93: The Revolver

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Agnes called me while i was in a cab going back to my apartment in Spandau. She said she had leaked the information to Ralph and that he was doubting at first but that he eventually called back to confirm that it was true since he had called two other people from the Church who confirmed to him that Doris actually left the Church with a strange new handsome guy. He said Ralph vowed to find the guy and warn him to stay away from his girl.
“Very good job. Stay on alert and leave the phone on silence. Check it every one hour to see if he called again. Don’t receive his calls when John is around. I will advice you on what to do next” I said and cut the call.

Then i immediately called Marko in Brandenburg.
Marko was a good friend and a business partner back when i supplied weeds to the city of Brandenburg. He was one of my major outlets and it was him who even purchased my gun for me back then.

“Millo, long time. Where are you?” he asked.
I told him that i was in Berlin and asked him to come. He agreed to leave Brandenburg and come to Berlin Immediately.

CY returned home before Marko came. He narrated everything that happened with Doris to me. He said that Doris has even agreed to date him since she believed Ralph wasn’t treating her right. It was a good piece of news because it meant that Doris will soon visit her new boyfriend.
“Just let me know the day she will be here, that is all i want for now” I said.

Marko came to Spandau and called me. I directed him to a bar near the metro station which wasn’t far from my Apartment. He was very happy to see me and complained that business fell down since i disappeared.
“Don’t worry, we will start our business very soon. But first of all, i need a gun. I need to scare some dealers here first before i could take over the supply line just like i did in Brandenburg back then.
“That is no problem, i will get you a good one by Tuesday” He said.
“That is good Marko but if you can do faster than that, it will be better for us” I said.
He promised to do his best the following day. We drank some whisky before he left.

Agnes called next and reported her latest conversation with Ralph on the phone. She said Ralph asked her to keep looking out and report to him anytime or anywhere she sees CY and Doris again.
Things were developing accordingly and it was only a matter of time before everything fall in place.

The following Monday morning i put on my Swedish phone number and called Ralph.
“I have reported you to Akunne and other people. I am giving you one week and if you don’t return my money by then, i will come to Berlin” I said casually.
“Hahaha, yes Akunne called me. Why are you telling people, why don’t you come down to Berlin so that we can do this face to face. Do you even have a good Resident permit?” He boasted.
“One week Ralph, just one week and if i don’t get my money, you will see what i will do” i said.
“You can’t do anything. If you come down here, i will tell the Polizei that you don’t have German paper” Ralph said again before hanging his phone.

“You are in Berlin already, why are you telling the person you will come to Berlin in one week?” That was My roommate CY asking.
“You will find out soon enough” I said.
“Here is what you will do between now and 1pm,  Draw a timetable to call Doris at intervals. Show her that you care and love her by calling her at the dot of every hour. You will call by 10am dot, 11am, 12pm and 1pm. At 1pm, tell her that you have been missing her so much and that you want her to come and know where you live” i said.
“Ah, are you now teaching me how to talk to girls. I can just tell her to come here and she will come” CY said.
“I like your confidence but you are to do as i say here. Over Confidence destroys people gradually” I said.
He agreed to make the calls as i instructed.

We waited until 10am, then CY called Doris. The phone was on speakout. They talked and laughed and even kissed on the phone.

It was ironical how some women could just change. I had no doubt that CY would succeed because that was his job back in Amsterdam. I recalled one night in a club when i was with Olivia, my girlfriend. CY came into the club and walked past us. I watched as Olivia’s eyes followed him to where he eventually sat down. As if that wasn’t enough, she even said ‘I like that guy, i wish he will just hold me in those arms one day’.
When i reacted to what she said, she made me believe that she was joking but i knew she wasn’t. Rather than being angry at her, i decided that there was no need swimming against the current. I never knew that a day would come when the same CY would be put to a better use. That moment was now.

By 12 noon, Doris has agreed to visit CY the following day. She made things look like she just wanted to come but i knew that she really wanted to visit CY. Who wouldn’t? I would do the same if i was a woman.

After that small victory, i called Jennifer. She was very excited when i told her that i was somewhere near Berlin and that i could show up if time permitted me. She had begged me to come.
It wasn’t long after talking to Jennifer when Marko called and said he had secured a pistol. He said it wasnt automatic firearm but just a Revolver. I told him to bring it right away.
While waiting for him, i gave CY money and told him to go inside town. I gave him address of Akunne’s place and told him to go and mingle with black people.
“Don’t ever mention my name there. Just go with Doris and introduce yourself to a few people. Make things look like you newly arrived in Berlin. Make some noises and buy some drinks for people. Create a scene if possible and disappear with Doris when everybody was looking” I said.

Twenty minutes after he left, i called Kenneth and told him to go to Akunne’s shop too.
“See if you can hear anything and report back to me” I said as a call came into my phone.
I cut the call to Kenneth and picked the new one; It was Marko from Brandenburg. My Revolver has arrived finally.

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