92: Berlin House of God

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On that cold Sunday Morning, i followed CY with a cab to the Church gate; then he entered the Church while i found a Bar not far from there.
I bought a small bottle of jaggermeister sweet whiskey and drank from the bottle while i waited. Kenneth arrived at the Church and called to tell me that he has located CY.
As expected, Miss Doris Kwansah was at the choir stand singing with other beautiful girls and some men. Kenneth has succeeded in showing CY who Doris was. As expected also, the Nsukka Squad didn’t come to Church. They were hiding from the whirlwind which could breeze through anywhere including the Church.
Typical of all Pentecostal Churches especially the ones managed by Nigerians, the Church service dragged for hours until around 3pm when the Pastor declared that the day’s service was over.
From where i was, i saw Nigerians, Ghanaians, Kenyans and others trooping out of the Church house. Then i saw them, Doris and CY walking side by side discussing what happened at the service a few minutes ago. There was another girl with them whom i believed was going to complicate things.
I wanted to call Kenneth and direct him to chat up and divert the other girl but i remembered that i didn’t even want people to see Kenneth and CY together. It was very important that i didn’t undermine the intelligence network of the enemies.
Everything was working according to plan except that we needed a spy who will be feeding Ralph and his squad that his girlfriend was going out of line.
I was still considering what to do when i saw her; Agnes Kaku, my ex girlfriend from Eisenhuttenstadt and Brandenburg. I had forgotten that she attended the same Church with Kenneth and most of the other Africans in Berlin. I resisted the temptation to call her until i saw a young girl and told her to call Agnes for me.
“Tell her that a man named Solomon wants to see her in front of the Tobacco Kiosk; I had left the bar when the Church dismissed.

Agnes came. She was with two kids; Victor and Sam. She looked more beautiful and more matured and seemed to have grown taller or may be the weight loss made her look so.
“Solomon Ebot, what are you doing in Berlin?” She said with a smile as i carried Victor up. The little boy looked as if he remembered me but i was sure he didn’t. I left him long ago after playing the role of the Father in Brandenburg asylum Heim.
“Victor do you remember him?” Agnes asked.
The boy nodded as if he actually did.
“What are you doing here?” she asked again.

I came here for a business and decided to stick around the Church to have a glimpse of my little boy.
“You and business, do you have a wife now?” she asked.
Women and wife!
“Not yet but i have Children. Victor is my first son, don’t forget” I said. She smiled and asked some more questions.
She said i looked good, a compliment i seem never to have gotten from Maria. She was going to pay for that when i get back to Sweden but before that, i needed to continue with the Berlin operation. “There is something i want you to do for me. It could turn dangerous but that would be if you are identified. It is cold here, let us find a warm place first. Please i don’t want people to see me here. This visit is secret, i just want to see a few people and disappear like i always do” I said as we walked down to a coffee bar.
“Someone stole my money and he is in Berlin here. His name is Ralph and he attend this Church as well” I said.
Agnes said she knew Ralph very well and even have his phone number but complained that he was a womanizer who even wanted to sleep with her.
It was important that Agnes already had negative impression about Ralph because i was hoping to create one in her.

“He is hiding somewhere here in Berlin and that was why he didn’t come to the Church today. I want to lure him out and get my money from him. How is your husband John bighead?” I asked, trying to mix everything up. It wasn’t ideal talking about business alone with a woman. It was important that you mix things up a bit especially things that matters to them.

“His name is John Okoro, not John Bighead and he is fine” She answered.
“I didn’t see him at the Church, i hope he is fine” I said.
“Yes, he is fine. He works on Sunday morning. He has found work in a hotel to clean and dress the bed” she said.
“I hope they are paying him well” I said.
She didn’t say anything to that which meant that she still needed money.

“Here is what i want you to do for me. I will give you a new small phone and a simcard. You will call Ralph and tell him that you saw her girlfriend with another guy at the Church and you also saw them walking to the metro station together. Make it sound like they were already dating. Remember you are just giving out the news; therefore it is important that he doesn’t recognize your voice” I said.
“Do you know any place around here where we can get a phone today?” I asked.

“I have a small phone in the house, let us just get a sim card” She said.
“Wait here” I said as i walked back to the Tobacco Kiosk and bought a T-MOBILE Sim card.
“When you get home, call me with the number. I will remind you what you are to tell Ralph before you call him. Here is some money for my first son, buy him some gifts” i said as i handed her €150, then i brought out my diary and wrote “Sim card €15, Victor €150”.

“Why are you writing those things down” Agnes asked out of curiosity.
I told her that it help me not to run out cash whenever i traveled.

I was still with Agnes when CY called and said he was at Doris’ house.

“I told you not to call me until you are not with her” I growled.
“It is Ok, she went out to buy me beer” he said.

“Brief me fast” I commanded.
“She has fallen for me, i told you it will be easy: i even…” he was saying.
“Call me when you have something more important” I said and cut the phone.

“I am leaving now, remember to call me with this new number and make sure John doesn’t get his hands on it until i leave Berlin” I said to Agnes and stood up.

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    “His name is John Okoro,
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    She said i looked good, a
    compliment i seem never
    to have gotten from Maria.
    She was going to pay for
    that when i get back to

    Maria has got some lesson to learn.

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