93: The Evil Thoughts and Deeds

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The truth was that Adisa was never directly involved with what happened to Maria; Linda was.

My initial plan was to higher a small boat and took two of them to a shallow water, then force the boat to capsize. There were not going to die because the water won’t be able to cover their heads but they would have been cold and scared to death.
On a second thought, i discovered that the likes of Adisa, who couldn’t swim due to her weight could actually die out of fear.

I also feared that there could be dangerous hungry sharks in the Sea which won’t hesitate a bit to feed on us if we fell into the sea; in that note, i could even be the unlucky one who would be devoured while the two bitches survived. No way.

After considering that option, i had decided to abandon that plan and lock them up in the apartment.

Of course they were going to come out of the apartment the next day or even before that. They would call the Police hotline and they would come to force the door open for them. Then the side of money would arise.
The biggest victim would be the Adisa girl; she had no resident permit whatsoever and the Police must demand for that.
As a result, Adisa was going to kick against involving the Police for as long as she could. She knew the Cops would demand for her papers. Linda would get tired of waiting and would be forced to call the Police which would definitely cause a rift between two of them. They could start fighting and ended up wounding themselves inside the apartment.

The neighbours would hear noises and call Police by themselves. The Police would come and ask them what happened.
Linda would have a slightly different story from Adisa. Unfortunately for them, non knew the names in my passport.

By the time all these would be happening, i would have been in Amsterdam.

As for Linda, i gave her enough punishment. Nothing hurts a woman than to lose her love. Linda was all over me but there was a time i doubted her. She wanted to know about everything i had; even in Africa. There was a time it flashed through me that she could have poisoned me and as a result, i decided that i would visit a hospital in Amsterdam.

I got to Orly Airport in Paris and unfortunately, there were no more flights to Amsterdam.
There were three things I could do to get to Amsterdam;
Bus: I could go to Gallieni Bus Station and took the night bus. The problem was that it could take the entire night to get to Amsterdam. The times i used the buses in the past, we had always stopped near the French-Belgium Border where we usually spent over an hour on refreshments before heading to Brussels. There were also more Police controls than in the trains.

The trains: The French TGV was one of the fastest trains in Europe. The problem however was that it would stop in five or six stations before Amsterdam Central. I needed a transport system that would just take me straight to Amsterdam without stopping anywhere. That left me with Taxi, which incidentally, was the most expensive of the lot.

While Buses took €27 and TGV trains €120, The damn taxi cost €500.

Since i wanted a quick return to Bijlmer, i took the taxi option.
The Mercedes CDI was a beast on the French highway. The balance while on speed was awesome and it made me consider buying one of it whenever i stumble upon lose money again.

We got to Amsterdam in the early hours of the next day without any incidence. I had feared that there was going to be troubles because the Bulgarian Driver almost drank half of the bottle of Jack Daniels i bought in Paris.
He would take it from me and sip at intervals, then he would throw a candy in his mouth to quench the smell.

We were lucky not to have been stopped by the border patrol of any Country.

It was already 1am when i switched on my phone.
Numerous text messages flooded the phone.
As i scrolled through them, i found out that most were from Linda; Few from Adisa.

They started with asking where i was and what has been keeping me. Eventually Adisa became a little aggressive. She wanted to know why i switched my phone off, then she went on to say that i was disrespectful of her age by bringing her to Levanzo and abandoning her without leaving my phone on.
Linda didn’t believe what has happened initially, she started her own text messages by praying that nothing happened to me during the business with the Mafias. Then she went on to say that she was missing me and that i should abandon whatever business i was doing and return to the apartment.
She eventually said that the doors were locked from the outside and that they couldn’t get out. After some more minutes, she said that the woman with her has attempted to break the door and get out without success. Then she went on to report that the woman asked that they shouted through the window so that people could come to help break the door.
Linda also wrote that she told the woman that the business could have gone wrong and prompted a delay. She asked the woman to have patience but she wouldn’t agree.

Adisa eventually shouted through the window at 10pm when hunger started disturbing her.
Two men had eventually came to their rescue by calling the Sea Guards who in turn called the Police. The door was eventually forced open but the immediate problem was that they had no money whatsoever.
Her Bank Card was missing and so was her Resident permit card. She couldn’t get money from anybody to travel back.
Linda asked if i saw her Resident permit card or the bank card.

The poor snitch have come to terms that it was over between us, she was still struggling to hold on to the wind.

The last two messages from Linda was scary. She started with “So you are a thief, now i know it was you who…”.
I didn’t want to read all of it for the fear of getting upset and returning to deal with her on Italy, i just dismembered the phone and threw it out of the taxi window. We were still in Northern France.

My girls were very happy to see me, i got the feeling they were not comfortable with my absence.

I went straight to bed after warning them not to wake me up.
“We will talk when i get up” I had said to Maria who wanted to have the news right away.

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  1. Eulag

    LOL……on a serions note,you will definitely need a gun in Amsterdam! Because they will come for you !!

  2. njideoby

    While others were busy hustling in Europe, Zuby was busy planning and executing revenge.

    • Zuby

      One Italian Mama paid what husters cant make in one year
      I was the chief hustler for years before i created another job.

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    Trouble dey sleep, yanga come wake am. Wetin e dey find???

    Kpalagba, e dey find Kpalagbe

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    linda wil be surprise to know Where she was lock up belong to her friend Who she betray

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    Oga zuby u ve created so many enemies in europe u better watch ya back

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      Yea. Noticed that you’ve been working on the site. Its looking really cool. Still work on the comment link.


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