92: The Extra Cash

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Chapter 92.

For the following one week, i didn’t go anywhere.
I stayed at home.

Passenger’s funeral was to be hold 10 days after his death.
His friend has called me and told me.

It was time to go and visit them.

I left the village after seven days and went to the MTD. I told the DPO that i wanted to visit the dead man’s family at Obeagu.

He agreed to give me two Police Officers after i agreed to pay 5000 Naira.

Armed with guns, the two officers followed me to Obeagu Amechi.

The father was no more.
The mother was old already.
The wife, a young woman of about 26 sat with her only son when we entered the compound.

The Posters of the dead man were placed in strategic positions in the compound.

A large banner of him was also mounted in front of the gate.

“We came to see you” I said to the wife.

She asked who i was and i told him that i was a friend of Passenger.
I told her that it was me who took him to Akegbe Ugwu.

The lady started crying when i told her that it was me who hired his husband. She lamented over what she would be doing from then on.

She said she had no job and didn’t know how to feed herself and her son.

Her husband was a thug and a petty thief who fed the family from what he stole from people.

“I will help you if you calm down” I said.

When she finished crying, i asked what she would like to do to be able to feed herself and her son.

She said Passenger her Husband owned a small shop at Garriki Market.

She said they planned to start a Grocery store when they have money but that dream was crushed when her husband died.

“So how much will be enough to start the Provision Business” I asked.

She said 50, 000 Naira would be fine.

The woman wasn’t greedy afterall.

I planned to give them 100,000 Naira but something happened three days after the death of her husband.

Johnson, my friend who lived in Germany returned to Nigeria.

He came to my compound to sympathize with us over the missing man.
He remembered everything the missing man did for his family when we lived together in Germany.

Before Johnson left, he gave my mother 50, 000 and gave me 400, 000 Naira.

He also said that the money i left with him in Germany remained 2500 Euros.

I didn’t remember the money.
I thought i took all my money from him but the way i was running all over Europe, it was obvious that i was going to forget some things.

He gave me the money in Euro and at the current exchange rate, that was another 500, 000 Naira.

The money brought new fresh air into the system. It was true that I still had some money with me. But the extra 900, 000 was a boost.

For that reason, i decided to increase the money for Mrs. Passenger to 200, 000. Another 50,000 would go into the burial.

“When do you plan to start the store?” I asked.

She said she was ready to start right after the burial.

Since Obeagu wasn’t far from Garriki, she was going to be going to the store from home.

I asked if she has an ID Card and she said she did.

I wrote a cheque Of 200, 000 Naira and gave it to her.

The tears in her eyes dried up and turned to smiles.
There was still hope for the poor girl afterall.

She wanted to start a story of how she met Passenger and how she wanted to further her education but i excused myself and went to the mother.

After a brief discussion with the old woman, i gave her 50,000 naira and left.

I didn’t tell her it was for burial. Whatever she decided to do with it was her business.

Back in the Police car, the two cops said they didn’t know i was a rich man.
They said i must find them something before i leave.

I asked them to follow me to eat in a popular restaurant inside Garriki Park.

After paying for our foods, i bought them drinks and gave them 2000 each before they left.

From the Garriki Park, i took a yellow cab back to the village.

I didn’t tell my mother about the incident that happened at Akegbe Ugwu. I felt she would have felt too bad that i was involved in a dangerous thing such as that.
It was true that it was in an effort to locate a missing brother but that would have been secondary if anything happened to me.

As days crawled, the need to get another vehicle came up.
The Mitsubishi that crashed was the first thing i thought of.
It was time to start fixing it. The panel-beater who towed it from the accident scene to his workshop has been calling me to give him some money to start work.
He estimated that the vehicle would cost about 400,000 Naira to fix.
I believed him because the car needed almost total overhaul.

I was going to buy a new front bumper, two headlamps, a new bonnet, the flood lights, the two fenders, two front shock absorbers and another engine block.

Those mentioned spare parts were just for the front.
I was also going to buy two front tyres, the front windscreen, steering wheel, Dashboard and Radiator.

Virtually every important component of the car was damaged.
Above all, they said the chassis was affected.

The 400,000 naira was not even going to be enough.

However, there was a good news. The money for the repairing of the car just arrived. I received the alert the day before i went to Enugu to estimate the cost of the Car.
The money arrived from Ireland.
You would be surprised how the money came.

Back in Amsterdam, i started a website called www.afrowall.com (now closed).
It was a website that was born out of Anger.
Afrowall as it was popularly known, was a discussion forum like nairaland.
Infact it had all the sections nairaland has.

I started Afrowall because i was banned from nairaland. I was the moderator of Jokes section on nairaland then, writing most of the jokes there as well.
Many people returned to nairaland Jokes section simply because i turned it around.
It became the most vibrant section on nairaland, boasting the likes of Clemcykul, Gabry, Jeovy, mykali, infobaba, lysaa etc.

I was then known as Sam Milla, the king of Jokes.
You can search nairaland for ‘Who is the nairaland king of jokes’. That was me. (to be contd..)

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  1. obinoral

    Sam milla the king of jokes. Boss your goodwill will speak for you after you might have depart this world. Keep it coming boss.

  2. achi4u

    Oga zubby,honesty speaking,ur life is full of stories and u have done a great deed.
    Your only savior in all ur life dealing is that u’ve never planned evil against anyone unjustly.
    Your chi is always alive u…where others go and didn’t succeed,u’ll go and make.
    May God continue to bless you.

    *ifems na ekele gi.

  3. Edo boy

    Only the white’s gives the way u give out money………….
    I just hope u find the missing guy becos is when ur effort will be rewarded by him and those who care …

  4. solomon sly

    Zuby what of other guys u took to the kidnappers den have u seen them and what’s ur plan for them?

  5. horlabiyi

    Another good write up. I could remember those days of rib cracking jokes on NL. Seun and his advisers are killing NL

  6. Amina Williams

    God luvs a cheer giver, give all u got, he luvs to see laughing when you in an awkward way. Plssssssss settled the other pple oooooo.. God bless you in ur findings. Api Easter in advance.

  7. DaVinci

    Respect to Nairaland. The wife neva expected the money. Well done boss.

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