91: The outcast

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The next morning, my brother called from Onitsha. he had done some background investigations on Daisy and her family. Unfortunately they belonged to the Outcast clan ( Osu).
The news shook me to my bone. I couldn’t believe it initially but the news gradually sank down into my thick skull.
According to him, Daisy and her parents had not even returned to the village for years. The negative stigma of that unfortunate culture had taken them far away from Igboland and they were not ready to step their toes on their land again.

Outcast ( Osu):
I had heard about Osu right from when I was a kid. It had caused a lot of troubles in my own town. The problem with it was that if you marry from an Osu family, the entire town would regard you as one. You would be excommunicated and treated differently from the rest. If you host a ceremony such as burial or marriage, the rest of the town would not attend. Your parents would be removed from the village groups and meetings. If you kill a cow, nobody would come to get a share of meat. During the Ani Festivals such as Ikeji, Ifejioku, Ani Obodo and the rest, you would not participate with the rest of the community. It was the worst culture that I had seen in Igboland.
Rumour had it that the Osu people were those who had been dedicated to Oracles and those who had been captured as war hostages.
The problems caused by the Osu stigma were endless in Igboland.
Numerous prominent men had tried to stop it in Igboland but unfortunately, people still practiced it.

Back in Germany, I had boasted that I would not care if I married Osu or not but as soon as the news of Daisy and her people being from Osu group was announced to me, I became helpless.

I knew that I could disregard the the problems and marry Daisy but if my parents, my extended family and most of my friends refused to attend my marriage because of it, I had no name for how I could feel.

After the news from my brother, I laid back on the bed and closed my eyes. My mind wondered to what I would tell Daisy. The poor little angel had high hopes on me, she had believed that I was hers already. She may not have even knew about the Osu thing.
After an hour of thinking, I landed nowhere. I came up empty, something I rarely did.

I got up and opened my fridge, my whiskey were running down but I still had a bottle of JW and Elliot.
I opened the JW and drank from the bottle. It felt good.
The entire apartment had became small for me, I wanted to go out.

I went to the bathroom and took my bath
as I staggered down the stairs and out of the building, I saw Issa unpacking his goods inside his small security room. I turned and walked back upstairs. The phone I had collected from him sat on top of the fridge. I picked it up and switched it on. Madam’s number was still there. I deleted it and walked back downstairs.

”here is your phone” I said as I stretched my hand towards Issa.

”Do you know why the landlord sacked you”. I asked. He said nothing.

”Next time, if madam ask you to tell her anything about me, don’t do it” I said as he took the phone from me.

” I’ve never been able to relate to many
people. I’ve always been the outcast
child. I don’t follow the rules. That’s
kind of how I do everything. Through
my life stories, I’ve found a place in nairaland where I’m accepted, so I’m

….. And so shall you be, my Daisy, with or without me.

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