92: Trapped in an Island.

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We waited until Adisa walked about 200 meters and when i made sure that nobody came with her, i called and asked her to wait for us.

“How, i mean were you people following me?” She asked as soon as we meet up.

“Yes, i had to make sure nobody followed you. I am a very careful person. The business i do in this Island requires utmost carefulness” I said and smiled.

We walked to my apartment and when i opened it, She asked if it belonged to me.

“This is one of the Places we do business with the Mafias. They are already on their way with our money. When you get your share, keep some for Alaye and use some to get him a good lawyer. This is the first business he did with us and it is a pity he is not here to enjoy his money. I also want you to never ever let anybody know about this place” I said to Adisa. She promised never to tell anybody anything about the apartment.

I had deliberately put two notes of 500 Euros in my jean pocket.
While we waited, i made a coded call to the phone i left in Amsterdam. I had warned Maria never to answer any call from the phone.

“I m in the Island” I said into the phone and listened. A few moments passed before i said “Thirty Minutes, OK” and cut the call.

“They will be here soon, let me go and get some drinks outside” I said as i fumbled in my poked and brought out the two 500 Euro notes.

“Baby, do you have small money there? This people won’t have 500 Euro change at the shop” i said as i made sure they both see the money in my hand.

Then She made the biggest mistake of her life, “Baby i am tired from all the walking from the harbour, could you please get it from my bag in the room?” she said.

“Sure” I said as i walked into the room and opened the bag.
I took all the money inside the small purse, took her resident permit card and her bank ATM card, took her monthly train and bus tickets, searched the entire bag to make sure there was no money left, then i put them in my pocket and walked to the sitting room.

“What do you drink?” I asked Adisa. The slob said she wanted merlot red wine.
Linda also wanted red wine.

“I will be back in before twenty minutes” I said before i opened the door and got outside.

I put a key into the door keyhole and turned it, then forced it to break inside the hole, making sure nobody can open it from the inside and even from the outside without removing the entire key.

It was already evening but i was lucky to meet the house agent in his small office.

“Hello my friend, i hope everything is alright” he said as soon as he recognized me.

I told him that i came to close the house because the woman who rented it for me no longer lived in Italy. He said he needed to see Maria or that Maria must call him first to confirm my claims before he could balance me our one month advance fee.

I called, Maria and put the phone on speakeout.
She didn’t recognize the number and as a result, she didn’t pick the call.
I wrote a text message and sent to her, telling her that it was me and that i bought a new sim card after losing the old one.
She called me immediately.
I switched the phone back on speakout before talking to her.
“I am at the house of the agent who rented the house to us. He wants to ask you some questions” I said as i handed the phone to Maria.

“Miss Maria, your friend said you no longer need our apartment. Could you please tell me why?” he said.

I didn’t prepare Maria for that question and i felt i should have done that. As a result, i feared that Maria could go out of line in trying to explain why she didn’t need the house any longer but then i already told her i was going down to Italy to close the house.

“I no longer live in Italy Sir. I stay in Holland now” Maria said.

The agent looked at the phone number that called me and saw that the country code was +31 which belonged to the Holland. He might not have known that the code belonged to Holland anyway but i was sure he knew it didn’t belong to Italy either. I usually gave intelligence credit to the people i did business with.

“Please call the phone number you registered with when you took the apartment” The agent said to Maria.

Maria called out her Italian number and eventually called out her Passport number and date of birth as was requested by the agent.

After a few paper works, he returned our one month payment to me. I thanked him and left his office.

The entire process took twenty minutes and when i added the four minutes it took me to get to his office, i found out that Linda and the slob must have started getting worried about why i haven’t returned. They might have even gone to the door to push the handle which would surely turn without opening the door. The next thing they would do was to wait for some more time. One of them, especially Linda was going to demand that they gave me more time with hope that i was on my way back. Or perhaps, Adisa must have thought that i could have gone to meet the Mafias in the Sea rather than bringing them to the apartment.

I got to the Harbour and checked the six ferry boats loading up. There were all heading to different places. The one which was going to Trapani remained two people and when i paid for a ticket, they decided to forget about the remaining one person.

My phone started ringing as soon as our boat moved into the blue Sea; it was Linda.

“Baby where are you?” she asked.
“I decided to meet my friends in the Sea, they called me when i was returning. I will finish with them and return before an hour, i am sorry” I said and switched off my phone.
She must have surely heard the sound of the boat.

I got to Trapani and asked a cab driver to take me to the airport.
He drove me for a few minutes before he joined a major road which i was sure did not go to Palermo Airport.

“Where are you going?” I asked him.

“Trapani Airport” He said.

I kept quiet. I didn’t know there was an Airport in Trapani. I had always believed that the nearest Airport around was in Palermo.

We got to the Airport and there was no Plane to Amsterdam. However, there was one to Belgium and one to Germany but the one which was leaving in one hour was headed to Orly in Paris.

I bought a ticket and boarded the Ryan Air headed to Paris.

As i sat in the plane, i wondered if i handed enough punishment to Adisa and Linda.

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    The punishment is sufficient abeg, u have had sex with her and also took away all her stuff,that will teach her a lesson

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    Locking them in the room makes no sense to me,besides,the house agent will still find out they are stuck in there, and if they manage to escape before the agents arrival,they would have damaged the door hereby giving your maria a bad rep.

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