93: The Last Girl – First Meeting

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“I didn’t tell anybody else, just Tina” Kate said.

She tried to apologize but i didn’t give her the chance; i just cut the call.
We were going to review her mental state in Amsterdam later.

Five minutes later, i got a call from Tina.
“I heard you are still in Paris”.

“What about it?” I asked with a simple tone. I was determined to be the one asking the questions while she gave me the answers.

“I want to follow you to Amsterdam” She said.

“Why did you suddenly change your mind?”

“Nothing” she answered.

“Well Nothing will make me take you to Amsterdam. You can go there on your own, that was what Kate did” i said.

After asking some questions, she said she would like to see me before she travel to Amsterdam.

“I am out of town Tina, we will meet in Amsterdam” I told her before ending the call.
I might be wrong but somehow, i felt Tina could be a trap as well.
It was important that i did not underestimate the power of the enemies.
Since Tina knew Kate, there were great chances that she also knew Franca.
Franca was a close guardian to Kate and since Kate and Tina were very close, Franca could have decided to use the available bait.

There was need to have the list of people to avoid in Paris if i were to be safe.

Like i said earlier, Madam Model was back in Paris. She has increased my number of enemies in the city but fortunately for me, I moved around with cabs. It would be extremely difficult to track me down unless someone saw me entering the cab.

After eating half of my food, i went to the Western Union and picked the money Johnson sent.
According to him, he was preparing to go to Nigeria but didn’t give me a date.

Back in the Hotel room, i lay on the bed and ran through my last plans.
If Tina was serious about going to Amsterdam, I could easily sneak out of the hotel, locate a major train station and head to Amsterdam. There would be absolutely no need to look for another girl. But the problem was that i didn’t trust her.

Despite my phone being on since the previous night, i didn’t receive any call from Aunty Franca.
I didn’t know where she was. She had made a silly mistake of coming after me rather than finding a way to hide Kate from me.
She was more interested in capturing me and perhaps forcing me to return Naomi to her. Or perhaps, she wanted to kill me to get her revenge.
Why did she stop depending on Olokun to get revenge for her?
If the girls were clever enough, they would have known that Olokun was powerless since it was their Madams that were looking to revenge on me by themselves.

As the evening draws nearer, i took a good bathe and finished the remainder of my Jack Daniel.
The coming night was going to be very dangerous for me depending on where i finally decided to get the last girl.
If there was anywhere in Antony where i could get her, it would be safer but if not, i would have to go to Either Marcadet or La Defense of maybe there were other places i didn’t know about.

After putting on my shoes, I checked my face on the wall Mirror inside the bathroom.
My bears has grown and needed shaving but i wasn’t going to do that; i needed that change of appearance.

My hair was also due to go to the Saloon but the facecap was doing a nice job at hiding it.

Before i left the room, Tina called again.
She repeated her request to know where i was but i reminded her why i didn’t want to see her.
She swore with her life that she wasn’t working with Aunty Franca.

“But you Know Aunty Franca?” I eventually asked her.

“I know her but i have never done anything with her, i swear”

“Listen, Kate went to Amsterdam alone, you can also do the same. If you don’t have money for transport, borrow it. I will send the money to the owner as soon as i return to Amsterdam.

“But how am i supposed to know when i get to Amsterdam?” she asked.

“Ask people or read the signs, it won’t be difficult” I said.

I had a feeling this Tina girl was going to be more trouble than good. It was actually the reason why i was doing everything possible to discharge her but she insisted on following me.

Eventually, i told her to wait until i was ready to return to Amsterdam, then i can take her along with me.

When i left the hotel room, it was almost dark.
I walked about twenty meters and stopped a French speaking African Man. I didn’t know where he came from in Africa but i was sure it was from one of the French Colonized regions.

“Hello My friend, how are you?”

In his poor English expression, he was able to tell me that he was fine.
I felt it was safer to continue with him since he wasn’t Nigerian, even though it was going to take me some extra time to understand him fully.

“I want black woman sleep night, i pay money” i said to him.

His smile convinced me that he understood what I meant.

Since it was very difficult for him to direct me where i would find the prostitutes, he asked me to follow him but said i must buy him beer.
Piece of cake.

Since we didn’t take a cab or train, i figured that the place must be very close.

Down the street from the hotel where i lodged, we turned left and walked up to another hundred meters along the major road.
While we walked, i bent my head to ensure that nobody saw my face.

We walked until we busted out near a major round about where some girls could be seen loitering.

My Friend pointed at them and smiled.

After shaking his hand for a job weldone, i gave him 10 Euros and he thanked me as if i had saved his life.

From where i was standing, i circled the entire area with my eyes.
In the middle of the avenue was where the people i was looking for stood.

Two of them. They were standing near the bus stop chating as if they were going somewhere but since i was already a professor of the game, i knew they weren’t going anywhere.

“This one looks like Naija man” One of the hookers said as i walked past them towards the bus stop where i had spotted the age range i was looking for.

As i walked, i hoped none of them knew who i was.

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