91: The failed attempt

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Chapter 91.

After my little advice to the girls, i took them out to a buffet restaurant and treated them to queens party. In the evening, I told Naomi that Esther will stay with her until i return from Berlin. She agreed and followed us to the hotel where Esther picked up her bags. I gave them €1000. To buy foodstuffs and bid them goodbye.
It was already a Wednesday and i needed to be in Berlin by Saturday for Jennifer’s marriage. I didn’t know or asked who she was marrying, there was no need since i was going to be there no matter who the husband was. Since my resident permit originated from Paris, it was better that i bought my ticket from Paris. The German Immigration had a way of trying to know every details of why you did this or that.
On that Wednesday Night, i left the hotel in Marseille and traveled to Paris with train. I got to Paris early in the morning of Thursday and called George, a friend of mine from Romania. He was surprised to get my call and asked where i had been. I told him that i traveled to Africa and i asked him to meet me in the hotel where i lodged. He came around 9am.

“George i need a flight ticket to Berlin with easy Jet. Do you have a credit card to buy it online for me, i will give you the cash. He said he had a card and we walked down to a cybercafe near the hotel. At the cafe, we bought Easy Jet ticket leaving from Paris Orly Airport to the Berlin-Schonefeld Airport. I was going to leave Paris the same day by 18:00. I took my bath and slept until 16:00 before i took a taxi to the Orly Airport.

Easy Jet aircraft were small air buses that took around 100 passengers only. I cleared the immigration and boarded the flight like everyone else. We had purchased a first class ticket which meant that i was going to stay in the front with some presumably important people. I was important in my own way anyway, therefore we all sat there in the first class and relaxed in a bigger and wider chair each. We were served bottled wines while the people at the economy drank beer. We got to Berlin not long after we left Paris and landed at the Schonefeld airfield. As expected, all of us headed to the immigration control gates.
“What are you coming to do in Berlin?” The lady immigration officer asked as soon as i handed her my travel documents.
“Visit” I answered, trying to keep my answers as simple as possible.
“Have you been to Germany before?” she asked again.
“Yes, i have been to Frankfurt some years ago before going to France” i said, knowing that there was a German Visa in my passport and it had the Frankfurt Airport entry stamp. She flipped through the pages and saw the visa. After looking at it, she called a Police man standing nearby. She handed the documents to the Police officer who asked me to follow him. We walked to the Police station at the airport where they checked the passport and the Visa and found out that they were all genuine.
“When did you go to France?” the Police man asked me.
I wanted to be Aggressive in my approach but i recalled that i had lived in Germany. They had my finger print and information in their database already and it would be disastrous to do something that would warrant me being finger printed at the airport.
“How is it your business when i went to France?” I asked the Police man.
He repeated his question without answering mine.

“Officer, i have been in France since February 2007” I said, knowing that the German Visa in my passport expired in that month.
He asked what i was going to do in Berlin and i told him that i was there for a visit. He asked who i was visiting and i told him it was my Cousin Kenneth.
Kenneth had impregnated a Spanish girl who lived in Berlin. She had given birth to a son and Kenneth had acquired a resident permit through the process. I was sure Kenneth never did drugs, therefore it was safe to use him.
I had told them Kenneth’s name and they had gone out and invited him to the airport without my knowledge. The information about Kenneth on their database listed where he worked at a resturant in Berlin.

They opened my red bag and searched it thoroughly. I was sure they were looking for drugs because they brought a dog that sniffed through the bag to detect if there was Cocaine in it. I didn’t even have a cigarette with me, therefore i didn’t panic.
After going through my bag, they asked me to go inside the arrival hall and wait. I went straight to a bar inside the hall and helped myself with Whisky until one of them came to me and asked me to follow him. I followed him to a small room where Kenneth was seated already. I greeted Kenneth who asked what it was and i told him that there was no problem. The Police man asking us questions said that i was going back to Paris. When i asked him why, he said that my Resident permit was new and that i needed to work with it before going anywhere. I regretted why i used airplane. I would have easily used night bus or train and sneaked into Germany. It was sure going to take longer but it had always worked for me.
I was told to go to the easy jet office and buy a return ticket to France. I obediently obeyed them since i didn’t want anything that would make them fingerprint me at the airport.
When Kenneth left back to Berlin, i waited at the bar until around 22:00 when i boarded another flight to Paris. They had given my passport back to me inside the plane.

I got back to Paris and went straight to the hotel i had rented that morning. My payment was still valid. It was when i got to the room that i saw a stamp inside my passport. They had stamped that i was not to enter into Germany for a year and that i had the right to appeal the decision in a German Court. It made me so angry that i nearly threw the passport out of the window. I was sure that stamp was going to be causing unnecessary questions for me at every immigration control. I slept with anger and forgot what happened until i woke up the following morning. I was sure that i was going back to Berlin with either train or bus. I just needed to wait until the night. That was what i did.
“All deception in the course of life is indeed nothing else but a lie reduced to practice, and falsehood passing from words into things“

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  1. dejust

    When u are manipulation ppl or event make sure you dnt get caught , remember timing is everything…

  2. chidex

    trust u boss to always beat dem immigration guys……. but dis german immigration people harsh ooooo. ride on boss

  3. chidex

    trust u boss to always beat dem immigration guys……. but dis german immigration people harsh ooooo. ride on boss…….still following.

  4. obumsway

    this people harsh pass craze oooo……. Na wa ooo……. Can nigeria be like this?

  5. dryakson

    I followed him to a
    small room where Kenneth was
    seated already. I GREETED Kenneth
    who asked what it was and i told
    him that there was no problem.
    The Police man asking us
    questions said that i was going
    back to Paris……

    I Lil bit confused boss. From your statement above, Kenneth IS live with you in the hall. Please someone should elucidate

  6. Achovirux

    Dryakson,re-read the the chapter again,d police invited kenneth frm d address Boss gave dem.dats y kenneth was sitted in d hall

  7. chidex

    Kenneth was his cousin who lives in Berlin… zubby told d immigration people he was on a visit to Berlin and Kenneth was d better person. so unknowingly to him dey sent for Kenneth and dey met in d hall where they were questioned before he was to be sent back..

  8. prugged

    No need appealing dat 1year restriction in any german court,its just a 4months france resident permit and apart from dat if u appeal u are implicating your self indirectly cos u have a case with d german authorities den when u stayed in germany…u ran away rmber

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    Sweet gist from u Zubby, Germans do no play with immigration issues, any other embassy in the world would allow u in but not Germans. The story is coming back to meet where my interest lies most again, Pls Zubby, kindly make my day by Uploading more, i am home today and ready to enjoy myself with intriguing stories from GLOBAL RUNS.

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    This guys won’t stop intimidating us. Everything black means crime to them…lol.

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    More power to ur writing pen

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