mad @ u for opening the drink but later served u a full chicken after they discovered that Ozoigbondu 1 of Berlin was capable of buying d same drink having seen his spraying ability.

    Poverty na bastard oh

    Ozoigbondu pls try and update as soon as u see d comments rise up so this website can be lively active

  3. Olabisi Olaniran

    You sure have made a tour of Germany my top priority this year. Ich fähre zu Deutsheland!

  4. Geo

    Am speechless…can help smilling to myself all along reading through this.Ride on Bro…

  5. prugged

    I settled at a corner and ordered a plate of
    food worth €7 for anybody who cared to eat. I also
    bought three bottles of JW and people drank.
    Ozoigbondu 1 had returned to Berlin and people were
    expected to eat. I did all that to tell the people who
    said that i was in Prison, that i made money from

  6. Tony Obaze

    Thoroughly enjoyable. Zuby thanks for giving us respite from endless suspense.

  7. Tony Obaze

    PS. I was just smiling throughout this update. Pls include smileys for better expression

  8. ugsams

    Boss Zuby, I want to suggest that you find a way of making it possible for people to reply other people’s post, that will make the site more interactive and may generate 100s of comments.

  9. Konmight

    Scandinavian here we come. The Ozoigbondu 1 of Berin.

    Zuby, please what’s the meaning of Ozoigbodu again. I know the title was given to you at Akunne’s Bar in 2004. I read that on nairaland months ago but I have forgotten the meaning now.

    Have a wonderful day Bro. You have a lot of stories to tell your children and grand children.


  10. kingslow7

    A very gud omen 2 both ozoigbondu 1 of berlin and jenifer! Finaly she got married!!

  11. Godson

    Was just smilin all tru wile reading, u dey feel like person papa wey dey wed,abi? Ride on Ozoigbodu.

  12. Cheliz


    I think Ozoigbondu means the One Who Saves The Lives Of The Igbos Or The Deliverer Of The Igbos.

    But from what i’ve read so far, Zubby is more that Ozoigbondu 1 Of Berlin because Zubby has not only delivered the Igbos in Berlin but have also delivered Jennifer from Madam Grace in Portugal, delivered Naomi and Lisa from Franca and co, he sent Lisa to London and could have sent Naomi too to London but she declined the offer and choose to remain in France but in the city where she took asylum. Zubby delivered Ngozi from Maria in Napoli Italy and he also initiated the deliverance of Fatima from Maria by d Italian police. Zubby delivered Esther from Franca in Paris/Milian and Zubby also delivered Ify from living misery n uncertainty and sent her to Dublin where is more comfortable.

    Don’t forget he made sure that all he had delivered were comfortable wherever they are.

    So does Ozoigbondu truly describe this guy? No!

    He should be rather be known as THE HELP OF THE HELPLESS BLACK RACE.

  13. Godson

    Yipee….today we get anoda update cos its more dan 20 comments and, yeah Zuby,like oda runners av said; leave a reply column for pple to comment on oda pple’s comment,and put smileys……still i read.

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    Bros I dey cut cap give Y0u…?“^” actually dis z my first of commenting but I was following your from nairaland to here you really got me inspired more grease to your elbow

  15. dryakson

    Zubby is spraying EUROS not dollar not Naira.. Chai
    Zubby is not longer interested in blackmail, drugs etc. Let’s see his next bis.

  16. Papoo Owoh

    You always a mentor to me and I hope to meet you soon with God on outside , ride on zubby 1 of Europe I love to read your words I feel am d actor of this movies which I will be glad if you can make me.lolz

  17. papindinho

    a great chapter once again.

    One thing I noticed is that ‘once you take your time to take care of some people and you were there for them when all seems hard, they don’t wanna leave you and you get attached to them emotionally or spiritually’. It’s natural.

  18. kingslow7

    @ugsams. I support 100% of what said. It ll make globalruns as lively as facebook,nairaland and co…….I no my ozoigbondu 1 of Berlin, de inteligent “GURU” ll just do that!

  19. Delis

    “I am Max Schneider and it is a pleasure to finally
    meet you”.
    Which of the Schneider, the footballer that I know?

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